automotive primer types

Automotive Primer Types – Auto Painting Primer

Primer is a common phenomenon in automotive industries. There is no alternative to primer while you are going for painting on your vehicles.

Most of the automotive genius recommend using a primer before having the topcoat.

Basically, primer is kind of paint substance. After completing the sanding on the surfaces, you have to clean the surfaces and spray the primer.

It is a kind of coating that has to apply before getting the final coating.

A primer can serve you in many ways. The primary purpose of the primer is making a strong coating so that the final coat has a durable adhesion with the surface.

It prevents flaking, peeling and even the rusting from the metal surfaces.

There is various kind of automotive primer types out there. We will try to cover most of the types of automotive primer. So, to find the right primer for your vehicles, keep reading the article.

Automotive Primer Types – Auto Painting Primer

Various Automotive Primer Types

Though there’s various kind of automotive primer on the market, they have a specific use for on particular vehicles.

Every type of primer will ensure long-lasting performance and high-quality painting. However, it would help if you choose your appropriate primer among them.

Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Primer is considering the best sealer in terms of non-porous surfaces. Basically, it has recommended for the bare steel as a first base coating. Along with metal surfaces, you can use the

primer over fiberglass, plastic and iron phosphate coating.

Epoxy Primer has specially formulated to prevent rust and corrosion. Besides that, it has a strong bonding capacity to various surfaces.

Polyester Auto Painting Primer

Polyester Primer is the most popular automotive primer around us. It is a high build primer that dries quickly.

Besides, the polyester primer has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, aluminum, fiberglass, and a galvanized metal.

Besides making a good bonding on the surfaces, it is excellent for its filling capacity on the vehicles’ surface. Therefore, the primer considers as the best primer for the small filling and repairing on the surfaces.

Urethane Sealer

To get the protection against scratches and weather, Urethane Sealer is the best working sealer for automobiles.

Though it has not able to fill on the surfaces, you can use the primer as a secondary coating before topcoat.

Urethane Primer Surfacer

Though it is a rare primer in automotive industries, sometimes it has used for repairing a minor filling.

In fact, the primer has used as a secondary coating for the small filling because it has less resistance against corrosion.

Enamel Auto Body Primers

Enamel primers is a versatile primer that can be used over metal, aluminum, steel, wood, masonry and drywall. As an automotive primer, it works exceptionally well since it has huge resistance against corrosion.

Like epoxy primer, the enamel primer makes a durable adhesion with the metal surfaces.

Etch Primers

Etch primer has formulated with the blending of resin so that it can maximize the adhesion of the metal surfaces. It considers as a metal primer, that’s why it becomes a good automotive primer.

With the etch primer, you can directly go for application to the bare-metals. There is no required extra conditioner to apply on the surface. Plus, you must have made the application quickly as it dries faster.

Lacquer Primers

Though it has a huge impact on the automotive industries, it leads to bubbling and cracking the paint over time. One interesting feature of the primer is it dries quickly. So, use the primer wisely during application.

Moisture Cure Urethane Primer

This is another kind of versatile primer for automotive painting. It has excellent adhesion to the metal. Besides, it is good for preventing rust and corrosion from the painted surfaces.

When Must Use Automotive Primer?

Before painting on bare metal, you must use the automotive primer to get the maximum protection.

Besides, if you are doing a small repair on your vehicles after sanding, you should use a particular primer before having the final coat.

An automotive primer not only works for making a strong adhesion but also it protects the metal from corrosion.

Final Words

While you are going for automotive painting, you must know beforehand which primer would be best for your surfaces. So, to get a suitable primer for your vehicles, you can study up all the automotive primer types.

If you have any complexities to choose the right primer, then you should hire an expert. Without the proper knowledge, it should not wise to work with any primer.