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Best BANG Energy Flavors Drinks In 2023 – Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

Not all energy drinks are made the same. Apart from giving a boost in your performance and focus, they also come in a wide variety of flavors.

Brands like Bang are pushing the boundaries of your taste buds and have a smorgasbord of tastes that will excite your palette.

You can find these in any big box store or gas station regularly. There are many flavor profiles to choose from, so to keep you from getting confused,

we chose these to help you pick out the best bang energy flavors, or even just to narrow down your options.

The effects of these drinks are quite similar and potent, so go ahead and pick out a flavor that you love to enjoy all the more.
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Top 5 Best BANG Energy Flavors Drinks Reviews

When choosing an energy drink, you have to go beyond what you see. The real effect is in the components of the product and how it can help you perform well.

As for these energy drinks, you will get the same boost, so it’s only fitting that we look at the flavors available to you.

1. Bang Energy Flavors | Bang Lemon Drop Energy Drink

This flavor is a familiar one for anyone who has drunk a certain colorless soda. Add a little more sourness, and you have a good idea of how this tastes like.

It is a great refreshing drink that can awaken your senses and get you ready for any task you need to finish.

The hallmark of a great energy drink is one that has no sugar added. So you won’t have any blood sugar spikes. You can workout or focus on your studies without feeling uncomfortable.

Bang makes their drinks enjoyable by removing the harmful ingredients but maintains the good stuff. So, this energy drink will give you the right amount of sustained energy without the worry of suddenly crashing.

Additionally, it has amino acids that help in keeping you hydrated so that you can perform longer and better every time. You can perform a sustained activity for longer periods.

For best results, drink one can half an hour before doing exercise or going to your intended activity and another one within an hour after exercising as a snack.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Product has caffeine that helps sustain performance
  • Lemon Drop flavor is familiar to anyone who’s had soda before

2. Bang Energy Flavors | VPX Bang Variety Pack 1 RTD

If you’re trying out Bang for the first time, you are forgiven.

These awesome energy drinks should be a staple drink for you as they enhance your performance without the guilt of getting too much sugar or feeling that you’ll suddenly crash without any prior notice.

This 12-pack is a great starter for you as you can taste the different flavors so that you can pick out your top favorites. It can also be a good choice if you like a bit of variety to your drinks.

After all, all these drinks offer the same benefits and legitimate ingredients to help you be at your best every time.

All Bang drinks have zero sugar and an ample amount of caffeine to help you get the sustained performance and keep you on your toes.

You will feel alert and energized while doing your workout or any task you need to finish at crunch time.

You can take this pack to a party or when you’re going to the gym to share with your workout buddies so that you can all have a taste and comment on the different flavors of Bang,

and you can collectively pick out the best bang energy flavors.

Highlighted Features

  • Variety of options to choose from
  • The amount of drink is plenty enough to hydrate and keep you energized
  • Zero-sugar formulation makes it ideal as a pre- and post-workout drink
  • 12-pack is good for storage or sharing

3. Bang Energy Flavors | VPX Bang Variety

Bang products have grown significantly recognized for their ability to provide great sustained energy for those who drink them.

This is primarily because the 16 oz drink contains 300ml of caffeine, which is plenty enough to keep you going on while working out or finishing school projects or assignments.

This pack is great for anyone who wants to stock up on their home without feeling that they’re hoarding energy drinks.

The 8-pack is also a good space saver, especially if you have a small fridge in the dorm or your gym locker.

Furthermore, you can also take this along if you are going on a weekend hike or hunt. You won’t need to carry a lot of weight,

but you still need some form of an energy boost, take this along for the ride, and you will enjoy your time.

The same variety of flavors can be found in this pack, which makes it great for sharing with your buddies. Everyone can pick out their favorites or get one they haven’t tried before.

Highlighted Features

  • Safe to drink and have zero calories
  • Contains enough caffeine to keep you alert
  • They come in 16 oz contents, which are plenty enough to provide you with a boost and hydration
  • 8-pack is lightweight and space-saving

4. Bang Energy Flavors with Zero Calories & High Caffeine

For anyone looking for a classy fix, this is the one for you.

This is something that fits the description of last but not the least because it is a unique flavor that’s going to leave a mark and something you will remember for a long time. It might even become your new go-to flavor.

Drinking this equals pleasure and play experience. You get the sophisticated taste of champagne,

and you get the right amount of caffeine to get you started and energized for the things you need to accomplish. With heightened alertness and focus, you will gain more with a drink of Bang.

Caffeine helps increase endurance and sustain it. You can drink this without the worry of crashing because they also infused this with vital amino acids.

You can take this as your morning drink or a pre-workout drink. The effect will be the same. After drinking this, you will get enhanced and sustained energy.

It also has zero sugar, so you get no carbs whenever you drink this.

Every can is 16 oz, which is plenty compared to other drinks, so you will not just get proper energy, but you will properly hydrate as well.

Highlighted Features

  • This has a great champagne flavor
  • Sustains your energy longer
  • Plenty of drink for an energy boost and hydration
  • Works great for many applications

5. Total Body Fuel, Razzle Berry, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16 Oz

If you’re looking for something to drink for an all-nighter with the boys, then a pack of 12 is going to be a great choice because you don’t run the risk of running out mid-game or while the hangout is just getting better.

And if you’re working out, you will have plenty of drinks to spare afterward.

For specifics, this has plenty of power to keep you energized throughout the day. With 300grams of caffeine, it is enough to make you alert and focused on the tasks you need to finish.

It is also packed with electrolytes so that you don’t become dehydrated while you’re tackling your tasks or going through your routine.

You will get all the time and energy you need to accomplish everything you set out to do with this drink.

The flavor is a pleasing mix of the sweetness of blueberry and the right amount of tang of raspberry.

That combination makes this drink both refreshing and invigorating, which adds to the overall experience of drinking an awesome energy drink.

Highlighted Features

  • This has zero sugar added, which makes it great as a pre-workout drink
  • Helps sustain your energy throughout your workout or tasks
  • Compared to its competition, this has more critical ingredients
  • Great tasting flavor

Things to Consider Before Buying Bang Energy Drink

It’s not a matter of who can drink energy drinks, but rather, it is a matter of who can’t drink them.

This is because of the components that make up energy drinks make them ideal for those who are working out and dangerous for those with sensitive health. Here are some things to consider before buying.

Check the Nutritional Content

Energy drinks are marvelous products. They are packed with lots of nutrients and supplements that help boost the performance and sustain energy throughout.

But before consuming anything, you have to check if the contents in the drink are good for you.

Aside from checking if the product is safe for you to drink and will not trigger any allergen, you have to know if it will be beneficial to you if you are drinking it before going to the gym.

Among the things to check are the calorie content, carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium. Also, check if you will get enough hydration throughout the activity you are doing.

These things help you see if an energy drink is good for you.


This is an obvious thing to look for because it’s a drink, after all. Having your favorite drink will help you enjoy consuming this beverage to get the most out of it and earn all the benefits.

Good thing there are plenty of options available for you with this brand so you can choose more than just a single; therefore,  you can still enjoy these even if the best flavor for you is not available.

Other Benefits

Some energy drinks help by giving more benefits to the consumer. Among these benefits is the decrease of muscle soreness, provide extra hydration, and replenish electrolytes.

These are not necessary, but they would be a nice addition to your drink.

Size Options

There are two standard sizes, 12 oz, which is also the typical size for soda, and 16 oz, the usual size for energy drinks.

While it’s quite rare to find 12 oz drinks, 16 oz is still better options because they have more and longer-lasting effects.

You will also find packs of 12 or 8. The choice you make depends on how much you need to consume or the length of activity you will perform.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How are energy drinks and sports drinks different?

Sports drinks focus on hydrating the person while energy drinks are packed with nutrients that help enhance the performance of the consumer.

2. What ingredients are found in energy drinks?

Most energy drinks have caffeine as the main ingredient. This provides the consumer with more focus and extra energy. Secondary ingredients vary from brand to brand.

3. How should I deal with the amount of caffeine I consume?

If it’s your first time to drink an energy drink, it would be a good idea to keep it to the minimum at first. Then see how much you can tolerate to a gradual degree.

4. Will I feel side effects after drinking energy drinks?

It depends on the brand. If you drink an energy drink and feel any negative side effects, you have to immediately stop consuming that and go to a doctor to see if you have any sort of allergy.

5. Who should avoid energy drinks?

Children, pregnant women or breastfeeding women, and people with allergic reactions to the ingredients in the drink.

Final Words

Consuming energy drinks is a great way to enhance your performance and get better results. To further enjoy the benefits of this drink, choose the best bang energy flavors.

There are plenty of options, and you will surely find one that suits your taste.