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Best Black Dye For Jeans in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Everyone seems to own that very pair of jeans – extremely comfortable and nicely fitted along the curves, and never getting tired of it!

But once those jeans start to fade or lose its luster, it could be the most heartbreaking experience.

To help, here are our picks for the best black dye for jeans that will help retain the color for long.

However, if you decide to keep the pair, there is an easy way to bring back its shine and still wear it – dyes!

Although you can opt for any color, black dyes are always the best choice for giving it a flawless look at home with your DIY tricks.

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Top 5 Best Black Dye for Jeans Reviews

Choosing a black dye for your jeans can be quite difficult. Since not all black dyes provide the ideal shade and most often seem to give a faded outcome, let us offer our insights-

1. Rit Dye 88150 All-Purpose Liquid Dye

This one is no doubt among the best, And trust us when we say this because the “Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye” is awfully easy to mix and give the finest results.

This particular product claims to dye nearly most types of fabric- cotton, linen, nylon, and even blended fabric!

So if your jeans are 100% cotton or even blended with polyester for the stretch, you can go for this without any doubt.

The Rit dye comes in an 8 ounces dye-filled bottle while you need only about 4 oz for a pair of jeans. Hence it is not impractical to bring out the darkest shade with double dye wash.

If the darkest black shade isn’t what you desire, you can always keep some aside for next time!

Besides, you can custom makeover 500 colors combos with this black dye as well as create a unique pair of jeans for yourself with an ombre, dip-dyed, or tie-dye pattern.

Just look up on their website and use your creativity!

Ranked #6 in fabric dyes, this liquid dye will not fail to surprise you. Another plus point is that it retails for under $10,

making it a cheaper and better choice than wasting your money on finding the perfect pair of jeans again. Go on and try it. You won’t regret it!

Highlighted Features

  • Holds up the color in a wide range of fabric containing up to 35% polyester
  • Comes in a “ready to use” liquid form, saving you from measurement troubles
  • Super affordable and offers multiple dyeing due to its good amount
  • Gives the most versatile black shade

2. Rit, Black Purpose Powder Dye, 1-1/8 oz

Given that you want a powder dye instead of a liquid one, this specific dye will be just the right one to go for.

To offer a non-toxic and easy use, this powder dye can be used to create just the right shade of black for your jeans.

Using them in small quantities to give a grey-black shade to the pair will easily do the trick! Nevertheless,

to obtain a pitch-black or Australian pure licorice tone, do not forget to use two or three whole packets in three gallons of water.

These powdered dyes also let you try out different dyeing techniques for an extraordinary pair of jeans that will make sure you get everyone’s compliments!

Only make sure that your jeans aren’t blended with too much polyester since these dyes fail to color them.

Other than that, the Rit black purpose powder dye is an amazing selection for dyeing your jeans, be it fully manufactured with cotton or even blended with a number of fabrics including wool,

ramie, or linen. That’s why, even if the jeans you own are made with ramie/cotton, this dye can be used without any hesitation.

Moreover, these come in quite handy for storing compared to liquid dyes when you have kids around the house – no spilling or mishaps!

Thus, these powdered dyes can serve your purpose of bringing out the brightness to your jeans in a good value of money!

Highlighted Features

  • The powdered form makes it easy for safe storage with no stain leaks
  • Can be used to create the perfect hue of black
  • Reasonably priced
  • Allows you to experiment with various dyeing methods

3. Black Dye For Clothes | Rit Charcoal Liquid Dye

One more liquid dye from Rit is the Rit Charcoal Grey Liquid Dye. In case you are looking for a slightly greyed out black for your old pair of jeans instead of a squid ink black,

this is an absolute must-have! Just mix a few drops of the all-purpose black dye with this, and you’re ready to rock in the good as new jeans.

Additionally, you can also try different dyeing methods with this and even create a marbled or tie-dyed look with a mixture of black and grey.

For this, it would just require you to be a little creative and careful with both the dyes.

What’s more to this dye is the variety of fabric it can be applied to. Starting from a full blend of cotton fabric to a combination of blended material,

this can dig deep into your jeans and give a flawless burst of color.

Furthermore, this easy-to-use liquid dye arrives in a plastic bottle with an amount equal to as much as two full dyeing applications for a single pair of jeans.

For this, you can effortlessly dip your jeans in the mixture twice, in case you don’t achieve the shade you had been looking forward to.

This charcoal grey dye by Rit is all you need for an exceptional designer black pair of jeans, fully DIYed at home! that’s the reason we have chosen this product in our list of the best black dye for jeans.

Highlighted Features

4. Rit Liquid Fabric Dye Black 8 Ounces, Pack of 3

Offered in a pack of 3, this liquid dye by Rit is perfect for people who mean to dye a number of jeans at the same time or for multiple uses.

It gives off a hard-to-believe jet black result that everyone wishes for a chic appearance.

Each of these bottles comes in plastic containers with 8 ounces each, so you don’t have to worry about storing it for later usage.

Plus, you will not run out of them easily! Pre-dissolved liquid dyes such as this can be a quick way out to turn your old jeans into new ones.

For that reason, you can use it whenever taking only two or three hours of your time. In addition, it works great with a wide array of materials that include cotton,

polyester (up to 35%), ramie – you just name it! With just half a bottle, you can bring life to your favorite pair of jeans and still save a lot of it for later use.

The product also provides long-lasting color retention, hence saving you both time and energy for re-dyeing them from time to time.

Machine-washing your jeans won’t make the color bleed either. How amazing is that?

An added perk to this, it presents a good deal – 3 bottles at a much lower price! Thus, it can be a wonderful pick for you if your main purpose is to dye several jeans all at once.

Highlighted Features

  • Arrives in a pack of 3, ensuring plenty of uses apart from dyeing your jeans
  • A great value for money – saving you from spending dollars on new clothes
  • An unbelievable dyeing outcome with minimum use of the product
  • Able to work with a wide range of materials

5. Rit Dye Powder Dye, 1-1/8 oz, Black, 3-Pack

Powder dyes can be a great choice if you want to create a custom black according to your preference. But imagine yourself dyeing your jeans, only to find out a failure in the end results. What do you do then?

A savior, in this case, could be the Rit Powder Dye, which comes in a pack of three. Instead of waiting for another day to get a new pack of these or wasting another 3 hours trying to dye your favorite jeans,

just get this! What we mean is, better to be safe than sorry and keep some extras for the perfect outcome.

By means of this pack of 3, you can dye your favorite jeans, even if it’s not entirely made of cotton.

These powdered dyes act upon a broad range of materials, including blended cotton fabrics. And so, you don’t have to sweat on it much when using for rejuvenating your pair of jeans.

Just in case you don’t want to store the remaining powder dye after dyeing the jeans, you can also use it for staining your wood projects or dyeing synthetic items, even your home decor fabrics!

Likewise, it is also possible to bring out a dip-dyed or ice dyed pair of jeans with a fading color gradient using different concentrations of these powders.

Then why wait? Get this pack now for discovering your inner talent and just play with your old jeans for an exquisite result!

Highlighted Features

  • The pack of 3 will make sure you get the best results you’re hoping for
  • It works actively on numerous fabric types to give an inky finish
  • Great deal with the maximum output
  • Enough to offer a sinister black look for a single pair of jeans

 Things to Consider Before Buying Black Dye for Jeans

Reviving your old jeans to a chic black for longer wear has been made simpler than ever. Thanks to the existing dyes available in the market!

But before you go on and buy one for your faded jeans, there are some things you might want to consider for a premium effect-

Material of Your Jeans

First things first, check the material of your jeans prior to heading off to the shop or placing an order online. This is the most vital step which will determine the results of the black dye.

Most black dyes work flawlessly on completely natural fibers, which obviously include cotton. Although nearly all jeans are 100% cotton material,

some also consist of a blend of a few other fabrics, such as ramie, polyester, etc. Because of that, be certain that the black dye you’re opting for it will also work on these blends.

Color Intensity

Get black colored dyes that offer intense outcomes with little product usage. Some of the dyes retailed in shops or online don’t provide a concentrated look and often give faded results.

In such cases, it’s always wise to do your research beforehand and take opinions of people who have already dyed their jeans black in the past.

Another way out is to seek the customer reviews of the black dye you wish to use for your pair of jeans.

This way, you will not risk wasting your hard-earned money on useless dyes and even ensure a long-lasting color experience.

Dyes – Washable or Not?

Even though almost all black dyes are allowed for machine wash, some seem to bleed color when done so.

That being said, always check up on the instructions of washing mentioned on the website, so you know what you’ll be dealing with.

Opt for dyes that are machine washable for avoiding the extra hassle and buy those that won’t ruin your other clothes in the machine by bleeding out all the dye.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best black dyes:

1. Can I dye my blue jeans black?

Simply yes! Just dip your jeans in a concentrated black dye bath and keep stirring it for an even color distribution. Also, the longer you keep them immersed in the dye bath, the more intense black you will get.

2. Is it possible to dye my black pants black again?

Undoubtedly yes. One of the many reasons why dyes are used is to bring back life to your faded clothes. Just follow the usual method, and you’re good to go.

3. How do I reduce color bleeding?

The best way to prevent color bleeding is to use the “Rit Colorstay Dye Fixative” after dyeing your fabric. But make sure to do so before rinsing and laundering them.

4. Can I soak fabric in Rit dye overnight?

One of the tricks to achieving the perfect pitch black look in your fabrics is to soak them in the dye bath or washer for as long as possible – overnight works best!

5. Will vinegar set Rit dye?

When using an all-purpose dye such as Rit dyes, vinegar won’t help the dye set on a piece of fabric. Instead, you will have to opt for commercial dye fixatives.


Dyeing your jeans, especially into a coal-black shade, can be a hard task by ensuring an even distribution of color.

But with the handpicked Rit dyes, you won’t have to worry much on that as all the items reviewed are worthy candidates for the title of the best black dye for jeans. So, just go on and have fun dyeing!