Best Electronic Hearing Protection For Hunting

Best Electronic Hearing Protection for Hunting – Reviews for 2023

Hunting is a widespread sport throughout the world. To get a formidable experience, you need quality equipment.

During a shooting session or hunting, the sounds of the environment or the shots can be an obstacle to your concentration. Also, the sudden sounds of high decibels could be harmful to your hearing.

That is why you can choose one of the best electronic hearing protection for hunting, which will allow you to fully enjoy this sport.

However, not all hearing protection can offer you the same functions. To choose the most appropriate option, the best features of each model will be detailed below.

You will get along with these products, a set of additional functions, which gives you incredible use in a single object.

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Best Electronic Hearing Protection for Hunting

From now on, pay attention to the characteristics of each model, as the level of protection, performance, and quality of each of the following options varies. This will allow you to have a wiser choice.

1. Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification

When dedicating ourselves to a hunting session, we must be sure of having the appropriate equipment. That includes mid-range hearing protection like this product.

For complete operation, directional microphones are incorporated that amplify range commands, as well as other ambient sounds at 82 dB. Therefore, improved communication and more natural listening are achieved.

It is also possible to get active listening, and the amplification will turn off automatically if the sound in the environments ends up reaching 82 dB. So, its noise reduction rating (NRR) is 22.

Together with a pleasant and appropriate style for hunting, these headphones have a padded and adjustable headband that adapts perfectly to the shape of your head.

It also has a folding design for more comfortable transport and space-saving.

You should take into account that these headphones will not interfere during shooting, nor will it be an obstacle when aiming. It is an ideal product to be used in the field or the range.

As an additional point, the dual function of these headphones makes it a versatile and adaptable product. Use them as hearing protection or as headphones. The decision is yours.

The aux input and its 3.5 mm connection cable are already included, so you can connect MP3 players and scanners. Next to this, you will have a volume/power knob available.

Last but not least, it is used with AAA batteries, and its automatic shutdown function after 4 hours manages to extend the battery life.

It is a battery with a duration of 350 hours. Therefore, you get high quality and efficient headphones with this model.

Key Features :

  • Green, purple, pink & more colors
  • Directional microphones to amplify range
  • Shuts down amplification once it reaches 82 dB
  • Low-profile ear cups included
  • Adjustable headband
  • AUX input

2. Ear Protection For Hunting Noise Reduction

Although, if you pretend that nothing escapes you when you go hunting or practice shooting, then these headphones will improve your concentration.

The design is not a weak point since its padded headband; comfortable to the touch also allows us to adjust. You get a safer and more suitable fit.

Besides, these low profile headphones manage to reduce the sound coming from firearms.

It also has an auxiliary input, along with a 3.5 mm connection to use with mp3 players, smartphones, external radios, among others. These headphones operate with AAA batteries.

Also, it has omnidirectional microphones that seek to increase the voices in the environment, when external sound and noise manage to exceed 82 dB.

This gives you improved and more fluid communication, whether shooting, hunting, etc. Therefore, its noise reduction rating (NRR) is 22.

As a strong point, this headphone model is made of high-quality materials, including comfortable touch leather. It can be folded to leave space in your bag or backpack for other objects, such as ammunition and others.

Although it works with AAA batteries, its automatic shutdown function saves energy to extend life. Remove the pressure cap for quick and easy battery replacement.

A good level of performance is assured since its pressure ear cushions favor the maintenance of your headphones.

You get with this product a good level of versatility and efficiency for hunting, but also for many noisy workplaces, or perhaps to listen to music.

Key Features :

  • Multiple colors available
  • Low-profile ear cups
  • AUX input
  • Omni-directional mic included
  • Included batteries

3. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology

Now, getting an option in high-end hunting headphones is possible too. Therefore, this model is one of the best electronic hearing protection for hunting, thanks to its many features.

With a noise reduction rating of 26 dB, these headphones promise maximum efficiency during use.

Therefore, it is an ideal product for hunters and shooters who want to perform in an outdoor environment, as well as indoors.

Also, this product offers a multiplicity of uses. You can choose between using them as electronic hearing protectors, or also as headphones.

Additionally, the Bluetooth technology that it incorporates allows you to make calls or transmit and listen to music from an mp3 device, smartphone, and others.

The dynamic suppression time-function manages to measure the energy produced by the sound of a shot. In this way, you can automatically set the suppression time to reduce echoes and thereby increase comfort.

If these headphones pretend to be one of the best, then they should have a smart feature, right? Its Clear Voice Tracking function is responsible for detecting human voices that are inside the external noise.

Then, it manages to actively filter out the noise to improve the understanding of communication. You can talk more fluently and stably with others at the time of the hunt.

Finally, it includes built-in microphones, which reduce wind noise while preventing damage. This model also works with batteries, specifically with AA batteries.

Key Features :

  • Noise reduction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Sets suppression time automatically to reduce echo
  • Tracks voice clearly
  • Durable

4. Ear Protection For Hunting with Sound Amplification

Another good option is this model. If what you are looking for is a good product that offers you an adequate balance between quality and cost, then these headphones could be the right ones.

As one of the strengths, it should be mentioned that it has a great capacity for noise reduction. The pads are comfortable to the touch and you can gently adjust to all head size.

Also, the headband is adjustable for safer and more solid use. Therefore, it can block a maximum noise of 22 dB.

Besides, these headphones can offer you an active listening mode. It is a mode that allows you to emit sounds and talk with other people without removing your headphones.

If you turn the knob on the right side, you can adjust the sound volume to your liking.

Don’t be afraid of loud, unpredictable sounds. It also has an automatic cutting mode. Simply, your active listening mode will be turned off if it is a sudden and loud sound,

such as a shot that is made near you. Therefore, a close shot causes the earmuffs to continue in their state of passive noise cancellation.

The connection with 3.5 mm input is also present. You can connect MP3 players, smartphones, or other devices. So this product offers adequate adaptability to various uses.

Its folding design also allows you to save space in your suitcase or purse. With a width of fewer than 4.7 inches, the transport and storage of these headphones is formidable.

Key Features :

  • Remarkable noise reduction
  • Listening mode to hear people talk
  • Automatic cut off mode
  • 5mm audio port
  • Foldable

5. Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff

Last but not least, the following model can offer good performance and proper use for those who are beginners in the hunt.

The design is acceptable since it is a low-profile headset that will not attract attention. Also, its hearing protection is among the best by having a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23 dB.

So, the protection of your hearing during hunting and shooting is assured.

If you are looking for comfort, this product can also be offered, since its earmuffs are padded. Next to it, the headband also has soft padding and is adjustable.

In this way, it can be adjusted for better comfort and safer use.

It includes two omnidirectional microphones, which are combined with high-definition speakers. The result of this is much clear audio. So communication can be more fluid and enjoyable. Talk to others comfortably.

These headphones also offer volume control and an on/off switch. With its ridges raised, tactile use is more efficient and adapted to hunting, since it can be used even if you wear gloves.

Additionally, it also has an input for 3.5 mm connections. Then, give yourself the pleasure of using these headphones with handheld radios, mp3 players, smartphones, among others.

You can be the best in the hunt with this headset model by increasing your senses and concentration. Therefore, investing in this product will be a smart choice.

Key Features :

  • Stylish design
  • Many colors available
  • Thin rubberized cups
  • Omni-directional mics
  • Sound protection over 89 dB
  • Noise reduction

Things to Consider Before Buying Electronic Hearing Protection for Hunting

To get more effective use out of your next headphones, you should consider the following guidelines. It is about paying attention to the main features of Hearing Protection For Hunting.


If you intend to improve your hunting experience, you should keep in mind that ambient sounds can prevent communication between your partners and you.

To do this, your hearing protection must incorporate a good level of amplification.

Amplification is responsible for increasing the volume of human voices. By doing this, the noises that are above a certain level of decibels are reduced. With which, you get an improved and safe hearing.

This feature is important because by reducing ambient sounds, you will be preventing those high noise sounds, such as shooting, from damaging your hearing.

Noise Reduction Rating

In general, electronic hearing protection can reduce noise in the environment. However, the level of noise they reduce can vary depending on the brand and model you want to obtain.

Therefore, as the amount of decibels is greater, the better protection they can provide. This noise reduction range can range from 22 to 31dB.


All hearing protection for hunting can be more or less large. This makes many models uncomfortable to store or transport.

So, a positive point to consider is whether the product you choose can be folded. In this way, you can save space in your backpack, bag, suitcase, etc.

Additionally, comfort will also depend on the material from which the hearing protection is made. Those that include earmuffs and headbands cushioned with a soft touch material will be a better option.

Besides, you should consider that the headband can be adjusted and adapted to the size of your head. This is important for safer use, preventing them from falling during the hunt.


A good design should be an important thing at this point. It is important to obtain a product with a pleasant design, in the case of hunting sessions.

This means the design has to be such that it blends with the environment. And, of course, the color plays a major part here.

If you choose a product with bright colors, surely the hunting will be more arduous. In this case, your position will be easily detected by the target and the animal will be more easily frightened.

Additional Functions

Additional features can provide more fruitful use of the product you will buy. The hearing protection you choose could have many other uses, causing you to purchase several products in one.

Thus, the aux input and the 3.5 mm connection input can achieve this effect. In this way, you will be transforming your product into high-quality headphones.

Those headphones with 3.5 mm input can be used with certain devices, such as external radios, mp3 players, mobile phones, smartphones, among many others.

In addition to the above, some models include Bluetooth technology. Therefore, use and comfort will be increased. Using your headphones/protection for wireless listening is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What could happen with my hearing protection if the batteries run out?

In case your batteries run out and cannot be replaced, the protection you will have will be passive. This means that the noise reduction will be less, although it will still be useful.

2. What happens to the noise of more than 82 dB?

In general, the noise level is set at 82 dB, as it remains an acceptable and relatively safe level. If you are in an environment with a noise of more than 82 dB,

you can choose to additionally use earplugs under your hearing protection.

3. Can it be used with an mp3 player when the batteries are depleted?

If you connect an mp3 player through the 3.5 mm input, you should not have any problem, as long as your mp3 device has enough power.

Although, if your hearing protection has Bluetooth technology, this function will not be available if the batteries are depleted.

4. Can they be used together with a motorcycle helmet?

While many models of headphones of this type are more or less thin, they are not thin enough to fit inside a helmet. However, many models have the advantage of being foldable, which facilitates their transport.

5. What kind of sounds are most reduced?

The sounds that are best reduced are the sudden ones with high decibels, such as a shot. In the case of constant sounds of high decibels, the sound reduction is not very efficient.

Final Words

You can experience the hunt more appropriately and enjoyably. Enjoy this sport with your most attentive senses, thanks to one of the best electronic hearing protection for hunting.