best fuel sending unit for boat

Best Fuel Sending Unit for Boat – Reviews for 2023

Boats make up a lot of components that are mostly under the hood. There isn’t a lot to see on the surface.

Looking beneath is where it makes a difference, especially on boats. This is why you need to have good quality components down there.

Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky, but it’s not that hard if you know what you’re looking for.

For something as important as knowing your fuel capacity, only the best fuel sending unit for boat should be installed. This is something that you should pay close attention to.
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Top 5 Best Fuel Sending Unit for Boat Reviews

Knowing how much gas you still have is crucial for an enjoyable and peaceful boat ride. So a reliable fuel sends unit is critical to providing you with accurate information every time.

1. KUS USA SSS Fuel & Water Level Sensor

This sensor is not just for fuel; it can also be used for other liquids. It is a stainless steel type of sensor which has PVC cable.

These components make this a durable sensor that can function in any type of environment.

The way it works is that it has a floatation device that goes up or down depending on the level of liquid in a container. In this case, it will be the fuel tank of the boat.

As the liquid increases or decreases, the amount of resistance also does the same. Then it sends out information to show the gauge the appropriate level it is in.

It has the standard SAE 5-hole mounting method, which is compatible with almost any equipment.

The sensor can function in temperatures -40°C ~ +85 °C. That is especially useful because even in freezing weather, it will function just as well.

Additionally, it has an IP65 rating, which means that it is both splash and impact resistant. So no matter how harsh the weather is on the ocean, it will remain true to the readout on your fuel capacity.

If you need a replacement for your faulty level sensor, then this will be a great alternative. This has the standard size and can fit most fuel tanks.

Highlighted Features

  • This has a signal output of 33 to 240 ohms for accuracy
  • It is made from durable materials
  • Fits most standard tanks
  • Great replacement unit

2. Moeller Marine Products, Fuel Tank Sending Units

If you find that your fuel gauge is behaving erratically, it’s probably time to replace the fuel sender.

This unit is an electric gauge that allows for an accurate reading every time. It is also compatible for many standard size tanks which makes this a great replacement part.

It is a simple and straightforward replacement, so if you know your way around your boat, this can be installed quickly, and you will have no problem afterward.

The instructions included inside are easy to follow. This unit can fit tanks with 4 to 28-inch depths.

That is cause for relief as you don’t need to find something that accurately fits your tank if you happen not to know the dimensions.

The internal components of this fuel tank sending unit are made from great materials that will not rust nor corrode.

It will have an accurate readout because of its 33 – 240 ohms calibration, which is the industry-standard calibration.

When installing this, remember that you need to attach this to the dash-mounted gauge. It has five holes for the screws and gaskets.

You can also use the existing screws on the fuel sned you are replacing if the screws in the package do not fit.

Highlighted Features

  • This fits a wide range of fuel tank sizes
  • Standard five-holes for adaptability
  • Standard reading makes it a great replacement unit
  • Corrosion and rust-free components

3. Moeller Marine Electrical Reed Switch Fuel Sending Unit

Most sending units are installed inside the tanks. Other types have built-in gauges. But they all work with the same principle.

They use a resistance that is measured by a float, which triggers an electronic component to show the level which it is at.

This unit will fit tanks with 8” or 9” sizes. You have to make sure that you are using the appropriate device for the one with the right fit so that you can get an accurate reading of the fuel level.

Anything larger than the recommended size will produce a confusing readout.

You don’t need to worry about the sender unit on this because it is designed to work in many types of liquids, including ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, and non-potable water.

It is made from stainless steel, which makes this not just precise but also durable and rustproof. With a reed styled fuel sender unit, you will get a more accurate reading compared to swing arm types.

Installing this unit is simple, as it is a direct replacement unit with the five screws. Included in the package is a gasket to protect the tank from any leaks.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel build
  • Great replacement unit
  • Easy to install
  • Accurate reed design
  • Easy to use

4. Actron SP0F000013 Bosch Fuel Level Sender

This lever-type fuel sending unit is great for many sizes of fuel tanks. Any tank between 5” to 26” can be fitted with this one. So, if you don’t know the exact size of your fuel tank, this can be a great choice.

A fuel level send has electrical points that are triggered by t-he movement of the float. For the unit to function well, it should have the appropriate size and the same amount of ohms as the one you are replacing.

It has the standard five-hole and screws, which can help mount it on most fuel tanks. Included in the package are the gasket and mounting screws.

As Bosch is known worldwide for engineering, you can rely on the readout to be accurate and precise.

As Bosch being used for racing and performance vehicles, it may very well be the best fuel sending unit for boat for any application.

Following the instructions, you will find that installing this yourself is easy and will not take a lot of time.

This is a great solution for erratic fuel gauge readouts. It will also last a long time and be a reliable component of your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable readout
  • Fits most sizes of fuel tanks
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Long-lasting use

5. Seachoice Gas or Diesel Marine Fuel Electric Sending Unit Kit

It is vital to have an accurate reading from your fuel gauge every time because you don’t want to be caught off-guard and find out that you’re running on empty while out in the ocean.

If you’ve seen a drop in accuracy for your fuel gauge, then it is time to replace the fuel sending unit.

You don’t have to worry a lot about replacing it because there are kits like this one that’s easy to install and are a direct replacement for them.

This has a swing-arm type design which is adjustable to many sizes of fuel tanks. You can use this with tanks with 6 to 12 inches of depth.

Just make sure to use this for gas or diesel tanks only. It will not work on water tanks.

The unit has a standard 35 to 240 ohms of measurement, which is something you should check with the unit you’re replacing.

It should match it correctly otherwise, you will see failure in the replacement unit.

With a bit of patience, you can install this yourself quickly and you have a new fuel sending unit in no time.

Highlighted Features

  • This has a five-screw mounting system for an easy install on most fuel tanks
  • Adjustable to 6” to 12” tank depths
  • Accurate readout
  • Specifically designed for gas and diesel

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How do I know if I need to replace the fuel sender unit?

Disconnect the wire from the sender and the “S” pin on the back of the gauge. Check the resistance using the Ohms function on your multimeter.

If there is no resistance, then that is the indication you need to replace it.

2. What are the symptoms that need replacement?

If it behaves erratically or is stuck on full or empty. These are indications you need to check the unit.

3. What can cause the fuel sending unit to not work properly?

It can be caused by a bad fuse, bad float, or a bad sender unit altogether.

4. Can you still use the vehicle even if the fuel sender unit is broken?

While you can still use the vehicle, it is not recommended to use any vehicle for long distances if you don’t know the right amount of gas put in.

5. What do I need to know before replacing the fuel sender unit?

Use the one with the appropriate size and ohm calibration as the one you’re replacing.

Final Words

A great riding experience, coupled with a fully functioning machine is always a pleasure. If you find that your fuel gauge is running erratically, then it may be time to replace it.

Only choose the best fuel sending unit for boat so that you get the most out of your investment.