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Best Ghillie Suit for Hunting in 2023 – Top 5 Selection

The experience that hunting can provide can be enjoyed on several levels. Without a doubt, depending on how prepared you are, your experience may vary in each case.

During a hunting session, you can try to be stealthy and take a long time, but in the end, your prey could end up escaping.

Therefore, you can choose the best ghillie suit for hunting from the following options. Becoming an expert is now easier with one of these camouflage suits.

So, let’s see below the characteristics of the best models that are available today in the market.
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Top 5 Best Ghillie Suit for Hunting Reviews

The following products have detailed features, so pay attention to get the most appropriate suit for your needs. A better experience of hunting is a few steps away.

1. Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Ghillie Suit

During the hunt, one of the important aspects is stealth. As soon as your target animal has seen you, then you will have missed an opportunity.

However, this suit offers you the best quality in camouflage, so that your hunt is successful.

This suit offers multiple spaces and uses. It includes a jacket, a hood, pants, gun wrap and a bag of things with a strap for simple and proper transport. Therefore, camouflaging will be easier than ever.

To simplify things, it’s easy to wear and easy to take off. The pants belt has a drawstring elastic to better fit your size. Besides, the jacket has elastic at its points for a better grip.

As if that were not enough, the hood has an adjustable chin strap. So your whole body will be covered. Finally, the ankles have a snap closure.

To access the pockets underneath, the pants have a stitched opening, and together with the jacket, give added comfort to stored items.

The suit is made of breathable and lightweight polyester. This means 98% polyester and 2% spandex. However, the whole suit requires hand washing.

Use the included cord to carry with you an average size rifle or your shotgun. This accessory avoids losing your weapon when running or hiding.

Therefore, this suit has the versatility you are looking for. Also, the whole suit can fit in the bag to store things.

Becoming a hunting expert is possible, thanks to this camouflage suit. With which nothing can escape at your fingertips.

2. VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage Forest Hunting

Another option you should consider is this model. This suit offers you a set of pieces that are key to obtaining an efficient and safe camouflage. Don’t let anyone or anything see you with this four-piece hunting suit.

Enjoying a good outdoor experience is possible, especially if you want to get not be detected by the animals you want to hunt.

This suit can offer you four pieces of great quality, and they are a mask, a jacket, pants, and a gun cover.

To organize your other objects, use the carrying bag that is included, as well as to store all your suit. It would not be ideal to lose a piece and be exposed, right?

The entire suit weighs four pounds, so its transportation is very easy. At the same time, its innovative design gives it excellent coverage in forest land and scrubland environments.

You are not engaged in hunting? Do not worry; you can also get other uses from this suit. Some of them can be used for outdoor games, such as Halloween costume or some undercover work.

To leave your suit clean again, you should wash it by hand with warm water and let it dry at room temperature. The suit material allows quick-drying.

Don’t forget that covering your weapon is possible too. The gun cover is about four feet long and comes with an elastic band.

Besides, the rope at both ends provides adequate fixation so as not to lose your weapon at any time.

3. EAmber Ghillie Suit 3D Leaf Camo Youth Adult Lightweight Clothing Suits

Now, if you intend to build your hunting equipment, you may not have a very comfortable budget. However, you don’t have to worry,

since this suit can offer you a good balance between cost and quality. Get excellent camouflage at an affordable cost.

This suit has two main features, which are to be comfortable and breathable. The suit is made of polyester, which gives proper use to hunting at all times.

At the same time, it feels very soft to the touch and is quite light, since it only weighs about 0.95 pounds. You can decide to wear a shirt underneath, and the suit will feel just as soft.

Therefore, it is a suit that offers a large number of uses. You can use this suit for various teams, such as hunting, shooting,

wild birds, stalking, paintball-style games, airsoft, surveillance, wildlife photography, bird watching, movie scenarios, among many others.

Also, the jacket has a design with buttons and zippers to choose from. The zipper can be lifted quickly and ready at all times.

To get an adaptable suit, the waist of the pants includes an elastic. This allows a better fit to the body of each person.

Therefore, you can get an excellent camouflage option if you are starting on the hunting ground. It is ideal for amateurs.

Currently, there are several sizes to choose from, always having a wide range of ages and body types. You will find the most appropriate very easily.

4. Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece with Bag

Okay, you might be an expert when it comes to hunting. Therefore, it would not be logical to comply with any option or model.

For you, there is the best ghillie suit for hunting in a single suit. So you will have the possibility to access the best camouflage experience at your fingertips.

This suit that only weighs about 4.4 pounds will put it back much better than other similar models, thanks to its superior quality of multilayer threads.

What this means is that each cord of the suit is sewn twice by the best artisan hands.

Forget about annoying insects while having fun in your activity. The buttons on the bottom of the pants and the elastic waist allow repelling several insects,

such as mosquitoes. So, you can focus all your attention on the hunt.

The suit can adapt to various types of people and bodies. Thanks to its design, the sleeves of the jacket have a length of 39″, the length of the suit is 35″, the length of the pants is 50″.

Taking into account the height, the suit can adapt to people between 5’7″ to 6’3″, with waistlines up to 60″.

Five pieces that complete the suit are included. These are the mask, jacket, pants, gun cover, and a carrying bag. It is a suit that can be used for hunting, as well as for many other complementary uses.

Its realistic design with a vivid green color achieves a 3D camouflage of the highest quality. Therefore, camouflaging in the middle of a forest will be very simple.

Do not miss the possibility of being an expert in optical camouflage!

5. Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit & Ponchos

Another of the best camouflage options is this suit. Whether it’s a novice or a professional in the field, this suit is ideal for both types of people.

If you are a hunter, sniper, military, or like to play paintball, this product will give you great results.

This suit offers you complete coverage and adequate density, which is useful for various types of environments.

Its 6 pounds of synthetic yarn will offer you the ideal camouflage and quiet. This suit is waterproof as well. That’s right; your suit will not spoil if there is water on your land.

It is a suit that is built to last a long time. You will get a suit with double yarn, this provides greater resistance and prevents the shedding of the threads.

Buying a single camouflage suit is much better than buying two because the first one broke easily.

The camouflage obtained in this suit achieves a 3D effect of the best quality. This suit is made with a brown thread base mixed with olive green.

Therefore, it manages to imitate many types of grasslands, as well as other scenarios such as open fields in autumn or spring seasons, with yellow grass, etc.

Furthermore, the available sizes are very varied, and they are adapted to various types of bodies and ages.

Finally, you will have an elastic file wrap so that your rifle or shotgun is also safe. So, have fun and get the best hunting experience.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ghillie Suit for Hunting

To get the most appropriate suit for you, you must consider a set of features and characteristics of the different options.

You will not need the same suit if you are an expert in hunting, or you are an amateur or a beginner. Therefore, get a balance between the qualities you need and the cost of each product.


Usually, these types of suits are made with some type of common material, such as polyester. This type of material is present in 95% or 98%, depending on each model and brand.

Besides, another of the materials used is nylon, since it makes the suit more flexible and adaptable.

Getting a suit made of polyester ensures better use for hunting if a breathable mesh is included. Keep in mind that you will be moving during the hunt,

so a breathable mesh will make you feel more comfortable in your suit.


This is one of the important points to consider. If you wear a very heavy suit, the hunt will be more difficult. Also, you will need to have physical training if you do not want to get tired too quickly.

Running with heavy equipment will make everything more difficult, so a light option will be the most appropriate.

However, in general, the heaviest suits are the ones that include the most additional benefits.

If you are an amateur or a beginner, it is best to find an intermediate solution. This means getting an intermediate weight suit, which will then have some additional benefits.


This point is related to the previous one, at least in part. The more flexible your suit is, the better the mobility you can have. During the hunt, you will need to make fast or slow movements, depending on the situation.

Therefore, a suit that provides a wide range of movements becomes vital. For your suit to provide you with a wide range of movements, it must be made with the appropriate materials, but also, your design must be consistent.

Accessories also help or facilitate movement. Some suits include an elastic rope for your rifle or weapon. When you get these types of suits, you will be less likely to lose your weapon when running or hiding.

Finally, some suits offer elastic at the ankles and the waist of the pants, or on the cuffs of the jacket. This favors movement by having your suit more adapted to your body.

Field Characteristics

Finally, this point is as important as the others. You should consider the type of field in which you are going to perform.

It would be inconvenient to get a green suit if you intend to hunt in places with abundant snow. Also, it would not be appropriate to buy a snow-colored suit for arid and grassy terrain.

Therefore, the design of the suit you choose must be related to the field in which you decide to hunt. As your suit manages to better mimic the hunting ground, the better coverage you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a Ghillie suit look like?

This type of clothing is a special garment that is used in natural environments.

The main objective of this suit is to allow the person who wears it to be confused with the environment so that it cannot be detected by its objective, that is, another person or animal.

2. Are ghillie suits legal?

Wearing such a suit is legal. There are no restrictions, usually. What may be legal or illegal is the activity of hunting itself. Legality will depend on where you are.

3. How good are they for hunting?

These types of suits offer superior functionality to other regular camouflage suits. As a rule, these suits include a double layer of yarn, more pockets, better elastic for a better fit, among other additional benefits.

4. How can you wash a Ghillie suit?

Most brands recommend hand washing on suits. This will prevent the colors or any of the included pieces from deteriorating faster.

5. How to remove additional foliage after using the Ghillie suit?

The best way is to use your hands gently to remove the foliage and small pieces of wood that have been attached to your suit.

However, the use of hard brushes is not recommended, as this could shed some threads from the suit.

Final Words

From now on, you can become an expert in optical camouflage. Choose the best ghillie suit for hunting and go on an adventure.

Avoid being detected at any time and place and enjoy a unique experience.