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Best Lotion For Masturbation in 2023 – Reviews & Guide

According to a sexologist, moderate masturbation is beneficial for your body and mind. However, not only excessive masturbating has some negative health issues,

but also excessive formal sex has some bad issues for both males and females.

These days, masturbation is no longer a matter of shame. People are embracing masturbation due to its health benefit.

A study shows that 95% of males and 81% of females in American are having masturbation regularly/irregularly.

Before your next pleasure, you should choose the best lotion for masturbation to avoid some bad consequence such as an ordinary lube causes sore after masturbating,

which might be a disaster for your sex life.

It is hard to find such a product that has some health issues. After went through a rigorous analysis and got a recommendation from the sexologist,

we discovered some medically approved top-notch lotions for masturbation/sexual intercourse. Let’s get to the in-depth reviews.
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Top 10 Best Lotion For Masturbation Reviews

In this section of the reviews, we have pointed out some significant characteristics of our selected sex lubricants,

so that you can have the big picture of these lubes for making a judicious buying decision. Let’s dig into a deeper for having the best personal lube.

1. #LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant

You may have countless intercourse with your partner, whatever the numbers, you have to feel each intercourse like new.

That’s why the human is different than others. Each sexual intercourse demands extreme intimacy, so we should add something new at each intercourse.

Personal lubes can provide maximum pleasure during intercourse and bring a phenomenal transformation in your sex life.

So, to get a natural feeling at sex, you can try this to have the ultimate experience.

As a personal lube is especially for our skin or sensible organ, so it is wise to have a healthy conducive product.

LubeLife’s water-based formula will bring a natural experience through its quality and with the different sweet scent.

Furthermore, the natural resins ensure the quite glided motion throughout your body. And make sure to use it with any sex stuff such as toys, condoms, etc.

The other important aspects of sex lubes are stain-free applications. After drying, it leaves no stain on fabrics and can easily wash off by water.

The price of sex lotion goes with the products. So, within that reasonable price, you can have a wonderful sex experience in both personal masturbation and with your partner.

Key Features:

  • Ensure maximum lubricity by water-based tech.
  • On harmful elements like silicon, parabens, and oils
  • Compatible with every toys and condom
  • Make extra glide and soft skin after application
  • Can use in every organ of your body with no side effects

2. Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube

Though a lubricant is a tiny product, it can bring a phenomenal transformation in sexual intercourse or masturbation.

That’s why you have to choose the best lube for you to get the ultimate comfort during sex.

Aloe Cadabra composed of pure natural ingredients to give an organic sex experience, it is not only sex lubes for masturbation, but you can use it for oral sex too.

This lube can last long with an extra glided and give you an ultimate performance during intercourse or masturbation.

Those who are suffering from yeast infection would be the best healer for them to go.

From ass to mouth, you can effortlessly use it because it is recommended by most doctors and ensures zero adverse health issues.

It equally works well from adult to most senior, because its natural fluid can eliminate menopause dryness. Along with this, this extra glided gel can release you from painful sexual intercourse.

In every organ of your body, it equally functions very well, so for your solo/masturbation, you can go with this to have a magnificent self-sex experience.

If you want to have the best experience with the medical recommended sex lubes, you should go with this, because the price and the quality of the product make you crazy for having this.

Key Features:

  • Composed of 95% organic ingredients
  • Work best as an Oral gel for male/female
  • Medical recommended for intercourse/masturbation
  • Release you from painful sex and menopause dryness
  • Free from harmful chemicals.

3. Shibari Personal Lubricant – Water Based 8oz Bottle

Are you bothering with the thickness of your existing lubricant? Or is it dries quickly? Then you are really stuck in a nightmare. Don’t be fret! You can easily get out of this situation.

We find this personal lube best for this condition to come out because this is composed of pure water-based formula and maintain well viscosity so that you can glide smoothly through it during sex.

During foreplay, if you are not feeling much sensation or smooth skin while you are titillating, then don’t means absolute intercourse.

For turning back your sensation and smooth skin, Shibari is the standalone personal lubricant to do that.

You no need to think about the after-effect of this sex lubes because it has no adverse effect simultaneously on your skins and your garments.

As it is a water-based lubricant, so, after the completion, you can easily wash off the fabrics without having a single spot.

Before going to buy any sensational products, you should think about the quality of the lubes, not the price, so that you can prevent further disappointment.

However, the price is reasonable as compared to the performance.

Key Features

  • Water-based formula for extra lubricity
  • Smooth operation during foreplay
  • Safe for all sensitive organ and Hypoallergenic
  • Best for self-pleasure and intercourses

4. Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant

Basically, it is hard to start foreplay or sexual intercourse without personal lubes. Because our body is too stick to slide around.

For having a smooth sliding and get a long-lasting lube experience, you come up with this super slick lubricant.

This is composed of water-based formula to drain out your sweats and make sure a glided action during sexual intercourse.

Though It is free from any petroleum or grassy substance, it is able to produce as much lubricant, so to give you an extra sliding experience throughout the body.

As it is the versatile personal lubricant, so, you can use it for your personal body massage or solo sex pleasure.

Because the silicon-based formula ensures the maximum slick for long-lasting operation without frequent reapply.

There is no adverse side effect on your health, so you can effortlessly use it with your partner or for solo pleasures. And easily compatible with toys and condoms.

Therefore, to remove your sticky body surface, it performs wonderfully well and gives you a smooth sliding into your partner.

So, to have a versatile sexual experience at a reasonable price, it would be the best personal lubricant for couples and solo sex.

Key Features:

  • Silicon lube ensures super slick
  • No greasy or oily substance
  • Keeping vagina wet for a long time
  • Leaves no stains on fabrics
  • Ensure the maximum protection for organs

5. Lotion For Masturbating | Lube for Couple

For your personal pleasure, lube is the indispensable stuff, that’s why you cannot either overlook it or go with an ordinary one.

Because you have to use it the most sensible part of your body. As a result, to safely appease your sexual desire, you can go with this.

It is a clinically tested lube which is composed of various natural ingredients so that it can ensure the best safety for your organs. Plus, it can help to perform well after application on your skin.

Don’t be bother with some sticky or tacky personal lubes if you have a better option to choose. Though this sex lube is not sticky, it is somewhat thick.

However, it ensures enough sliding and able to keep your vagina wet for a long time.

This clinical lube is able to prevent any irritation from your organs after application and keep it lubricious so that you can have a fantastic feeling immediately after applying.

Though they ensure high-quality lubricants and supreme performance, the price is not as high as the lube quality.

So, for indulging an extremely self-sensual pleasure, that would be the best lubricant for men.

Key Features:

  • Clinically certified personal lube
  • Can wet sex organs for enough time
  • Not sticky or tacky, but extra greasy
  • A better solution for painful sex
  • long-lasting performance for intercourse or masturbating

6. Swiss Navy Premium Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant

A hi-class lube can change your entire sex perception. To make sexual intercourse more erotic at foreplay to climax,

you need something like the Swiss Navy because it will ensure the more comfortable sex by maintaining safety issues.

Over the 20 years, Swiss Navy domination in this platform due to their uncompromising product quality.

This is mainly based on water formula with the hi-graded silicon to ensure the maximum slick after application.

This personal lubricant is designed individually for Man, Woman, and Couple. Moreover, it is best for anal sex. Plus, it got the top-listed lube on the gays’ selection.

You can relentlessly use and carry it anywhere because its spill-proof locking made it travel free or leaking free from any external pressure.

Swill lube makes your sexual intercourse more intimate and brings extra comfort for both. It can be compatible with most toys and condoms.

As is it clinically tested sex lubricant, you can undoubtedly use it in any sex organs. There is no adverse effect if the fluid penetrates your body by oral or anal.

The price of the lube seems higher. But if you consider the overall quality and performance, you can not overlook this sensual sex lube.

So, it would be the best lotion for masturbation as well as an ultimate solution for your intercourse.

Key Features

  • Well known for Self-pleasure
  • Hi-graded silicon ensure the extra slicks
  • Medically approved sex lubricant
  • Specially designed to ease and comfort anal sex
  • Travel-friendly design to prevent leaking

7. Penchant Premium Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin

Have you got burn by using some sex lubricants? Maybe you got sensitive skin. Remember! This is not your skin’s problem.

This for the ordinary lube that you have used. Be careful about using other personal lube, which may cause more damage to your skin.

To relieve you from that pain, Penchant brought a special sex lube for sensitive skin and ensured the maximum comfort after application.

This is composed of hi-class silicon ingredients; as a result, it can keep the wetness on the skin for a long time. Along with that, after application on your organs, it brings an extra slick on your skins.

This water-based sex lube can work very smoothly on your body. Moreover, It can be compatible with multiple objects such as condoms and toys.

This lube is safe for oral sex because of its medical approved formula and devoid of harmful chemicals, making it safer for your skins.

If you ingest it or penetrate it into your body, don’t be fret! It is absolutely safe.

This lube is also recommended for individuals’ sex for both Man or Women. You will get a wonderful experience by applying this lube while playing with yourself.

Key Features

  • Best designed for sensitive skins
  • Premium quality due to its silicon-based formulation
  • Chemical-free composition and hypoallergenic
  • Got famous for masturbating
  • Safe for your organs and oral sex

8. Lynk Pleasure Products Anal Lube Water Based

Are you an anal lover? Or having difficulties with anal sex? No need to worries about that. Your desired anal sex would be fun after application a single drop of Lynk.

You have to apply it only anal region, then see the magic happening.

This personal lube is recommended by the porn industries as the best anal lubricant and the best personal lubricant for seniors as well.

Because its water-based formula gives you maximum slick on your surface, to make your sex more playfully glided, that would be your first choice.

The hi-quality lubricant ensures the maximum lasting on your surface. After the application, you no need to reapply it in between 15 minutes.

It can effortlessly work on your skin and not dissolved with water.

Most of us think that condom oil is enough for anal sex, but this is not true at all. It causes painful sex, so to have more comfortable sex, you should go with anal lube.

By the way, this lube is working 100% on most condoms and every kind of sex toy.

This lube is conducive to health because it is devoid of all kinds of toxic ingredients such as parabens, oils, glycerine to contain its quality.

The price is also reasonable as compared to product quality. So, it will stop you from searching lubricants for masturbation or anal sex.

Key Features

  • Porn Industries’ recommended
  • Compatible with most condoms
  • The epitome of anal sex and masturbation
  • Non-toxic and out of harmful ingredients
  • Extra slicks on immediately after application

9. Personal Lubricant. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes

For satiating your sex longing, Lulu lubricant is bought a special lube for individuals to have masturbation.

This is the top-rated industrial personal lube. Not only best for sex lube, but it also works well for titillating body massage.

If you are not satisfied with your existing lube for anal, try this at once to have the magical anal sex experience.

After application, it can adjust quickly with your body fluids and make an extra glided glow on your skin.

During hardcore sex, if you want to change position effortlessly without hampering your pace, then you can apply it for smoothly glided into your partner body and get a great sensation.

Due to the water-based formula, it leaves no stains on fabrics and can wash off easily with water. On the other hand, it has a sweet soft smell which you will enjoy during sex or masturbation.

Some people have sensitive skin that cannot be compatible with most sex lube. This lube is specially designed for sensitive skin because its toxic-free chemicals ensure the best lube for all skins.

If you count the quality of the product, for sure, you can easily afford the price.

To have an ultimate sexual pleasure in both ways (intercourse or masturbation), it would difficult for anyone mostly for the anal lover to overlook this lubricant.

Key Features

  • Special lube for the anal lover
  • Ensure quality by Non-toxic formulation
  • Create more glided skins after application
  • Long-lasting lube, no need frequent reapply,
  • Compatible with condoms and sex toys

10. ID Glide 17 Fl Oz Natural Feel Water-Based Personal Lubricant

While we are going to choose a personal lubricant, first we have to look for the quality of the product, because it will apply to our skin or can penetrate our body.

So, to eliminate buyers’ confusion, ID Glide brings a premium product, which is got several awards.

Along with its quality, it secures the health issues for the consumer to ensure the massive use of this lube, for having better sexual intercourse.

After the application of the sex lube, you can feel a shiny wet surface and have a smooth sliding, so as to relieve you from painful sex.

It can last long after the first application, so you no need to reapply frequently.

As it is formulated by a water-based solution, it can easily cope with your body’s fluid without friction. Plus, this lube is suitable for all sensitive skin.

The fluid is very gentle to adjust with your fabric. Its crystal-clear fluid doesn’t leave any stain or streaky pattern after applying the lube, and hassle frees rinse by water.

To give you a better sex experience, it comes up with multi compatibility with any sex toys and all types of condoms as well. So, you can consider it in your next buying.

Key Features

  • Premium quality lubricant
  • Long last with glided skin
  • Perfectly match with sensitive skin
  • Medically proven for your organs and oral sex
  • 100% condoms and all sort of toys compatibility

Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits

Every action has both positive and negative effects, so as the masturbation has. Most of us think that it is a negative side of our character,

but this not, if we think in terms of socially and religiously, then it is considered that masturbation is a bad practice, even though they never think whether it has a health benefit or not.

However, we put together with some benefits and side effects of masturbation after huge research on medical studies.

Release Stress:

Masturbation calms your body and mind after orgasm. At that time, your body secretes endorphins, which trigger some soothing feeling throughout your body.

For that reason, our body and mind get extra relaxation from pain or stress.

Thwart Cancer:

After every ejaculation, that can able to prevent prostate cancer by building toxins in the urogenital path. So, it is recommended that having masturbation 5 times a week can reduce cancer risk.

Improved Relation

During masturbation, you get close to you, understand you very well, and you know about your sexual gratification. As a result, you can perform better while you can sex with your partner.

Boost immunity

After each ejaculation, your body releases some stress hormones, which are mostly responsible for boost up your immune system.

Brain Activity

During the climax of masturbation, your body secretes some hormones like dopamine, which is able to boost up your confidence, satisfaction, and can other neurotransmission activities.

Side Effects of Masturbation

Damage Tissues

Aggressive and excessive masturbation causes a lot of damage not only on our organ’s skin but also on our internal tissues.

Frequent masturbation of Man/Woman can cause bruises on their skin, which is enough to damage internal tissues, or sometimes it got swell on men’s penis.

So, if it continues, then you will have a bad consequence in your future sex life.

Social Impact

Though in every religion, culture or society have a negative vide about masturbation.

If we continue to have masturbation and keep our social or religious ideology on the mind; after a while, we feel down and suffer guilt.

Sometimes, it turns into a big mental issue. Plus, it has a negative impact on our social and familiar relations.

However, if you know all the health benefits of masturbation, then it is ok for you to do that.

Reduce Sexual Sensitivity

After having regular fierce masturbation, which can impair your sexual nerves and other associated tissues. As a result, you got either quick ejaculation or sexually desensitize.

If it continues, then you may encounter erectile dysfunction in a very early stage of your life.

Prostate cancer

As well mentions earlier, frequent masturbation like 21 times a month can help to prevent prostate cancer.

However, a recent study shows that men who are in their 20s and 30s have regular fierce-sex, especially maturation, they are very prone to prostate cancer.

Things to Consider Before Buying lotion for masturbation

To buy a personal lube somewhat difficult because we have to maintain privacy. Before finalizing a lube, you must consider some factors,

because it is so embarrassing to return or exchange the lube after delivered.

That’s why we put together some important factors for your consideration to get the best lotion for masturbation or intercourse.

Clinical Approbation

As the purpose of these personal lubes is using for internal/sex organs. So, you have to confirm the product’s safety measures. Otherwise, chances are getting a bad health consequence.

Although most of the sex lube ensures the maximum safety for skin, you should go with the clinically approved sex lubricants for making each intercourse more playful.

Viscosity of Lube

The viscosity of the lube depends on its purpose. Suppose, if the lube special for anal, then its viscosity is little thicker than for the masturbation’s lube.

Therefore, you have to choose personal lube according to your purpose of the application.


As it is a chemical-based product, so some sex lubes are composed of glycerine or other oily substances, which are averse to health. So, you have to check it before buying it.

However, these above lubes collections are based on natural ingredients and medically tested.

Intensity of Lube

This is an important attribute of the sex lubricant that you must consider before buying if you have sensitive skin.

Most of the products are mentioned, whether it is suitable for sensitive skin or not. So, to escape your skin irritation, you must check it beforehand.


As it is one kind of lubricant, so you have to assess the lubricity of these products. The performance of the lubricant depends on is lubricity.

So, don’t forget to have a better performing lube by checking its lubricity.

Discreet Shipment

As it is a personal product, so to maintain your privacy, you have to make sure whether it comes with a discreet pack.

Otherwise, you may embarrass if someone comes across this product at delivery time. However, if you have no such issues, then you skip it.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use this to penetrate my wife’s rear entrance?

Yes! You can

You can effortlessly penetrate to anal. But after application you should rub it for a while, then it would be easy for you to go and you will both enjoy painless sex.

2. Are they leave any stains or oily spots on fabrics?

No! They Don’t.

Though this lubricant looks oily, all of them are devoid of oil or other greasy substance.

They are not leaving any stain on fabrics. And you can be easily washed off your fabrics by water.

3. What is the viscosity of this lube? Are they runny?

The viscosity of these lube depends on the product’s usability. For instance, the product is especially for anal or vagina sex; then, it is a little thicker. If it is for multipurpose, then it is less thick.

But both of the types are pretty runny to pass through your body and make your skin more slicks.

4. Are these lube condoms safe or just break it down?


All of these lubes are clinically qualified for your skin. And you are working 100% on all types of condoms as well as sex toys.

So, avoid ordinary lube for keeping aside your apprehension.

5. Are these products edible?

Well! All of the lube is approved medically and is designed to apply in your sex organs, and you can use them for oral sex as well.

While doing this, it can penetrate our body, so in this instance, it has no adverse effect on health.

However, these are not recommended ingest directly. So, you can use it as usual for oral sex, because it has also passed food-graded quality.

6. Are they shopping discreetly? As I live with my family.

Yes! Amazon maintains maximum privacy while shipping. So, it is difficult to understand for the third person if he, unfortunately, come across.

In other words, most of the bottles are not disclosing what it is.

So, it is safe for shipping, but you have to conscious about shipping if you have any privacy issues.

Final Words

Masturbation is not only for your self-pleasure, but also it has some medical benefits. Most of the time, masturbation after-effects are taken place due to the quality of personal lubricant.

As a result, chances are high to get involved with any adverse health issues.

Therefore, everyone should come with the best lotion for masturbation or sexual intercourse, for ensuring a secure sensual pleasure.

Have a Playful Sex!