Best Lubes for sensitive skin

Best Lubes For Sensitive Skin in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you having irritation on your skin after applying the existing lube? Then you should stop using the lube right away.

Because you are not burning your skin, but it may cause cancer or chronic health issues after certain a time.

By measuring the lubricity of a personal lube, it would difficult to find the best lubes for sensitive skin. Because all the lube will not be suited for all skin.

In this instance, you have to look for some special lubricant, which would be the most suitable for sensitive skin.

Though finding the lubricants for sensitive skin are somewhat tricky as the tons of similar lubricant out there. Don’t be hesitate!

After huge research and got a recommendation from a sexologist, we discovered some lube for sensitive skin in terms of your skin tone.

Let’s move forward to get your intended lube.
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Top 10 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin Reviews

In this section, we are going to break down every feature of the best drugstore lube for sensitive skin, which will make you understand,

why these personal lubes are recommended by most sexologists for your sensitive skin. So, Let’s dig a little deeper for having your desired lubes.

1. Penchant Premium Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin

You may try a lot of lubes for intimate sex. Though they are enough slicks for your skin if they are still burning your skin, then what’s the point?

Hence, you can end your search by grabbing this lubricant which will provide you maximum comfort.

This personal lube is approved medically because of its non-toxic formula. Moreover, they ensure the chemical-composition that is devoid of any glycerin or parabens.

As a result, it cannot create any allergic disease on your skin.

This lube is not only famous for its medical-based formula but also the performance after application. Within a few drops of the lube, you can have painless sex.

To have a long-lasting slick on your skin, the silicon-based lubricant is recommended to get the ultimate performance.

Furthermore, the single drop can prevent you from reapplication and make sure the glided skin for a long time.

You may feel bothering if the lubricant emits odors during sensual pleasure. So, to have a fascinating pleasure try this lube as it has come with the natural smell.

Besides, it has no adverse effect on your sheet or cloth.

Don’t be fret to order the personal lube if you have some privacy issues. Since they are come with a discreet pack and not indicating a sexual leveling on the bottle.

Key Features

  • Special lubricant for sensitive skin
  • Extra slicks on the skin for the anal lover
  • Safe for oral sex and for all sensitive organs
  • 100% medically tested lubricant

2. #Lubelife Barely There Thin Silicone Based Long Lasting Lubricant

During sexual intercourse, we always looking for sensational sex. However, sensational sex is not possible by the ordinary lube which has also a dangerous effect on your skin.

So, to have safe and sensual experiences, you have to stand with the lube.

The sexologist is recommended the LubeLife for those who have sensitive skin. The lube ensures maximum sensation on the skin without irritation due to its medical-based formula.

Moreover, this lube is free from glycerine and parabens.

During sex, you can slide more smoothly on your partner, since it produces extra slicks on your skin after application.

Plus, the silicon-based formula gives you a long-lasting glide experience by applying a few drops of the lube.

From anal sex to masturbation, it would be your great companion because of its multiple combability with various surfaces such as sex toys and all types of condoms.

The water resistance ability gives you maximum pleasure at the shower or playing on the bathtub.

Since it is a medically approved lube, you can dare to apply it anywhere in your body. It is also ideal for oral sex.

So, for having painless anal sex with your partner or your favorite toys that would be your first choice for playful sex.

Key Features

  • The epitome of painless sex
  • Playful experience on sensitive skin
  • Compatible with condom and sex toys
  • Extra slicks for long-lasting performance
  • Extra water-resistant for playing on shower, tub or jacuzzi

3. Isabel Fay Natural 8 Oz, NO Parabens NO Glycerin

If you are having difficulties to choose the best lubes for sensitive skin. Don’t be fret! The solution is on your fingertips by clicking on this natural lubricant,

which ensures the comfortable on your tender skin during or after the sex.

Isabel Fay lube composes of a water-based solution. By a single application, you will get the soft skin during your sex or masturbation, since it brings an extra smooth sensation and the velvet feels on the skin.

Due to the glycerin and parabens, the chemicals composition becomes sever which is enough for burning sensitive skin. As a result, Isabel Fay brought a chemical-free lube to heal your sensitive skin.

Isabel Fay is the ideal lotion for masturbation since the single drop of the lube can create an extra glided while having solo pleasure.

Moreover, you can apply it with your favorite toys or condoms for having the painless hard-core sex.

During sexual playing, it would be bothering if your lubricant emits any unpleasant smell or leave any stain on your fabric.

So, to get out this frustrating situation, you can go with this personal lube to make good use of your every penny.

Key Features

  • Burning solution for tender skin
  • Condom and toys friendly
  • Clinically approved for sensitive skin
  • Produce extra lubricity during playful sex

4. Premium Silicone Sex Lubricant by Healthy Vibes

You may experience swelling on your skin after using ordinary sex lubes while masturbation or intercourse.

So, to avoid these adverse health conditions and have a secure sex-life, you can rely on this lube as it is the epitome of the premium sex lubes.

After applying the lube, it instantly gives you a soft and slicks skin due to its silicon-based formula. Besides, it ensures the 100% health safety lubricant for men, women, and couples.

If you are self-lover and love to go frequently for masturbating, then it would be a great companion from beginning to the climax of your self-pleasure.

During having sex, you no need to apply extra lube as it stays long on your skin with the same glide.

Due to menopause or vaginal dryness, women are suffering from severe pain at sex. So, to get out this pain, you can use the lube since it considers as the best vaginal moisturizers.

Moreover, the premium lube provides you a comfortable experience during sex as it is compatible with toys and condoms.

Those who are living with family or have privacy issues, you may feel embarrassed to order the personal lubricant. In this instance, they ensure a secure shipment for you and make sure the bottle travel friendly.

Key features

  • Safe for Anal or Oral sex
  • Condom and sex toys friendly
  • Most suitable for all men/women/couple
  • Relieve from painful sexual intercourse
  • Formulated for bringing slicks on dry organs

5. FAV Water Based Luxury Personal Lubricant

Sensitive Skin-irritation is the result of using ordinary lubricant, which has a bad consequence after long-term use. In this instance, most of the sexologists suggested water-based lube to ensure a secure-sex.

For having a natural feel, you can go with this lubricant. Because it is designed in that way to compatible with your bodily lubricant and ensures a friction-free operation during hard-core sex.

The anal lover would be intrigued after seeing its performance on your skins since its strong formula can stay for a long time and produces extra glided on your body. As a result, you can slide around on your partner.

Solo play sometimes feels tedious due to the slickness of the lube. For that reason, males are experience bruise or swell on their skin after having rough masturbation.

In this instance, you should come up with the natural lube for extra slicks during self-sex.

After having the lubricant, you will be satisfying in all the ways. There is no need to worried about the cracking of condoms as it is condom and sex toys friendly.

Besides, it will not leave any stains on your fabrics after applying.

Key Features

  • Clinically approved by FDA
  • Perfect for solo or anal hard-core
  • Recommended for healing sensitive skin
  • The natural formula produces extra slicks on skin

6. TROJAN Lubricant H2O Sensitive Touch Water-Based Lubricant

Doctor or medicine cannot protect you from burning skin if you are using some dog-standard lubricant for your sensitive skin.

Lubricant always not means lubricity, which has to ensure safety for the user. So, don’t be hesitate to use this lube for sensitive skin as it is medically proven.

This is recommended by some porn-stars due to the quality of the lube and the after-application performance.

You will also get a great result for playing anal sex. Plus, this is special for the women who suffer from vaginal dryness.

Trojan Lubricants got much popularly due to its unique formula. The blending of Aloe and vitamin E produces extreme lubricity to moisture the skin.

That’s how it can stay a long time on your skin with a single application.

It would be so irritating if the personal lubricant got sticky during intimate intercourse. So, to avoid such a mess, you can try this water-based lubricant for having a wonderful sensual experience.

By considering its quality and the price of the lube, you will also admit that it is the versatile lube for the women, men, and couples to have a sexual adventure.

Key Features

  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  • Most suggested industrial lubricant
  • Aloe and Vitamin E enriched formula
  • Natural ingredients for healing tender skins

7. Water-Based Lubes for Sensitive Skin –Sex Gel, Men/Women -Aloe Vera

When looking for the personal lubricant for sensitive skin, your priority would be either water-based or natural ingredient-based lubricant.

As a result, to have a cost-effective lube you have to stand with this natural lubricant.

Finding the lube for self-pleasure or anal sex? Then you have to come up with some lube which produces more lubricity during sex.

The lube will ensure the extra glided on your anal immediately after applying and enjoy the ultimate anal sex.

If the lube emits odor during intimate sex, which would a total mess for the couple. Plus, the ordinary lubes also create the same situation, when it comes to contact with the bodily fluids.

To get out of this nightmare, you can stand with the natural lube.

The lube is perfect for condom lovers because it can effortlessly work on any condoms or sex toys.

The gay or anal lover will enjoy the painless sex due to its extreme slicks on anal after the single application of the lube.

Don’t feel shy to order the lube, since it ensures maximum privacy on the leveling of the bottle and at the delivery moment. So, to make your sex life more intimate, that would be the first choice for couples or self-lover.

Key Features

  • Fantastic lube for gay or lesbian
  • Devoid of odor, color, and taste
  • Extra slicks for smooth sliding during sex
  • Compatible with condoms and sex vibrators

8. Isabel Natural Water Based Personal Lube with Aloe Vera

Are you having a tender skin? Or looking for the best lubricant for sensitive skin? Then it would be a natural healer for your skin.

For turning your sensitive skin into a soft, you have to use such a natural lubricant for the rest of your life.

If the natural-based lube gives the ultimate pleasure and safety, then why you rely on the other chemical-based product? The Aloe-based lubricant is as glided as you can effortlessly slide on your partner.

This is not only great for sensitive skin but also works great to revive the dry vagina. As a result, this is top listed lube for the seniors to have sensual pleasure.

Besides, all-ages people can enjoy the same level of pleasure with a single drop of Isabel Fay.

The anal lover would be wonderful after coming across the lube. Because its natural-based fluid can make you ready to penetrate the anal effortlessly. That’s how it ensures the painless sex due to the extreme lubricity.

If you love the features, you can place an order without hesitating about the privacy issues. Because it comes with a discreet pack.

Though the price is a bit higher, for sure it will satisfy you by its performance and quality.

Key Features

  • Special for dry vagina
  • Sex toys and condoms friendly
  • Great for gays or anal sex lover
  • Aloe formula healing sensitive skin

9. Organic Lubes for Sensitive Skin – Couples/Women/Men -Sex Gel

An organic personal lube can serve you in multiple ways. You will not only enjoy the intimate pleasure after using but also it can be a natural healer for your sensitive skin. That’s why it would be your top pick lube among the others.

These days, the lubricant becomes famous for couple-sexual due to the slicks of the lubricant. The key point of the lube is a water-based formula, which makes it more lubricious for playing anal.

Organic lube is preferable for your solo sex pleasure. That’s why you can effortlessly apply it during masturbation and enjoy the extra glided on your sex organs. Moreover, The Aloe formula ensures long-lasting lubricity on your skin with a few applications.

The lubricant easily compatible with sex toys and condoms, that’s why you will enjoy the condom sex with your partner. For the lesbian, it creates a smooth surface while applying on vibrators.

Kick-off your privacy issues if you want to get the lube. Because they ensure a discreet delivery. The pack includes two bottles, which ensures good use of money if you grab the lube for sensitive skin.

Key Features

  • Perfect choice for lesbian and gay
  • Unlimited playing with extreme slicks
  • Organic formula able to cure tender skin
  • Compatible with all condoms and vibrators

10. CLIMAX Water-Based Lube Natural Lubricant for Couples

The sensitive skin always demands a natural ingredient-based lubricant. Because sensitive skin cannot resist the chemically-composed lubricant. So, you can grab this lubricant for bringing an extra sensation on your sensitive skin.

Safety issues are the major consideration for using personal lube. As it is formulated by a water-based solution, that’s why it will allow you to apply the lube on your every sex organ. It also ensures safe oral sex.

The chemical-based lube might be sticky or will be emitting strong odor during sex. So, to avoid such an unpleasant moment with your endearing person grabs the odorless lube.

During the intimate sex, the lube will leave no stain on your clothes or other fabrics. Afterward, the lube can easily dissolve with water when you wash off.

The quality of the lubricant is simply awesome due to its organic formula. As it is a skin healer and well performer for intimate sex, that’s why you can try this lube for having a great experience at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Natural formula for curing tender skin
  • Clinically approved for all sensitive organs
  • Compatible with sex toys and condoms
  • Odorless and non-sticky allows a great experience

Four Types of Lubricant, You Should Know

The performance of the lubricants depends on their types or composition formula. Here, we discussed major four types of lubricants which will help you to pick your intended one.


For your sensitive skin, water-based lubricant is so effective to prevent you from burning or irritating skin. For those who have such complexities, you could use the lube.

This is a versatile lubricant since it can be used with anything such as silicon-based sex toys and most of the condoms.


For having a durable and long-lasting performance of the lubricant, the silicon-based formula is an effective solution in this regard. Due to the formula, the lube produces extra slicks on your skin to slide around quickly.

Moreover, the silicon-based lubes are famous for its hypoallergenic features. So, you can get the sensitive skin lubes to make sure a high performing lube with keeping the health safety issues.

Oil Based

This type of lubricant is based on the plant-based formula. Those who love reapplication during sex, they would love the product.

The oil-based lubricant is perfect for sensual pleasure or sensational massage. For these particular purposes, you will enjoy the full performance of the lubricant.

The downside of the oil-based lubricant is, it may leave a stain on your sheet or cloth.

Natural Lube

This type of lube is made of pure ingredients such as Aloe Vera, orange or lemon extracts, etc. On the other hand, they are free from glycerine and paraben, so that it can ensure the maximum safety for your skin.

Things to Consider before buying Lubes for Sensitive Skin

Though you are enough informed about the lube for your sensitive skin, to avoid the after-buying harassment you have to evaluate some factors beforehand. These factors will help you to choose the most suitable personal lube for your healthy sex-life.

Natural Ingredients

As you are going to have a lube for your sensitive skin, you must look for the formulation of the lubes. The formulation indicates whether it is good for your sensitive skin or not.

To bring comfort on your tender skin, you should go with the natural ingredients-based lubricant to make sure the best lubes for sensitive skin.

However, most of these lubes are based on natural ingredients so that they can ensure maximum safety for sensitive skin. According to your skin tone, you should come up with the most suitable one.


Lubricity is a significant aspect of personal lube. So, you have to ensure, which lube can produce much lubricity immediately after the application.

Without enough lubricity, the product would be worthless. That’s why you should check the features to have maximum pleasure with extra slicks.

Toys/Condom Compatibility

For those women who love self-pleasure, you have to confirm the toys’ compatibilities before grabbing a personal lubricant. Otherwise, I will create an adverse effect on your health.

Along with this, you have to check whether the lube is condom friendly or not. However, all thelubes here on the list are compatible with all types of condoms.

Long-lasting capability

You can evaluate the lube performance by measuring its capabilities. Because it will ensure you maximum comfort and prevent you from the frequent application.

Therefore, before going to buy any personal lube for your sensitive skin, you have to check whether it is dry quickly or lasting for a long time.

Discreet shipment

As personal lubricant is a private product so everyone has to maintain privacy during shipment.  Because some of them are living with their family so they must keep it secret.

However, don’t be tensed about the privacy of these lubes. All selected lubricants maintain a discreet shopping and devoid of any sexual indication on the level.


As these personal lubes are formulated especially for sensitive skin, so you have to make sure the medical approbation before having a lubricant.

Most of the sex lube is usually applying to your sex organs and some other for oral sex. For this reason, you should also check whether the product is food graded or not. As a result, most of the sexologist recommends the best drugstore lube for sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these lubricants edible?


These selected lubricants are approved medically and perfect for all sex organs. It is also suitable for oral sex.

In case, if you ingest the lube, it won’t be harmful. But it is not recommended for direct ingestion.

2. What is the taste of them?

The lubricant is natural ingredients based, so it has no strong taste. It seems pretty neutral in terms of taste.

3. Do they work with the lube shooter?

Yes! They work fantastic.

Here most of the bottle comes with either a squeeze bottle or pump bottle. So, you can use them effortlessly by themselves.

However, all of the lubricants are easily compatible with the lube shooter. So, to utilize every drop, you can go with a lube shooter.

4. Are the lubes toy friendly?

Yes! All of them.

The lubricant is designed in such a way that, it can easily be used with all sex toys and vibrators. Along with that, you can use it with the condom.

5. Do they leave any oily stains on the sheets or fabrics?


The natural-based lubricants don’t leave any stain on your clothes or the fabrics. After having sex, you can easily wash off the fabrics by water.

6. Have they created any burning sensation on the skin?

No! They haven’t.

Here, all of the personal lubricants are tested medically for using sensitive skin. So, you can relentlessly use them on your sex organs for having a wonderful sex.

On the other hand, all of the lubricants are based on a natural formula, that’s why they can allow you to apply randomly on your organs during sex.

Final Words

For your sensitive skin, sex lubricant would not be harmful if you find the perfect lubricant.  Some lubricant works well on some skins but not work well for all skin. Before finalizing your lube, check whether it is suitable for your skin.

Therefore, it would be wise to consider the best lubes for sensitive skin so that you can have a better safe and sound sex life. Otherwise, you may suffer a dire consequence later on. Hope that you could come up with a better lube for your tender skin.

Have a Great Sex!