Best Printer for Cricut Print and Cut

Best Printer for Cricut Print and Cut – Recommendations For 2023

Whether you’re a designer, craft enthusiast, or someone who just wants a good time, Cricut designs are the way to go.

They’ve been around forever, but they’re always fun. But, you need the best printer for Cricut print and cut for the best experience.

The idea of Cricut is pretty simple, print your design, cut and paste them in your background for a unique, coherent piece. But, the better the print quality, the more things you can do with the design.

And, in order to get the best prints, you’d need high-resolution designs and an amazing printer to make the best out of your designs.

And to do your search for the best printer easily, this article is what you’re looking for!

Our experts have searched the available marketplace to find the printers that they’ve considered the best for Cricut print and cuts. A buying guide is added to help you choose the best for you, let’s begin!
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Best Printer for Cricut Print and Cut Reviews

Good quality prints are the prerequisite to unique Cricut designs. Our review for printers that are amazing for Cricut print and cut will give you an amazing experience every time!

1. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

Suppose you want a printer that gives top-notch prints for every Cricut print while providing you with a plethora of features to make your experience as smooth as it gets.

In that case, the Workforce WF-7710 is the way to go!

One of Epson’s most powerful printers to date, this printer is a powerful machine that can be used to print, scan, copy and fax.

Thus, ensuring you can do everything you need to do with documents in one place.

Furthermore, this printer has a unique precision core technology that allows you to print without borders.

This is very beneficial because dealing with borders is fairly complex when doing Cricut designs. You can get up to 13″ x19″ borderless prints.

To maximize your productivity, you have a 250-sheet paper tray, where you can also keep 20 photo papers or 10 large-sized envelopes. As a result,

you can maximize your prints without having to refill your slot every now and then.

The printer also features automatic double-sided printing, where you’d get a printing speed of 8.7ppm in monochrome and 6ppm in color.

Significantly faster than most other printers with automated two-sided printing.

Key Features

  • Can print, copy, scan, and fax simultaneously
  • Easy to setup
  • Borderless printing up to 13″ x 19″
  • 250-sheet paper tray
  • Automated double-sided prints at up to 8.7ppm

2. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer

The general idea about powerful printers is that they’re massive and clunky. They occupy a lot of space and have a maze of wires that need to be connected for them to work.

However, that’s not the case if you’re going for the Canon Pixma iX6820!

With Canon’s unique fine print technology, you get high-end prints that utilize the best of the Full-photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering, making it the best printer for Cricut explore on our list!

Furthermore, this printer is very convenient. This is compatible with most Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

At the same time, it uses the special Airprint technology to print via WiFi and cloud storage without having to deal with the hassle of wires.

Also, the printer is very efficient. You have 5 high-performance individual ink tank systems.

As a result, the prints always appear in vivid colors, giving you a resolution of 9600×2400 dots per inch. With 4096 colored and 1024 black nozzles, the colors are always amazing.

To maximize your productivity, the printer features a 150 sheet tray of its own. So, you can focus on your printing without having to struggle with refilling your paper dock every now and then.

Key Features

  • Wireless via AirPrint
  • Can access cloud storage
  • Most Windows and Mac Os compatible
  • 5 individual ink tanks
  • 150 sheet tray
  • 5120 distinct nozzles to dispense ink

3. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

If efficiency is what you’re looking for, we got you covered! Presenting the HP Envy 5055, a fast, powerful,

and efficient printer that will fulfill all your requirements and give you a fantastic printing experience that’s second to none!

When it comes to Cricut designs, being able to print without borders is very helpful. In that way, cutting is more accessible and less time-consuming.

You can also print photo papers for better clarity and a glossy finish to your Cricut designs.

What makes this an ideal fit is how effortless this printer is! You can connect to it via WiFi, Bluetooth, or even Alexa. As a result, there’s no hassle of wires involved. Simply connect your device and get to work!

Furthermore, with the HP smart app or the unique screen on top, you can connect your screen to your cloud storage or connect SD cards to print without dealing with wires or connections. Making it as smooth as it gets!

To make your ink costs easy and bearable, this printer has the HP instant ink option,

which provided you with quick and easy refills every time your printer runs out of ink. You’d get two months of free ink if you sign up during the installation of your printer!

Key Features

  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and Amazon Home connectivity
  • Easy borderless printing
  • Complimentary ink for the first two months
  • Built-in screen for easy use
  • One-year warranty

4. Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format

If you are looking for a printer for Cricut that you can use for a plethora of other tasks, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Not only is the WorkForce 7720 the best printer for Cricut print and cut from Epson, but also a powerful device for all your needs!

Powered by Epson’s’ precision core technology, this printer thrives to provide you precise, well-detailed, high-end prints every time.

To make your Cricut prints easier, you can get up to 13″ x19″ borderless prints, thus making designing as easy as it gets.

Also, the user experience is as easy as it gets. This printer is compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems.

So, you can quickly get it running with your system without making any significant tweaks to your existing software.

If you’re looking for an economical option, this is as great as it gets. It can reduce power savings by 80% compared to its competitors,

thus saving your electric bills by a vast margin. With a 500 sheet capacity, your productivity is always its first priority.

Finally, the printer has an automated 4.3″ touchscreen that can be used to navigate your cloud storage or SD card and automatically get prints without any wires or separate connections.

Key Features

  • Borderless prints up to 13″ x19″
  • Compatible with most Windows and Mac Os
  • Bright 4.3″ screen
  • 500 sheet-capacity sheet tray
  • Wireless printing via WiFi and NFC

5. Canon | PIXMA TR4520 | Printer for Cricut Cut and Print | Wireless

Suppose efficiency and functionality are the key features you look for in a printer. In that case, we have exactly the right product for you!

The Canon Pixma T4520 is a wireless printer that’s powerful enough to provide you with high-end prints every time while keeping the costs manageable.

To begin with, the wireless printing here is one of the easiest we’ve ever seen. Just connect it to the canon print app and use your phone to get the prints in no time.

There’s no connectivity hassle or wires to deal with.

However, you can still use AirPrint, Mopria print services, etc., for quick printing without the app. Also, the printer has an automatic power-off system,

so you won’t have to worry about energy wastage by keeping it turned on for too long.

Also, to help you save your cost on ink, this printer for Cricut cut and print is a part of the Amazon dash replenishment plan.

If you register for the plan, you will get your ink supplied to you with a discount, making it an ideal package if you plan on saving on ink!

Key Features

  • Wireless printing with the Canon Print app
  • USB, Alexa, and WiFi Compatible
  • Automatic power-off feature
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment supported

Things to Consider Before Getting a Printer for Cricut Print and Cut

When it comes to Cricut designs, you need to make sure your designs are high-end for a fantastic end product. Here are a few things you need to take into account for the best experience!


While this isn’t the most crucial factor, your printer’s size is something you have to take into account when making a purchase. It’s essential that the product you’re getting is not too big for your home.

Furthermore, if the product is too small, it won’t be efficient for you in the long run. It will not give you the output you need, thus requiring you to get a new, bigger printer.

For this reason, we recommend that you get a product that fits your size requirements perfectly so that you can use it for a few years without any hassle.


Your printer for Cricut should be compatible with the designs you’re looking for. For example, if you need your designs on photo paper, your printer should be able to print photo paper perfectly.

Furthermore, it should be compatible with your device and the available software you have. Getting a printer that doesn’t work with your software is never a good idea. Take these into account before making a purchase.

Borderless Printing

Since Cricut designs involve printing the design first and then cutting it according to our favorite designs, borderless printing can change the way it works generally. If the print is borderless, cutting is a lot less troublesome.

Suppose you want the best printer for Cricut print and cut. In that case, your printer should feature the ability to print borderless up to a specific size.

Generally, borderless printing up to 13″ x19″ is considered ideal, so make sure your printer supports it!


No one likes the hassle of wires. They create a lot of clutter and make the entire room look like a disoriented mess.

So, wireless printing is the way to go! It also allows you to print directly from your phone, so it’s much easier to manage.

If you want a seamless experience, we recommend that your printer features wireless connectivity of any form. Whether that’s WiFi, Home assistant, or NFC, wireless connectivity can be a game-changer!

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the best paper for Cricut print and cut designs?

While it depends on your design, we recommend glossy photo paper or vinyl sticker paper for Cricut print and cut designs.

If you want a Cricut sticker, then go for a good-quality vinyl paper so that the glue remains even after printing. If you don’t want stickers, go for glossy photo paper for your design’s best print!

2. How to cut the Cricut designs?

If you have scissors that can cut paper effortlessly, you can easily cut your Cricut print and cut designs. You can also use a die-cut machine to cut your Cricut prints as well.

However, to use a die-cut machine, you need to use paper that’s thicker than average glossy or photo paper.

3. How to make sure the designs of my Cricut print and cut are going to be good?

To make sure the pictures for your Cricut print and cut are amazing, make sure you design and print them at the highest possible resolution. Also, make sure the shape is maintained properly, and you’re good to go!

4. How to Choose the right printer for Cricut print and cut?

You have to keep a few things in check to get the right printer for you. These include the size, design compatibility, ability to print borderless and wireless connectivity.

Also, make sure it’s affordable for you so that it doesn’t seem like a bad idea in the long run!

Final Words

Cricut designs are becoming more and more popular and for all the right reasons. They’re fun, easy to do and the design choices are endless. However, for the best experience, you need the best printer for Cricut print and cut.

To help you find the printer that fuels your artistic dreams, we searched the available markets to find the right products for you. We hope you found this article useful!