Best Tool Rolls

Best Tool Rolls in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Imagine going out with your toolbox only to fix a small wooden project or just get some unfinished gardening done with a few tools.

Carrying the heavyweight can be both inconvenient and tiring if you have to move around a lot. In such scenarios, an alternative option for toolboxes can be tool rolls.

Tool rolls make it easier to carry just the number of tools you need, without the added hassle of the extra weight of such boxes.

So, if you’re confused and looking for the best tool rolls, this is just the right place! Here are 10 of our handpicked rolls to help you decide without difficulty.
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Top 10 Best Tool Rolls Reviews

Before proceeding to our top pick reviews, firstly decide on the requirements of your tool roll. This way, it will be easier to select the right one from those we have put forward.

1. Dickies Large Wrench/Screwdriver Organizer Roll for Mechanics

The first one on our list is the Dickies Large Wrench Roll, which is one of the best ones out there! So without further delay, let’s look into the different aspects that this tool roll has to offer.

With its 26” ´ 14.25” sized (unrolled) tool roll, Dickies presents a beautifully stitched cotton-based canvas material for its manufacture.

It makes the roll highly durable and rip-resistant to ensure a longer use for the customers.

Along with its sturdy cover, it also comes with a webbing handle, which makes it extremely easy to carry around with you at all times.

Moving forward to the inside, this roll consists of 23 individual pockets to hold in all your necessary tools – wrenches, screwdrivers, and many more hand tools.

What’s special about this particular product is the added two fold-over flaps, which will protect your tools from friction as well as keep them secured in place.

Another feature of this item includes the leather ties. These can be used to firmly hold the tools in place once wrapped into a roll and provide extra safety measures when carrying.

Worried about your style? You don’t have to anymore! Coming in three different colors – grey and tan, white and black, you get to choose the one that goes just right with your personality.

Due to its trouble-free and handy design along with hard-wearing material, this is a must-have for anyone looking for a simple yet effective tool roll. Now it’s your turn to decide!

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy cotton-based canvas material to provide more support and heavy-duty
  • Made with 23 pocket holes to fit in all your necessary tools for the job
  • Double-sided protective flaps which offer added safety for the tools
  • Leather ties for additional hold and security

2. Bull Tools 26 Pockets | Hand Crafted | Dyed and Sand Washed

The next one in our list is the specially handcrafted Bull Tools tool roll that comes with multiple features.

This product stands out in the crowd due to its 100% cotton duck or duck canvas fabric, which makes it a well-built product for long-lasting use.

Some from this range are made waterproof with PVC lamination, which also provides protection to your beloved tools around water and prevents rusting.

Moreover, the roll material helps in absorbing the tool oil spills, suitable for everyday garage work.

Besides, the rolled pouch is both dyed and sand washed that offers a broad color range to choose from as well as adds extra texture to it for added grip when carrying.

When unwrapped, this tool roll is around 30 inches by 13.5 inches that fit 22 different metrics, and SAE sized tools in the compartments.

An added specialty to this is the 4 varied pockets where you can store small instruments, even bolts, and nuts too!

Furthermore, there are additional straps on one side of the roll. For this, it helps in securely tying the tools in a position to avoid any accidents while storing.

Hence, if the tool roll you’re looking for has to endure rough environments where you need to keep all the tools organized according to their dimensions,

then this specific one is a must to be added into your wish list!

Highlighted Features

  • Hand-made delicacy manufactured with cotton canvas
  • Dyed to offer a treat to the eyes and sand washed for a grip able texture
  • 22 slots to fit in a wide range of tools with variable sizes
  • 4 added compartments to give space for small tools
  • Straps to tie down the roll for safe storage

3. Arsenal 5870 Tool Roll-Up Pouch, 25-Pockets

The tool roll by Arsenal is one more versatile item in our handpicked outstanding tool roll listing.

Manufactured with heavy-duty ballistic polyester, this roll-up pouch provides outstanding support for weighty tools while also protecting them from scratches.

The molded rubber base seems to prevent moisture build-up and guarantee long-term usability.

Along with high durability, it also offers a large storage space. Consisting of 25 slots of various sizes, you can simply fit in all your tools, starting from pliers and scissors to small screwdrivers.

Three socket pockets with flaps on one side also do a great job of squeezing in all your socket tools as well as nuts and bolts.

One of the best things about this particular roll-up pouch is how convenient it is to carry throughout the day.

Alongside a handy carry strap, it includes a buckle closure system that tightly secures the tools in place when rolled up.

On top of that, due to its lightweight and portable features, this specific tool roll is perfect for storing anywhere you like, be it your garage shelf, car, or even toolbox.

Whenever the need arises, you can simply pull it out and run off to get the job done in no time!

Compared to other roll-up pouches widely available at present, this is by far the best tool roll, according to us. Why wait then? Go and grab yours if you think it’s perfect for you!

Highlighted Features

  • Polyester and molded rubber base ensures the perfect fabric for a longer duty
  • 25 slots with added pockets are ideal for carrying almost anything you need
  • Anti-moisture to keep your tools safe
  • Consists of a carry strap and clasp to provide utmost security

4. Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll, Carhartt Brown

An incredible product and renowned to all is the Carhartt Legacy tool roll, which is one of its kind. Constructed with rugged synthetic material,

this one provides a wonderful grip as well as functions as a water repellent fabric to prevent moisture from damaging the tools. Worry no more during the rainy days!

Apart from this, the item has as many as 19 well-defined sections where tools of varied dimensions can be easily held up.

In case it’s still not enough, the extra pockets on the roll coming with hook and loop closure can be utilized to keep the necessary small tools as well. Say goodbye to losing nails and screws now.

Equipped with a simple top handle, carrying the tool roll has been made easier than ever with this! Aside from this, the effortless 2 sided fastener makes the job of holding your tools to be faultless.

Followed by a reasonably priced tag, this tool kit is guaranteed to turn your life much more uncomplicated besides protecting your instruments from the rough weather.

Hence, if you want your tool roll to provide a heavy-duty service alongside being super handy to carry with you at all times, then this is just perfect!

Highlighted Features

  • Offered in high-quality synthetic fabric to keep the water away
  • Comprises of 15 different sized slots to hold every tool in a proper way
  • Added small pockets to store the little tools in a single place
  • Handy strap and buckle for convenient transport

5. Super Roll Tool Roll,Multi-Purpose Roll Up Tool Bag

Want all your tool storage requirements in a single tool roll? Well, then look no further because this is beyond a doubt, another one of our best tool rolls in the listing!

An exceptional one that made it our favorite list is the Super Roll tool roll that consists of 5 separate zipped up pouches to give a versatile look.

When in a hurry, you can effortlessly put all your instruments in the pockets and run off to work. Nothing’s better than saving some extra minutes in the morning!

Created with waterproof waxed canvas fabric, this extremely durable item can withstand even the harshest weather.

For this, your tools will always be safe from any sort of scratches and also show zero signs of rusting over time.

Likewise, the tool bag has been prepared with a long strap made of a sturdy material in the middle for further safety and carrying ease.

It also comes with an easy to fasten buckle to lock up your favorite tools besides keeping you safe from mishaps.

Attached with two handles on sides, the bag like tool roll serves as a wonderful organizer to contain all your daily work tools starting from pliers, screwdrivers to even the smallest ones like sockets and bolts.

Thus, if you consider yourself to be a lazy person who needs to assemble all things in the morning with little to no time in hand, this has to be a Holy Grail product made just for you!

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality waterproof canvas fabric
  • 5 parted pouches with zipper closure for effortlessly organizing the tools
  • Two long handles with a strapped fastener for added safety and easy bearing
  • Provides good value for the money

6. Bucket Boss, Canvas absorbs tool oil

Bucket Boss rolls are pretty much well known to everyone due to their affordability, top quality materials used for a long-lasting experience for its users.

Crafted with duck wear canvas, this exceptional product delivers an accentuated service along with an oil absorption feature.

This will enable you to keep all your tools organized and clean during your long hours of work, putting up your favorite wooden piece, or even fix up the engine in your car.

On top of that, this tool roll comes with 25 assorted chambers where you can place all your day to day instruments –needle nose pliers, handy hammers, screwdrivers, wrench, and whatnot.

Supplementary flapped pockets on the right part of the roll-up pouch are awfully useful to carry easily losable tools such as screws and nails.

Again, the 17 varied sized loops give added support to hold all your tools in position while preventing slippage of your instruments during movement.

A strong and hardy strap to carry the tool roll when rolled up into a pouch makes it super easy to move the tools from place to place without added trouble.

Further, the easy closure buckles on each side of the handle allow the apparatuses to stay put in its spot.

Put together in a milk chocolate brown colored canvas, this item is a must-have if you are looking for an enduring service besides being offered at an extremely reasonable price!

Highlighted Features

  • Oil-absorbing duck wear canvas ensures a rough use for daily tasks
  • Assorted 25 pockets supply a great space for storing all tools
  • Side pockets with flaps to keep all little instruments needed
  • Top strap and two buckles ensure an easy and safe movement

7.Bucket Boss Super Roll, 6 zippered pockets

Just in case the previous tool pouch we mentioned isn’t enough to hold all of your day-to-day instruments, this would definitely be the ideal choice for you!

Well built with hard-wearing canvas, this remarkable roll-up bag has a good number of 6 individual pouches secured with high-quality zippers to maintain all your essential tools in one place.

An added feature is its remarkable oil-absorbing quality, which is great while working in a garage.

In addition to this, the quick side release buckle on both sides serves a good job in firmly protecting your tools from falling off.

Not to forget, the robust holding strap provides a great means to carry your tools everywhere without any extra efforts.

What makes it stand out from the rest is the exceptional two metal grommets on the tool roll that can be hanged on the wall or even on your work station.

This will make your labor simpler without any doubt. Who doesn’t want some comfort while working, right?

Therefore, this roll-up pouch would be best for those who like to be on the go and get their job done in a jiffy. Go ahead and give this tool roll a try if you think this fits your purpose the best!

Highlighted Features

  • Serves as a great handy tool roll with 6 individual compartments
  • Tough canvas material to support the heavyweight tools on a daily basis
  • Metal grommets for hanging, making it easy to grab your tools
  • Top haul handle with a fastener for a safe and sound transport

8. FASITE Pouch, Multi Pockets Organizer PTN055

Making it to our top list is the super handy FASTITE tool roll pouch, which comes in a convenient size of 17.7 inches in length and 12.6 inches in width.

Fabricated with exceptionally durable 600D polyester material, this unique bag is meant to be water-resistant and last a lifetime.

You can now keep your tools at a hand’s distance while protecting it from rusting and avoid spending dollars on getting new tools. No need to worry about the extreme weather anymore!

Offered with 10 distinct compartments in a variety of sizes, this small tool roll is just the thing for those who don’t need too many tools on their trip to work.

Additionally, the loops fixed in the middle provide a great service in positioning the tools properly and thus avoids accidents.

Something that puts this little fella shine under the spotlight is the easy-to-hang feature coming with it.

Two metal grommets attached on either side of the rolled pouch permits you to suspend them anywhere and work as you like.

Available in a budget, that too under $15, this pouch is easy to wrap with the buckled up strap. Being adjustable, you can store a range of tools inside and fix the strap according to your necessity.

Stop giving it a second thought and give this tool roll an attempt in case you have been looking for a handy yet useful roll pouch!

Highlighted Features

  • Water-resistant polyester fabric to avoid moisture build-up
  • Within your budget, that too with a good storage space of 10 slots
  • Two metal grommets supporting to hang your tool roll
  • Adjustable buckle strap to fit in all your tools

9. Hense Large Wrench Roll up Easy Storage and Portable

Prepared with waterproof oxford fabric, this roll-up pouch won’t disappoint you with its exceptionally long term service by holding up in all kinds of weather and circumstances.

Ensuring a first-class quality for its consumers has never been a problem for Hense!

Adding more to its list, this product offers a versatile outlook with its color range as well as a large capacity of 38 slots in a single tool roll!

An additional zippered pouch comes along to store the small items as well.

What more can you expect if you believe in carrying all your essential tools just in case of an emergency?

Giving you a chance to save both your time and effort to grab and go, the item has a heavy-duty stitched strap that works like a top handle when rolled up.

The carry handle with a quick buckle closure option makes it even safer when carrying your tools from one place to the other.

Now you can securely hold all your tools in place with an affordable price around $20 and stay tension free all day.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder roll-up cover for your much-adored tools, then order this right away!

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent 600D Oxford waterproof material to protect your tools
  • Simple carry handle with quick fasteners
  • As many as 38 compartments with a zipper pocket
  • Comes at an affordable price

10. Crazy Ants Reel Rolling Tool Bag Pouch, Strong fixing strap in the middle

The last one in our guide is the tool roll from Crazy Ants, which is popular for its extreme sturdiness and value for money.

Well built with a heavily durable 600D nylon material with further extra-strong PVC bottom, this roll bag is a superior choice for professionals to organize each and every one of their tools in a faultless manner.

Needless to say, the waterproof feature makes it an even better pick for those who work despite the rain and mud.

To arrange and protect each one of the tools, there are 25 separate pockets along with a supplementary side pocket with a flap on the cover.

Not to mention, the well-built fixing strap in the middle provides a better hold of the tools to keep them positioned perfectly besides preventing friction among themselves.

Assembled in an eye-catching black and yellow combination, this tool bag can be rolled up and fastened with buckles on both sides in a matter of seconds.

And for easy carry, the well-stitched top handle is a plus point for the users!

For those who prefer to carry a tool roll in style without compromising the multiple functionalities, go ahead and put your dibs on this one with no second thoughts.

It has all that one needs in a tool roll for a smooth task!

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely durable due to its waterproof nylon with an added PVC layer
  • Carrying made easy with a handle and two buckles
  • Large space with 25 slots and divided side pocket for large to little accessories
  • Looks nice

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tool Rolls

Many of you might be confused on what features to look for when selecting a tool roll for your job.

Whether you’re in need of one for finishing small gardening tasks or heavy-duty mechanical work, there are a few things you should look into for the best tool roll out there-

Number of Slots

First things first, ask yourself what you need the tool roll for. If it’s for day-to-day simple fixing chores, then a small pouch with 10 to 15 compartments should serve the purpose.

But in case it’s for a much tougher task where numerous tools are required, you should opt for a bigger tool bag with higher capacity, around 20 to 30 slots, or even more.

Hence, the more critical the task is, the more slots you should go for in order to ensure a faultless completion of your job.

Kind of Material

Although this completely depends on your preference, here’s something to keep in mind. Given that you have to work under the harsh weather or around water bodies,

it’s always a good choice to choose a tool roll that is waterproof. This will ensure the longevity of your tools and prevent early rusting as well.

On the other hand, if your employer needs you to work in garages and much, a roll-up pouch with oil-absorbing quality will do wonders to keep your hands and tools oil-free besides avoiding mishaps from slipping!

Additional Features to Look for

Once done with the basic requirements, look for some extra aspects in your tool roll.

For instance, added side pockets or zippered compartments to store all the little tools without worrying about losing them while working.

Securely carrying your tools is a must-have to avoid any accidents. For which, opt for roll-up pouches that come with strapped buckles and a safety handle on top to move from place to place.

To hang your tool roll and add flexibility to your working, pick the ones which offer metal grommets affixed in them for hassle-free hanging.

Keeping these things in mind, make sure to thoroughly research your products and then select the one that suits you and your job best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries:

1. Why do you need a tool roll bag?

Unfortunately, most people cannot keep all their tools at their workplace. In such cases, a tool roll can be easy to carry all your daily essential tools and keep them organized at a short distance while working.

2. Can I wash my tool roll?

The answer without any doubt is yes! Due to intense usage, the tool roll bags also get dirty with dirt and soil. Therefore, it’s a must to wash it from time to time.

3. How do I wash my tool roll?

It is simple. Just use some warm water and soap. Keep your tool roll soaked in for a while, and use a soft brush to remove the excess build-up of soil and dirt, then rinse off thoroughly.

4. Can I use detergent instead of soap to clean my tool roll?

No. Detergents, bleach as well as acid or alkaline cleaners can be harsh on the material and end up ruining it!

5. Which is a good choice, compartment, or zippered pouches?

This is simply a personal preference. If you like to be perfectly organized, go for slotted ones, but if you want to “grab and go”, then zippered pouches are a great choice!

Final Words

Although we’re here to an end, don’t forget to follow our guidelines and keep our reviews in mind when searching for the best tool rolls for you and your family. Happy shopping!