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Best Vaginal Moisturizers In 2023 – Doctor’s Recommended

Menopause dryness is not a disease. It is a natural consequence for women. But why you have to suffer the vaginal dryness if the premium moisturizer out there?

If you are using a second-class lubricant for vaginal dryness, then throw it immediately. Otherwise, it will burn your sensational skin. Chances are higher to get affected by yeast infection if you continue using the ordinary moisturizers.

Don’t forget to choose the best vaginal moisturizers while you are going to heal your vagina. Along with the playful sex, the quality moisturizer able to maintain your pH balance and support to sperms while conceiving.

That’s why we have discovered some medically approved moisturizers to restore your vagina. Let’s dig a little deeper.
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Top 10 Best vaginal moisturizers Reviews

A better understanding of the product means that you are going to pick the excellent moisturizer for vaginal treatment. That’s why here we have demonstrated the formulation, features, and advantages of the moisturizers. Let’s get the reviews.

1. Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant and Natural Moisturizer

For moisturizing the vagina, the wise decision would go with a natural-based lubricant. Sexologists also suggest the organic lubricant while you are choosing for sensitive skincare. That’s why the Aloe Cadabra is our top pick in terms of natural ingredients.

A vaginal moisturizer does not only work for reviving the vagina but also works as a great lubricant. While intimate playing, if you want to go for oral sex, the Aloe Cadabra will welcome you, since the moisturizer composes of pure organic ingredients.

If you got an inferior moisturizer for vaginal dryness, the chances are higher to get infected, because the ordinary lubricant cannot adjust with the vaginal fluids and ended up causing yeast infection. However, Aloe Cadabra saves you from such infection as well.

A healthy vaginal pH balance has to between 3.5 to 4.5. To maintain the balance, you must use an organic lubricant like Aloe Cadabra. Otherwise, the ordinary lubricant may imbalance the pH and eventually, which will turn into bacterial vaginosis.

Before having a moisturizer for your vaginal dryness, check whether it is chemical-free. Otherwise, you will suffer an adverse consequence. So, to escape the maximum risk by choosing the Aloe Cadabra.

Key Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Help to maintain the pH balance
  • Doctor recommended moisturizer
  • Restore vividness within a few days

2. Pharmapulse Organic Moisturizer, Vulva Balm Cream, Intimate Skin Care

Due to menopause, women are suffering from excruciating pain due to vaginal dryness. It is a natural consequence after the menopause. However, if you have a natural lubricant for this natural problem, then you could grab the organic moisturizer right away.

To solve the women’s vaginal problem, Vulva Care is the standalone moisturizer. Pure Sciences ensures maximum product quality by using natural based ingredients. As a result, you can uncritically choose the cream.

Most of the women are having painful sex due to vaginal dryness.

If it continues, you may get swell on the vaginal tissues, which can lead the severe infection. However, the constant use of the Vulva Care restores your vaginal freshness.

Vulva Care not only healing the vaginal dryness, but it will also work as a Cure-All medication for the vagina. Clearly, the regular use of the Balm relieves you from redness, itching, burning, and other discomforts.

Besides, vaginal moisturizer prevents yeast infection.  As a result, you can have secure sex and healthy pregnancy.

By considering all medical values, Sexpert recommends the moisturizer since it is the best vaginal moisturizer for all women.

Key Features

  • Reduces yeast infections
  • Specialized cream for vaginal care
  • Composed of natural ingredients
  • Relieve from vaginal dryness, itching & burning

3. Medicine Mama’s Vaginal Moisturizers – Estrogen Free (2oz)

From reliving your vaginal dryness, you cannot always depend on the regular sex lubricant. However, ordinary lubricant can mitigate the dryness, but not able to heal completely. In this instance, you can pick the special Vulva Cream to have a better solution.

Some lubricant irritates sensitive skin. It may turn into vagina infection if you keep using the lube. To get rid of the situation, you should choose an organic lube that you will find in the moisturizer.

Before choosing the cream for vaginal care, you should check whether it is medically approved. Otherwise, you are about to burn your skin.

Vulva Cream is a medically approved vaginal cream and recommended by the most sexologist.

After the constant use, you will feel freshness on your vagina. The cream also reduces vaginal friction during intercourse. That’s how you can have comfortable sex and develop a healthy sex life.

Besides bringing the vaginal freshness, Vulva Cream can eliminate the skin burning, itching, redness, chafing, and other additional feminine diseases.

As the cream got certified by most of the medical authority, you can ensure the maximum use of the vaginal moisturizer regardless of age.

Key Features

  • 100% organic moisturizer
  • Ensures a healthy sex life
  • Highly recommended for vagina care
  • Medication for all vaginal discomforts

4.  Bloom Krans Organic moisturizer for vaginal – Estrogen Free

If you think the vaginal moisturize can only bring vividness, then you are WRONG! Besides eliminated dryness, Vulva Balm can cure additional vaginal issues such as itching, chaffing, burning, and redness.

How the Vulva Balm becomes a vaginal panacea? If you look at the composition, you will understand. Bloom Krans ensure the high-quality vaginal moisturizer by using pure organic formula.

Constant use of the cream can bring a comfortable sex life for women. Because the organic formula makes the vaginal more rejuvenates. That’s how you can have frictionless sexual intercourse.

Most of the women are suffering from pH imbalance due to using the second-class lubricant for vaginal treatment. In fact, such a lubricant can cause vaginal infection. In this instance, pick the Bloom Krans instead of the inferior moisturizer.

While choosing a moisturizer, keep in mind to pick the chemical-free cream. Otherwise, the chemicals-based cream may leave a risk of losing the pregnancy. See the Vulva moisturizers, how it ensures 100% safety for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, if you go to the Doctor for vaginal issues, then you can see they also prefer the moisturizer for vaginal comfortableness. So, grab the Bloom Krans moisturizer before getting the recommendation from Doctors.

Key Features

  • An organic moisturizer
  • Oestrogen and Steroid Free
  • Medically approved moisturizer
  • Restores dry vagina immediately

5. Vmagic Moisturizers for Dryness/Itching/Burning (LAB TESTED)

Before choosing a vaginal moisturizer, the certification of the product is important. It is one kind of medication for vaginal ailment. Vmagic is the USDA approved moisturizer so that you can rely on it.

Most of the organic-based moisturizers got approved for treating vaginal dryness. Vaginal treatment would be quite difficult with the second-class lubricant. As a result, Vmagic composes the lubricant with pure natural ingredients.

BeeFriendly not only works for vaginal remedy but also ensure you safe and secure healthy sex life.

Before conceiving, you should start using the moisturizer, which will help to support the movement of surface-sperms.

The Doctor recommends not to use chemical-based lubricant for vagina care. Parabens and synthetic hormones can hamper your pregnancy and create a yeast infection. In this instance, Vmagic ensures 100% chemical-free moisturizer.

Due to the sensitive skin, some women are continuously having vaginal itching, burning, and chafing. By the way, Vmagic moisturizer can heal such skin-discomforts with the moderate application.

Dermatologists suggest routine use of the vagina moisturizer can improve your sensitive skin. So, you can go with the moisturizer, which will also ensure you a secure pregnancy.

Key Features

  • Medically approved moisturizer
  • 100% natural-based formula
  • No Hormones & No Parabens
  • Pregnancy Friendly Lubricant

6. Vagisil Vaginal Moisturizers – Gel & Lubricant for Women

Thick lubricant is responsible for irritating sex. Choose the lubricant which has low viscosity and perfect for moisturizing vagina.  Vagisil ensures such lubricant, which is very similar to the body lubricant.

While picking a moisturizer for vaginal care, the priority would be a chemical-free moisturizer. A natural lubricant can easily heal the tenser skin. That’s why the Vagisil comes with the organic formula for your sensitive skin.

A moisturizer not only works for restoring vaginal dryness but also able to eliminate the itch, chafe, and skin-burn.

Besides playful sex, the moisturizing provides you all additional treatments.

Don’t forget to avoid perfume-based lubricant for vaginal treatment. Perfume-based lube contains some chemicals, which are dangerous for health. That’s why gynecologists prefer the moisturizer for its neutral smell.

Moreover, the Vagisil is free from other harmful elements such as Oestrogen and Steroid free. Before choosing amoisturizer for vaginal, you must check these elements. However, the special moisturizer must devoid of these dangerous elements.

Before finalizing the moisturizer, you may concern about product pricing. It is pretty normal. But the Vagisil also takes care of the pricing by keeping it reasonable for all buyers.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective moisturizer
  • Devoid of harmful chemicals
  • Pure natural-based lubricant
  • Gynecologist prefers for vaginal care.

7. K-Y Lubricant – moisturizer for vaginal – Comfort and Sex

Personal lubricants can be used for vaginal treatment if you come across some good quality lubricants. K-Y is the same kind of personal lubricant that you are looking for vaginal care.

Besides vaginal care, the lubricant ensures long-lasting performance during intimate sex. Because the silicon-based formula can stay for a long time, plus, the lube will ensure you 48hrs of uninterrupted services after each application.

Though K-Y is a personal lubricant, routine application of the lube ensures a moisturizing vagina.

If you continue the application for a certain period, you can reduce the risk of vaginal infection, since the infection happens mostly in the dry vagina.

Do you know why the K-Y recommends as a moisturizer? Because it is devoid of any harmful chemicals such as parabens or alcohol. Besides, you will enjoy its neutral smell as it free from strong odor.

The application process is as simple as other moisturizers. The lube can easily compatible with your body lube within a few whiles. During sex, you can use the lube moderately for keeping healthy skin.

K-Y recognized as a vaginal moisturizing due to its composition and long-lasting performance. Besides, the attractive price takes the lube a few steps further.

Key Features

  • Perfect for moisturizing vagina
  • Clinically approved lubricant
  • 48hrs of long-lasting performance
  • Silicon-based vaginal lube

8. Intimate Rose, Organic Moisturizers – No Parabens, No Phthalates

Suffering from vaginal dryness would be a common problem for those women who have come with an inferior lubricant for vaginal care. That’s why pick a specialized moisturizer like Intimate Rose to ensure vaginal care.

Natural based moisturizing will be perfect for vaginal care if you are having severe pain at sex. The formula also works great for moisturizing dry skin. That’s how Intimate Rose comes with natural blended extracts for intense skincare.

Due to menopause, the vagina becomes dry, and you feel severe pain during sex.

If you carry such a vaginal condition, you may suffer a serious consequence. In this instance, Intimate Rose works better for restoring the dry vagina.

Sensitive skin is another issue that you can solve with the Vaginal Balm. After the constant application of the moisturizer will ensure healthy skin. Besides, the cream can lower the risk of vaginal infection.

Chemical-based lubricants have prohibited from treating the vagina. Parabens, Phthalates, and Gluten are responsible for chafing on the skin. The organic lube able to cure the skin burning, soring, and itching if you apply the lube properly.

Intimate Rose got the Board Certification for healing the sensitive skin of women. Besides, they offer an affordable price. That’s how the Board declared it as the best lubricant for sensitive skins.

Key Features

  • Pure organic formula-based balm
  • Great medication for sensitive skin
  • Get back vaginal freshness quickly
  • Board-certified vaginal moisturizer

9. Zenzsual moisturizer for vaginal – 100% Vegan, NO Glycerine, NO Parabens

Some personal lubricant can heal vaginal dryness. If the dryness is for menopause, then it would be hard to healing by the ordinary lubricant. To get a quick solution for your chronic dryness, the Zenzsual Moisturizer would be a great pick.

The question may arise how the lube heals such a chronic dryness? However, the answer is simple. If you look at the composition of the moisturizer, you will also understand. By the way, the Zenzsual comes with a water-based solution.

Women’s pH balance is partially depending on the use of lubrication.

If you constantly use a chemical-based lubricant, then the chances higher to affected by yeast infection. Don’t Worry! Regular use of the moisturizer will reduce the possibility of infection.

Interestingly, the moisturizer is out of any chemicals, such as parabens and glycerine. Moreover, the water-based lubricant is devoid of any dangerous hormones. That’s how Zenzsual secures the vaginal gel for all women.

Perfume and preservation are not suitable for moisturizer for vaginal. The good moisturizer would be neutral in smell—however, Thanks to Zenzsual for bringing such neutral vaginal gel.

Key Features

  • Secure for all age women
  • Fully water-based formula
  • Support to keep the right vaginal pH
  • No parabens No glycerine No hormone

10.  Yuri moisturizer for vaginal + Soothes + Personal Lubricant – 100% Natural

Organic moisturizer will ensure 100% security for vaginal treatment. For healing the sensitive skin, the better way is to pick a natural-based moisturizer like Yuri, which includes all-natural ingredients.

Besides natural formula, the Yuri enriched with some multivitamin. That’s how the moisturizer can heal the vaginal dryness quickly. You will experience a magical feel on the intimate skin after a couple of days of application.

Those who are suffering from severe vaginal issues, you can try the moisturizer to get instant treatment.

After a few minutes of application, it will soothe your vaginal tissues and gives you a wonderful experience.

Yuri would guarantee a healthy sex life if you applied the moisturizer routinely. Besides, it will provide the remedy of burning skin, chafing, and vaginal redness.

A quality moisturizer would be free from any chemicals, that’s how the Balm will work as a medication for the vaginal disease. Moreover, Yuri can be compatible with your body fluids. As a result, you will enjoy painless sex during intercourse.

Vulva Balm is medically approved lubricant, that’s why from Gynaecologists to Dermatologists recommend the moisturizer for regular taking care of vagina.

Key Features

  • 100% organic formula
  • Restore dry vagina instantly
  • Natural Remedy for vagina
  • No hormone & synthetic elements included

Know-How to Use Vaginal Moisturizers

Sometimes the expected outcome of a moisturizer doesn’t depend on itself. People are usually complaining that they are not getting the desired result even after choosing the quality moisturizer.

The main reason for the bad outcome is the proper application process. So, if you want to get the actual result immediately, then you have to make sure the right application.

However, don’t be fret about the application! It is as simple as the application of other skincare balms. That’s why we point out some steps for accurate application.

Step 1

First off, make sure a clean finger so that the foreign substances cannot contaminate with the vaginal moisturizer.

Take the gel on your finger according to your coverage area.

Step 2

Spread the moisturizer gel thoroughly on the vaginal surrounding. Apply properly on the clitoris, inner lip, outer lip, and over the vaginal hole.

Step 3

Wait for a few minutes. If you feel you need another application, then you can go for it immediately. In fact, the second application requires for the women who have severe vaginal dryness.

In short, after a single application of the best vaginal moisturizers, you will feel the youthfulness vagina instantly. That’s why you don’t need to apply the gel frequently unless the dryness is severe.

Make sure a suitable time for applying the moisturizer. For instance, avoid as much water-contact or rest-room activity as possible after using the moisturizer. Otherwise, the cream either will not work properly or need to reapply.

Things to Consider Before Buying Vaginal Moisturizers

Sensitive skin is prone to danger while you are using any kind of moisturizer. That’s why you have to keep in mind some crucial factors before buying moisturizers. Let’s have a look at them.


The vaginal surrounding is very sensitive. If you use some synthetic products here, the chances are higher to burn your skin. That’s why, before choosing the vaginal moisturizing, you should confirm the ingredients of the products.

However, theses vaginal creams have formulated by purely natural ingredients. Some of them are entirely water-based, and the others enriched with some multivitamin extracts.

Check on the product level, where you will find every information about the composition. So, get the moisturizers that are either water-based or natural ingredient-based.

Medical Approval

Moisturizers are one kind of medical product. The product is relative to some vaginal diseases if you choose the wrong one.

For instance, if you use some ordinary lubricant for your vaginal, it may burn your intimate skin very soon. The moisturizer can cause other additional diseases such as chafing and itching.

While choosing the vaginal ointment, keep in mind that you are selecting the product for caring for your tender skin, not harming them, then you will realize how important to choose the clinical approval products.

Here all of the Moisturizers are not only got FDA certification but also recommended by most Gynaecologists and the Dermatologists.


For sensitive skin caring, you must avoid all smelly products because the smelly moisturizer comes with some chemicals.

Research has shown that the fragrance of moisturizers is responsible for vaginal yeast infection. If you continue such moisturizer, then you are about to suffer a bad consequence. In some cases, you will lose your pregnancy.

That’ why check the moisturizer carefully, whether it got fragrance or chemicals.

Hormone & Chemical Free

The artificial hormone has come with some vaginal moisturizing; the synthetic hormone such as Oestrogen or Steroids cause serious issues for vaginal tissues. After a while, it may turn into an infection.

As a result, Doctors recommend the hormone-free moisturizer for healing sensitive skin.

Maintain pH Balance

Not all branded moisturizers are not maintaining the pH balance properly.  So, to get an accurate pH balance to choose a quality moisturizer.

Women naturally get vaginal dryness, and sometimes they lose the pH rate as well. That’s why Gynaecologist suggest organic moisturizer so that it can support to keep the pH balance properly.

The standard pH balance would be between 3.5 to 4.5. So, to maintain the actual rate, you should stand with the quality moisturizer. Otherwise, you often fail to conceive naturally.

Pregnancy Friendliness

Since conception, the women’s body got some transformation. At that time, if you need lubricant for your vaginal dryness, then you should at least stand with the certified vaginal moisturizer.

The moisturizer has a lot to do for pregnant women. For instance, the lubricant can easily mix with bodily fluids, which can support the movement of the sperm.

Another reason, the pregnancy-friendly moisturizer helps to maintain the pH balance.

The moisturizer does not only work for menopause dryness but also works great for supporting pregnancy. That’s why you should check the pregnancy friendliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the moisturizers can keep the pH balance?


During severe vaginal dryness, some women lost their regular pH rates.

However, these moisturize is specially working for reviving vaginal tissues. At the same time, they also help to maintain pH balance.

Regular application of the cream will maintain a healthy pH balance.

2. Are these moisturizers for internal or external use?

The vaginal cream specially designs for external use only. So, it should be wise to apply the gel externally.

Although most of the moisturizing compose of natural ingredients, Sex specialists suggest not to use the cream directly to the vaginal inner part because the internal tissues will hamper and make the barrier for transmitting the sperms.

However, in some cases, if the cream contacts with the vaginal fluid, it will not harm your tissues.

3. Can I use the cream during the period week?

Yes! You can.

During the menstrual cycle, you can use the moisturizers. If you feel itching or burning at that time, the cream will heal your skin irritation.

Not only in the menstrual cycle, but you also can use the moisturizer at any time while you feel vaginal dryness. The moisturizer will work well if you use the lube on the very early or later of the pregnancy.

By the way, to get a better outcome within a short time, you have to ensure a routine application.

4. Are these best intimate moisturizer animals friendly?

Maybe not.

It is difficult to speak, whether it is animal friendly or not because the manufacturers are not mentioning the information.

As it doesn’t mention specifically about animal use, so in that case, you should skip the moisturize for animals.

However, one thing is mention; these are cruelty-free and 100% vegan moisturizer.

5. Do they degrade the menstrual Diva cup?


First off, the moisturizer is for use on the external surface of vulva areas.

Second, these vaginal creams are devoid of any chemical or oil composition. In case, if the cream contact with the diva cup, it will not degrade.

6. How many times a day should I apply the vaginal moisturizer?

It depends on your skin.

The women who got sever dryness they need frequent use of a day. You no need to use more than twice a day, since it works for a long time on your skin.

However, if the moisturizer is washing off while using the restroom, then you could reapply the cream.

For healthy skin, a single application a day is enough. After a few days, you will see how it revives your dry vagina.

7. How can I use moisturizer?

The application process is quite simple.

Apply thoroughly on the vulva region with the finger.

First off, clean your hand thoroughly; otherwise, the moisturizer may contaminate with foreign substances.

There is no need to use the cream inside the vagina. It will work great from the external surface to restore the vagina.

Final Words

Now, finding the best vaginal moisturizers is easy for you, as you have gathered the ins and outs of the moisturizers.

For vaginal care, quality creams are mandatory; otherwise, it would be a disaster for your skin.

That’s why for choosing the sensitive skincare, your priority would be either the specialized moisturizers that have got medical approval or you can go with some natural ingredient-based.

Have a Great Skin!