Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook

Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook – Recommendations For 2023

Chromebook is a unique device that seems like a laptop but comes in a slimmer size. The ordinary printers do not go well with the Chromebooks.

That’s why you have to connect a Chromebook printer with it. But can any pinter be the best wireless printer for Chromebook?

There are various Chromebook printers in the market where you will stumble. But are all of them compatible with your device?

Maybe no! It is really frustrating if the printer does not show up with the outcome you expect.

In this concern, we are here to save you from regret. We plunged into the market and picked the top five wireless printers for Chromebook.

So, make sure to follow our guidelines to find out the printers compatible with Chromebook.

Let’s get into our top picks!
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Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook Reviews

Choosing the right Chromebook printers may be a tedious job. It is actually critical to select suitable printers compatible with Chromebook because the market is filled with many variations.

Also, you may not have much time surfing all over the internet due to product research.

To ease your job, we will describe all the features of the top five wireless printers for Chromebook. By following this segment, you can quickly pick one.

1. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Our first wireless printer is Canon TS5120. If you want to experience exceptionally high-quality printings, you must give it a shot.

In addition to its features and capacity, you can never go wrong choosing it.

This printer comes in a compact size. You can place this printer anywhere you want. It is an all-in-one printer that has all the features you want.

Therefore, you do not need a large printer for heavy-duty use. You can pick this small printer for the office and place it on your personal desk.

You will not find any difficulties in controlling the device. The manufacturer has designed the printer easy to handle.

You can fulfill all your printing needs, including photos, documents, coupons, drawings, and many more.

The manufacturer also made its connection type easier than other brands. The printer for Chromebook allows Bluetooth, WiFi, cloud connections, etc.

You can enjoy the simplicity of the interface with your smartphone, tablets, or other devices.

This printer is even compatible with optional XL ink cartridges. In this way, it helps you to reduce your expense and print more when you need it.

So far, it is the most convenient Chromebook printer that you ever experience.

Key Features 

  • Hybrid ink system
  • Borderless printing
  • Allows print copy and scan
  • Simple connectivity

2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

Are you looking for an all-in-one printer for your Chromebook? If yes, then the Canon TR4520 can be an excellent match for your requirement.

You can print, scan, copy everything with only one printer. That’s why we call it the best printer for chromebook.

The printer compatible with Chromebook comes with commendable features that will keep you surprised. This machine works wirelessly.

You can use a smartphone app to activate and operate it. Also, you can connect it via a USB cable with your computer or laptop.

Do you know what makes it the top pick worldwide? It is only because of its unique features. It supports Airprint, Mopria, WiFi, etc.

Also, it has an auto power-off/on feature. You only need to command Alexa to turn on its functions.

You can increase your work efficiency with this machine. It is suitable for both home and office.

You can use the device for performing all sorts of scanning, printing as well as copying documents. Another thing that makes it stand out is its ink-saving feature.

Its ink-saving technology will alert you whenever the machine is running out of adequate inks. Therefore, there will be no chance of facing an ink shortage in the midway of heavy-duty printing.

Key Features

  • Inkjet technology
  • Ink-saving mode
  • Works with Alexa
  • Compact size

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Another versatile Chromebook printer is HP Officejet 8035. It is such a printer for Chromebook that packs a lot of punch.

The very first thing that will attract you the most is it is a compact-sized printer. It comes just in the right size, with all the needed features.

For a colour printer, printing at a fast speed is pretty unexpected. But this has an incredible printing speed you can get.

The printer will be more impressive when you realize that it will cover you for printing all sorts of documents or photos with both front and rear paper support.

It is a three in one printer that allows printing, copying, or scanning various off documents, regardless of paper types.

It also supports duplex printing. Therefore, it makes your printing task easier because you will not need to keep turning the pages.

There is another good reason why it is one of the most popular Chromebook printers around the world. It is because of its simple connectivity.

You can connect your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet via a USB interface or WiFi connection with ease.

It has an impressive printing resolution that keeps the photo quality intact and premium. All in all, you will not lose your original photo quality after printing any size of it.

Key Features

  • Versatile printer
  • Compact and convenience
  • Duplex printing
  • Easy connectivity

4. HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Another legendary printer that we must mention is the HP Envy 6055. It is an all in one wireless printer.

The manufacturer has specially engineered this printer to enjoy photo printing. In the printing industry, it ranks the highest for the most satisfactory performance.

First of all, this printer ensures vibrant and colourful pictures that show excellent quality images and texts. You will forget to think about other brands after experiencing this printer.

However, it is not as slow as competitive brands. It can produce high-resolution images faster.

Moreover, it accommodates various printing paper sizes, including envelopes, official documents, and borderless media at home.

However, its input paper capacity is 100 sheets, and output paper capacity is 25 sheets.

The great thing about the best wireless printer for Chromebook is the manufacturer has fully equipped the machine with duplex printing.

Additionally, it allows you to handle all sorts of printing, copying, and scanning at home. In this way, it saves you time and energy.

Are you concerned about its connectivity? Well, the machine allows a wide variety of connection types. It will enable smartphone apps, Bluetooth, or WiFi connection.

Thus, any person of your family member can print, copy, or scan in need.

Key Features

  • Borderless printing
  • Auto two-sided printing
  • Performs various tasks
  • Flatbed scanner

5. Canon TR8520 All-In-One Printer For Home Office

The Canon TR8520 is another most convenient wireless printer for Chromebook. It is suitable for everyday home and office use.

There are many good reasons for the printer that you cannot ignore the device. Let’s talk about that.

First of all, this printing device will meet all your needs, from scanning to copying individual photos and documents. It provides premium quality and great-looking printouts.

It has an excellent printing resolution that keeps the image quality fine and intact.

Furthermore, it has a wide variation of connectivity. You can operate the machine with a WiFi connection or Bluetooth pair-up.

Therefore, you can connect devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, etc., with ease or a hassle-free way.

Do you want a printer for heavy-duty uses? Undoubtedly grab this one. Its processing is faster than your expectation.

Plus, this printer comes in a compact size and a touchscreen display. You can place it anywhere in the home or office and operate swiftly.

Overall speaking, this printer can be an excellent addition to your workplace with its sleek design. After knowing a couple of unique features, we hope that you lock this in your wishlist.

Key Features

  • LCD touchscreen
  • Compact wireless printer
  • Five individual inks
  • Auto two-sided printing

Wireless Printer For Chromebook Buying Guide

If you are a Chromebook owner, the wireless printer for Chromebook is an essential thing. You can perform all your printing tasks accurately if you own a suitable printer. A high-quality printer ensures impressive image quality.

From the list we have stated earlier, you have gained knowledge about the top five reliable brands. Hence there are a few things you should consider to choose the best printer for chromebook.

This segment will provide you with some key consideration that you should not avoid choosing the exact one for you.

Print Speed

The first thing you should keep in mind is the printer speed. You definitely would never prefer to purchase a printer that takes too much time to print a simple sheet of paper.

Preferably, you better search for a printer that prints pages in a super-fast way but keeping the quality intact and fine.

Colour Type

The printer companies keep their machines updated with advanced technology to satisfy the consumers. It is a fact that you will see all the printers that are compatible with Chromebook come with a colour variant.

The Chromebook printers include colouring or black and white printers. You can choose according to your need.


There are various types of connectivity in different printers. If you are a regular printer user, purchasing a printer with only USB support or WiFi connection is obviously not enough for you.

Therefore, you must buy the one that offers all kinds of connection types.

Printing Cost

The feature “printing cost” not only means the buying cost but also includes the expense you spend during the entire printing procedure.

From time to time, you have to spend your money on ink, paper, refills, etc.

Therefore, go for the printer that reduces all sorts of internal or external ink and paper uses.

Though the advanced technology bestowed us with printers that do not waste even a drop of ink, you should be concern about the brands.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Do Chromebooks print to wireless printers?

Yes, they do.

You can print from your Chromebook by using the wireless printer for Chromebook. Additionally, you connect the printer with a USB cable or WiFi connection to perform the task.

2. How do I connect the best printer for chromebook via WiFi?

The procedure is straightforward.

You will get an instruction book along with the Chromebook printer. You can follow that to build up the connection.

3. Can I use any printer with my Chromebook?

Not really.

The printers for Chromebooks have a different configuration than the regular ones.

4. Can I set up the Chromebook printer without a computer?

Of course, you can.

The printers are compatible with laptop, smartphones, tablets, or pads. Thus, you can operate the printer by connecting with these devices.

5. Can I scan photos on my phone?

Yes, you can.

The wireless printer for Chromebook lets you print or scan through a smartphone via apps. The apps are available for all operating systems, including iOS or Android.

Final Words

With the increasing rate of users, Chromebooks are getting more popular day by day. In that case, the best wireless printer for Chromebook is necessary.

Hence, having a Chromebook printer is not the only solution. Make sure if the printer is compatible with your Chromebook or not.

You do not need just a Chromebook printer; you need the most convenient one. Therefore, we have given the top five reliable and premium quality wireless printers for Chromebook above.

We hope that you will find the right pick for your home or office.