easy craft ideas for kids at school

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids At School – Kids Projects For School

Crafting at school would be a great source of fun for the kids. Within a minimum arrangement, they can make some craft if they have the right stuff.

If your children can regularly take part in such a creative job, it will help them to be more creative and always have a good time along with their studies.

If you are thinking that making a craft is difficult outside of the home, you are wrong. There are lots of easy and convenient way to make the craft at school as well.

You can either go with some best ready-make kids craft or self-made craft.

Therefore, we have designed the article to give you some easy craft ideas for kids at school. Let’s move dive into it.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids At School – Kids Projects For School

1. Sticker Name

For school crafting, making a sticker-name would-be a great idea for the kids. Within a few materials, you can have such a wonderful creation. It is so easy that children can make it by themselves. Let’s get it.

Sticker Name


The necessary things for making the sticker name craft are the following:

  • Large construction paper
  • Dot stickers
  • Thick marker

Making Procedures:

  1. Set the construction paper on a flat surface.
  2. Write down the name on the paper so that it covers the entire paper.
  3. Place the dot stickers one by one on the written name. Block all letter and have your fancy sticker name.

2. Ball maze

Children love to play with the ball. Within a little stuff, they can have a better source of pleasure. With their regular household stuff, you can help them to make a ball maze.

Ball maze

You will need the following things to make the ball maze.

  • Color balls
  • Larger card board (all sides block)
  • Card board tube
  • Glue
  • Cutting Saw

Making Procedures:

  1. Take the large blocked card board and place it in a flat surface.
  2. Cut the card board tube according to the 2/3 of the main board’s width. The top one should be a bit smaller than the rest.
  3. Again cut the 2/3 width size tube into two parts.
  4. Set all the card board tube in the main board with glue. Maintain 25-35-degree angle while placing them.
  5. Now stand the main board slightly vertically angle so that kids can reach the top.

3. Fake Snow

To make your children busy with snow playing even in July, you can make some fake snow easily at school. Out of the fake snow, let your children make snow castles, miniatures or snowmen.

Fake Snow

The interesting part is that you can make the snow by using some common household materials. The ingredients that you need are the following:

  • Mixing bowl
  • 10oz shaving cream
  • 1lbs baking soda
  • Silver or white glitter

Making Procedures:

  1. Pour the entire baking soda into the bowl.
  2. Mix the shaving cream with the soda. First mix two-third of cream with soda. If the mixture needs more cream, then add little by little.
  3. Now mix the entire mixture properly.
  4. Add the glitter into the mixture. You can use either white or silver color. If you don’t like to mess the glitter on the cloth, then you can avoid glitter.
  5. Again blend it thoroughly and get your snow.

Give the mixture to your children to make their own creation.


If you are a little crafty, your unused paper bag would be a great source of fun for your children. I mean you can use the waste bag to turn them into a children craft.


You need some materials which are the following:

Making Procedures:

  1. First, do the painting on the paper bag. You can have a jumble of painting on the bag by adding different colors. Let your children do the painting.
  2. After completing the painting, leave it for a while. Afterward, use serrated scissors to cut the bag. Leave some space from top to make Jellyfish head then cut the bag vertically till to end.
  3. In the upper side, set the two googly eyes with the paper glue.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the ready-made or household stuff to make a craft for your children; the matter is you must allow them to make the craft at school.

Hope that your kids can effortlessly make the craft as you get all the easy craft ideas for kids at school or home.