How To Use Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun Cleaning Tips – How To Use Gun Cleaning Kit

You may be a passionate hunter, then you have a bunch of guns in your collection is a common scenario. So, to protect the gun and make sure the proper functioning, you need a gun cleaning kit.

Don’t mistake oil or solvent as a gun cleaning lubricant. Remember! For your specific gun, you need specific cleaning kits. Instead, you can use a universal cleaning kit for all types of guns. 

Regardless of the type of cleaning kit, if you follow the instruction and go through the right cleaning procedure, then you can easily clean your firearm without harming a bit. 

That’s why we have designed the article to inform you how to use a gun cleaning kit for both professional and amateur shooters.

How to Use Gun Cleaning Kit – Ultimate Gun Cleaning Tips

Unlike other equipment, the firearm procedures quite different as you have to deal with the ammunition while cleaning. So, some basic things you have to do before using the cleaning kit. Let’s get them.

Find a Well-Ventilated Space

While cleaning a gun, you have to use some solvent, which is flammable. So, you must choose a well-ventilated area. It will ensure safety while cleaning. Remember! Don’t smoke during cleaning because you have to deal with some strong flammable chemicals that can lead to serious accidents.

Washing Hands

Make sure to wash your hand before starting the cleaning procedures. It will prevent the oil or other foreign substance from getting onto the inner and outer parts of the guns. 

Wearing Gloves

Wearing gloves is safe while cleaning the gun. It can prevent the contamination of foreign substances. Moreover, the gloves can save you from the strong cleaning agent that can cause skin issues. 

So, it is wise to wear a glove, and most of the people prefer gloves during gun cleaning.

Disassembling the Gun

Disassembling your gun makes the cleaning process much easier. It will ensure the proper cleaning of longstanding grime that gathers over time. So. It is wise to clean each part of the gun separately.

If you are not comfortable with the disassembling, then you can get the help of a professional gunsmith.

Take a Gun Cleaning Tray

Before cleaning the gun, you must take your time because you need to clean every tiny parts of the gun. That’s why It takes time and patience. It is not a cleaning that you clean dust and wipe it. It needs your full involvement.  

So, when you are disassembling the gun’s part you need a particular tray to place them. Otherwise, you may lose some of the tiny parts and it can lead to a disaster. So, take a tray while you are opening the gun’s parts.

Cleaning Rods, Follow the Gun Cleaning Instructions

Choosing a brass boar rods is wise for gun cleaning. First, take a cloth patch and place it on the tip of the rod. Then spread a couple of drops of solvent on it. Now, you have to run the patch through the bore guide to the barrel. 

Now, you have to place a brush at the tip and run through the bore to the barrel. Afterward, as a final step, you can take a dry patch and run through it from bore to barrels again.

Cleaning Patch, How To Use Gun Cleaning Patches

To get rid of the long-standing grime, you have to use the cleaning patches. Get a bunch of cleaning patches because it needs 10-15 pieces every cleaning process. If you see the first one become dirty after running them through the bore, then use another one.


While cleaning the gun, it requires some kind of lubricant to clean it properly. First, you need some specific solvent for cleaning the gun. Besides, you need another lubricants or degreasers to complete the procedures.

Gun Brush, Gun Cleaning Kit Parts

There are a couple of gun brush that comes in gun cleaning kit parts. Initially, you need a dry brush to clean the dust, then use some solvent on the other brush and pull though the bore. Finally, you need another one for the final touch.

Final Words

The smooth functioning and the longevity of the gun depending on the routine cleaning of the gun. If you are a hunter or professional shooter, you have to clean your gun routinely. Otherwise, it will wear out soon.

That’s why first you have to choose a suitable kit for your guns and know the right procedures of how to use gun cleaning kit.