how to dye black jeans

How To Dye Jeans Pants Black – Ultimate Guide

These days people at least have a jeans-wearing. It becomes the jeans’ era based on durability, comfortableness, and cost-effective garment.

Unfortunately, the jeans garment becomes fading soon due to the heavy detergent wash or prolonged sun exposure.

However, this is not the end of your jeans. You can bring them back a new life by using black dye.

Unlike other colors, black is the most suitable color for jeans. You would be amazed after seeing the new look of your faded garment.

But you have to make sure the best jeans dye first and follow the right application procedures.

Don’t be worried. We have put together all the information to let you know how to dye jeans black. Let’s dive into the process.

How To Dye Jeans Pants Black

Remove Visible Stain

First, you must wash the jeans to remove all visible dirt and stain. Otherwise, it will prevent the dye from absorbing throughout the jeans or make visible after dying.

You can wash it manually or using a washing machine. Keep it wet.

Remove the Color

It is better to remove the previous color such as pink, blue, even black. To do that, get a large stainless-steel pan and simmering the water. Keep the stove at medium volume.

Basic instruction before removing colors:

  • Don’t forget to use gloves
  • Make your kitchen well ventilated
  • Make sure the pan has enough space to move the jeans
  • You can use porcelain pan as a substitute for stainless-steel pan

Steps of removing colors:

  1. Mix the color remover into the simmering water.
  2. Blend the removing powder throughout the water
  3. Before boiling the water, put the wet jeans into the solution
  4. Use a spoon to make sure that the jeans absorb the solution
  5. Wait a couple of minutes for mixing the solution properly
  6. After removing the color from the jeans, turn off the burner and wait for 5 minutes
  7. Now drain the water completely from the pan.
  8. Rinse the jeans with moderately hot water by using gloves. Afterward, use normal water to rinse it again. Then, squeeze it completely to remove the water. Don’t use cold water while rinsing the jeans.

Wash the Jeans

After removing the color and rinse twice, you have to wash the jeans again. Throw the jeans into the washing machine.

Use some detergent while washing it. You don’t need to dry the jeans after washing them. It should be wet for dying.

Protect the Area

If you are ready to dye in the kitchen, then protect the surrounding areas. You can use a disposable plastic table cloth to cover up the kitchen area or use some newspaper.

Take The Right Quantity

You must take the right amount of dye for your particular jeans garment. You can weigh the jeans to determine how much dye you will be needed.

Though most of the jeans garment’s weight is less than a pound, you need a full bottle of liquid dye and 2 packs of powered to complete the dye.

Moreover, you can see the instruction on the bottle to measure the right quantity.

Dying Jeans Black

You must wear a glove before dying. Plus, make sure all the necessary things are right there. Let’s get started.

  1. Take the same pan and fill it with water. You need 3 gallons of water for 1lbs weight jeans.
  2. Keep the stove at medium volume and let the water be simmering
  3. At the same time, shake the liquid dye
  4. When the water simmer, pour the liquid dye into the pan. Now, you have to add the powder as well. To do that, mix the powder in a pot and pour it into the pan.
  5. Add some salt to the pan to retain the color for a long time. Follow the manufacturer guide to know how much salt will need.
  6. Take a dye testing by dripping a patch into the pan and making sure whether it is ready to go. If it is enough black to dye the jeans, then put the jeans into the pan.
  7. Move the jeans back and forth and flip it over so that the jeans can absorb the color evenly. Keep the process going for 30 minutes or get a pair of black jeans.
  8. Drain the water and rinse the jeans twice as before. Using a mild detergent and wash through cold water. Squeeze the jeans until it stops dripping water.
  9. Dry the jeans in the open air. Don’t expose them directly to the sunlight.

Final Words

Anyone can dye their jeans at home by simply following the proper guideline and using the right dye for jeans. Don’t compromise the quality of the dye because that will determine the result of the dying.

I hope you can effortlessly dye your jeans as you have known how to dye jeans black.