How To Finish Walnut Table

How To Finish Walnut Table – Ultimate Tips and Tricks

People are preferring walnut wood for making furniture because it has more luster than the other wood. If you make a table out of walnut wood, first you have to think about the finishing of that walnut table.

In fact, the luster of the walnut wood depends upon the best walnut finish. Plus, it helps to enhance the longevity of the walnut wood by providing a protecting layer.

You can have the same luster and longevity on your walnut table if you use a quality walnut finish and go through the right application procedures.

To inform you about the proper application method, we have designed the article which will let you know how to finish walnut table. Let’s dive into it.

How To Finish Walnut Table

Whether you are a DIYer or a professional carpenter, you must know the right application process before going for painting. Applying the walnut finish will be fun if you follow these step by step guide for the application. Let’s get them.

Pick a Quality Finish

Before diving into the application, you must come up with a premium finish for the walnut table. Otherwise, you will not get the expected result since it will be cracking and fading away soon.

There are different types of walnut finish available on the market. Some of them are stated the following:

  • Water-Based finish has a low luster than other finish. However, it depends on your taste. If you like low luster you can go with it.
  • Urethane top coat finish provides a more luster than a water-based finish. Plus, the application process is simple. It is an oil-based finishing.
  • Poly-urethane finish provides a much brighter luster than the above two finish. It is oil-based too.
  • Danish oil finish provides a varnish blend finishing. It is special for its strong pigment. It is also an oil-based finish.

Organizing the Stuff

To complete the project successfully, you need to assemble all the necessary materials. It will help to complete the project on time. To apply the walnut finish, you need some things which are the following:

  • Walnut Finish
  • Sandpaper
  • Vacuum
  • Brush
  • Clean Cloth
  • Disposable gloves and mask

Fill Small damage

First thing you have to check whether the walnut wood gets any damage or dent. If it has any damage on the surfaces, then fill it by using a wood filler. This wood filler is available on local hardware shop.


After repairing the damage, leave it for a while to dry the surfaces. Then sand the walnut plank on all sides, including edges. Use coarse, medium and fine grits that means use the sandpaper from 120-220 grit.

Clean the Surfaces

Now clean the entire plank. To do that, you can use a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner. Most of the carpenter use vacuum cleaner for cleaning the plank.

However, you can use both, but you must ensure a clean surface after all.

Safety First

Before starting the application, you must wear personal protective gears. Using disposable gloves and mask are mandatory while applying the finishing.

Apply the Finish Or Finishing Black Walnut

Here comes the more significant part of the finishing. Pick your desire walnut finish and start applying.

First, take a clean microfiber towel and pour some finish onto the walnut plank. Then spread the finish gently throughout the plank by using that towel.

Second Coat

After giving the first coat, just wait for 30 minutes then move for the second coat. The application process is the same as the first coat. After giving the second coat, now wait another 15 minutes to dry the surface.

Take a new towel and gently wipe off throughout walnut plank. Now see the luster of the walnut wood. If you think you need more coat, then proceed.


After having the second coat, you can either go for the next coat or stop right there. Most of the expert thinks the second coat is enough for walnut if you use some oil-based finish.

Now take a water-based topcoat and a foam brush to apply the finish. Don’t overbrush during application.

Leave the surface for 2-3 hours. Afterward, take sandpaper and thoroughly sand the entire plank. Now apply another two subsequent coat and enjoy the beautiful luster.

Final Words

Woodworking would be pretty easy if you pick the best product and go through the right application.

Hope that the application of walnut finish is easy for you as you have gone through the complete guide of how to finish walnut table.