how to glue mdf

How To Glue MDF – Gluing MDF – Joining MDF – All About MDF Glue

While you are doing a wooden project, the first things you have to choose the type of wood. If you choose the mdf for your project, then you must pick the best mdf glue to get the long-lasting bonding.

As mdf is a fiberboard, so you can use any wooden glue for joining it as well. If you have already some wooden glue such as particle-board glue or plywood glue, then you can use these for joining the mdf board.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a DIYer or an amateur; you need to know how to glue mdf properly. Otherwise, it is difficult to complete a successful project. Besides, it may not last long.

Don’t be worried. We have designed the article to let you know how to glue on mdf board with the right glue. Let’s dive into it.

How To Glue MDF – Gluing MDF – Joining MDF – All About MDF Glue

If you want a successful project, then you must follow the right application procedures of mdf glue. These following step by step guides will help you to join mdf with providing the long-lasting bonding. Let’s get them.

Pick a Right Glue For Gluing MDF

To get the long-lasting bonding on mdf to mdf, you must choose the right glue for joining mdf. There are a lot of glues available on the market.

Which is best for you? Actually, I depend on the purpose of your materials. Let’s see the different type of glues following:

  • Epoxy glue can be used for getting the maximum strength and filling the gaps. The epoxy glue is waterproof.
  • Hide glue is formulated for repairing furniture. It has a long opening time which is up to 30 minutes.
  • Polyurethane glue is for joining outdoor materials because the glue is waterproof. So, if the mdf materials have the chances to contact with water then choose this glue.

Organized the Materials

First thing you have to do is organizing the all necessary stuff together before gluing on mdf. To complete the project at a stretch, you must assemble these stuffs before starting the projects.

These materials should be included following stuff:

  • MDF Glue
  • Clean Cloth
  • Flux Brush
  • Sander
  • Wax Paper
  • Clamps

If these things are okay, then you are ready to apply the glue.

Sanding the Joint

You should check the joint whether it needs sanding before applying the glue. If needed, then use the sandpaper or wood-sander for sanding both joint properly.

Clean the Surfaces

After sanding, clean the sanded dust from the surfaces of the mdf. To clean that, you can use the cloth. Besides, clean the area as well before going to apply.

Apply the Adhesive

Now you have to apply the adhesive on the clean mdf joint. To spread the glue, you can use a glue applicator. If the surfaces are much longer, then use a roller to spread the glue. Different kind of applicators are the following:

  • Flat-stick is a popular form of glue applicator. You can easily apply the glue with it.
  • Flux Brush would like a great applicator for mdf glue. If you need to apply the glue on the corner, then use a brush.
  • Notched Trowel should be used when applying the glue for huge surfaces. It will help to penetrate the glue deeply.

If the surfaces area is smaller, then apply the glue directly by the bottle’s tip.

Spray Adhesive Activator

For joining small pieces of mdf, you can use the adhesive activator. For instance, after applying the glue on one part then spray the activator on the other part of mdf and join them together.

To get better bonding, you can use the activator before or after applying the glue.

Rub the Two Joining MDF

After applying the glue, some carpenter rubs the two joints thoroughly to get the maximum bonding.  If the mdf board is the longer or medium shape, then rub the joint for a while to spread the glue evenly.


Now clamp the joint tightly. Don’t interrupt the joint after clamping. If you use a bar clamp for mdf then cover the bar with a wax paper. Otherwise, it may stain or leave any dark spot on the mdf surfaces.


After tightly clamping, some glue come out from the join. In this instance, you have to clean the surfaces with a cloth. If the glue gets dried then use a scrubber. Now leave the surfaces until dry it completely.

Final Words

If you use the best glue for mdf and follow the right application procedures then you are about to have a long-lasting bonding.

The important thing for joining mdf is going through the right application procedures.

Hope that, you can finish you project properly as you have gone through the step by step guide of how to glue mdf.

Have Great Bonding!