How to Hang Cork Board On Wall - Attach Cork To Wall

How to Hang Cork Board On Wall – A Guide To Attach Cork To Wall

To decorate your interior wall or crafting, you may prefer the cork board. In fact, it is an easy and cost-effective way to go with the cork board to enhance the aesthetics of your house.

While you choose the cork board first thing, you have to consider the glue. A perfect glue can make your project more seamless and give a long-lasting adhesion.

You can choose any craft, paper, fabric or wood glue for a cork board. After choosing the best glue for cork, you have to follow the right application procedures to have a good project.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and energy.

Don’t be fret! We have designed the article to let you know how to glue cork to the wall. These following step by step guide will help you to complete a successful project.

How To Glue Cork To Wall – Hang Cork Board On Wall

To get the durable bonding on the cork to the wall, you must follow the right procedures. Just follow these below step by step guides to complete your project. Let’s dive into them.

Choose the Right Adhesive

The first step is starting the project with a quality glue for cork. The quality of the glue determines the success of the project.

Though there are a lot of adhesives on the market, you should choose the best one for cork.

Besides, you can use craft, fabric or wood glue for cork. So, to get the vast collection of glue check-in here.

Put Materials Together

Before diving into the project, you must make sure the all necessary stuff is available. Let’s put them together and keep around work areas. Your working-stuff should be included as the following:

  • A Cork glues
  • Primer
  • Brush
  • Cloth
  • Scrubber

Get the Cork Board

Now cut the cork board according to the wall. Take the right measurement of the wall and make a precise cut on the cork so that the board should not waste.

Sanding the Wall

Maximum adhesion on the wall to cork depends on the proper sanding on the wall. It will help to have a durable bonding with wall to cork. Take sandpaper and thoroughly sand the wall.

Clean the Wall

After sanding, clean the wall properly with a cloth. Afterward, you can use a vacuum to remove the sanding particles or dust. In fact, the vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean such surfaces.

Apply Primer

After cleaning the wall, you must apply the primer on the wall. Otherwise, the drywall absorbs the maximum glue. Apply the primer with a brush, or you can use spray primer to the wall.

Apply the Glue

Now apply the glue on the wall thoroughly. You can use a brush or roller to apply the glue on the wall. Afterward, you have to apply the glue on the cork board in the same way.

Drying Time

After applying the glue, then leave the wall and cork board for 30 minutes. After that, you will see a milky appearance on the cork board. Now its time to place the cork board to the wall.

Clean the Work Areas

In the drying time, you can clean the work area as much as possible because you are almost done to glue the cork to the wall. Just keep a scrubber near you and clean all other instruments.

Put the Cork to Wall

After drying completely, now you put the cork board exactly where it should be on the wall. After placing it on the wall, press it firmly throughout the cork board. To do that, you can use a scrubber for pressing the cork board evenly.

Final Touch

Now leave the cork board to dry properly. Don’t use anything on the cork board until it dries completely. Clean the rest of the instrument as well as entire areas.

Final Words

Though the bonding capacity of cork depends on the glue, most of the time it depends on the right application of the glue as well.

So, choosing the best glue for cork is as important as following the right application procedures.

However, you will have a long-lasting bonding on the cork to the wall if you follow these above application procedures.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a DIYer or amateur, just go through the steps of how to glue cork to wall and enjoy the long-lasting bonding.