How To Keep Exercise Mat From Sliding On Carpet

How To Keep Exercise Mat From Sliding On Carpet

Sliding off the exercise mat is an inevitable event that can happen anytime, whether you are a beginner or veteran on the mat. In fact, it depends on how many precautions you have taken to prevent sliding on the carpets.

While you are starting exercise on the mat, you should consider the issues beforehand. Otherwise, you may experience some worst consequence. Sometimes it can lead to slip-disc or other injuries.

So, you have to encounter the issues right away. But what is the best solution to prevent sliding on carpets? Either you can use the best exercise mats, or you must follow some preventive techniques.

To let you know how to keep exercise mat from sliding on carpet, we have designed the articles with an absolute solution for preventing sliding. Let’s dive into them.

Know-How to Keep Exercise mat from Sliding on Carpet

While in intense exercise, it is distressing if the mat slides. At the same time, it is dangerous too. So, consider the following points to prevents sliding not only on carpets but also from all types of floor.

Invest in the Best Exercise mat

While you are going to exercise, the first thing you should consider investing in a quality exercise mat for Carpet. It comes with an anti-slip formula that is safe for any floors.

On the other hand, a quality mat not only works to prevent sliding but also it can bring comfort during exercise.

Regardless of the exercise form, it’s better to choose a quality mat to get a safe and sound practice session.

No-Skid Rug

Perhaps this is the most popular way to prevent sliding on carpet. The no-skip rub backing provides extra grip to the mat to keep it in position. It can bring stability between the carpet and the mat.

You can either directly put it in the back of the mat or place it in a particular area where you usually do exercise.


Some dust, hair, and fiber start to store in the back of the mat after using a new mat. As a result, the mat gradually becomes slippery due to the dust layer. This is another reason why workout mat slip.

That’s why you need to place the mat on clean surfaces. Besides, you should check the mat’s back occasionally to make sure a clean surface. Learn how to clean exercise mat

Using Rubber Mat

Go with a general rubber and use it underneath the exercise mat. It will help to prevent sliding. The carpets can hold the rubber surfaces tightly. So, try a rubber/gripper mat under the exercise mat.

Anti-Slipping Tape

Anti-slipping tape works great to prevent the sliding slightly. However, it will not mostly work on any hard-wood floor. So, if your carpet does not slip much, then use an anti-slip tape for the exercise mat. Know the benefits of using mats in exercise

Know-How to Keep yourself from Sliding

While you are doing yoga-like a warrior or downward dog pose, you may slide through the mat. It happens due to profuse sweat, which drips down on the mat.  So, you can prevent such slip by following some tips.  Let’s get them.

Using Towel

Using a microfiber towel would be an effective way to keep yourself from sliding. Suppose you are approaching some lying pose, then put a towel on the mat while your sweating profusely. It can help to prevent sliding. See another post: Top Isopure Protein Flavor

Wearing Garments

Most of the men are doing exercise without top garments at home. It drips the sweat on the mat. And you easily get slipped. So, you can use some light garment for exercise to avoid such sliding.

Anti-Slip Spray

You can use some anti-slip spray to get the extra grip during exercise. Plus, It makes you tacky. So, you can use the spray on hand and feet before starting exercise. In this way, you can also prevent sliding yourself. Also, check Top Bang Energy Drinks

Final Words

Now you can reduce the maximum possibility of sliding at exercise since you have already known how to keep exercise mat from sliding on carpet. So, use these steps to prevent it most.

Along with that, you can also keep yourself from unexpected hazards as you take precautions to stop sliding on the carpet and other surfaces.