How To Make An Elastic Bracelet

How To Make An Elastic Bracelet That Don’t Break

Some people find their happiness in doing crafting. If you one of them and love to craft for your family, then you can try to make an elastic bracelet.

Whatever the new fashions are coming, elastic bracelet remains popular to the all-ages people since its inception. So, it would be an excellent type of gift to give your endear person.

If you have already made some elastic bracelets, you know how it is easy to make. However, if you are new to an elastic bead bracelet, you also make it yourself by following the right instruction.

Therefore, we have designed the article to let you know how to make an elastic bracelet at home. Let’s jump into it.

How To Make An Elastic Bracelet

Though you are an amateur or making the bracelet at home, you must follow the proper guide to get the job done quickly. Follow the steps by step guide below:

Pick Up The Right Product

It is important to start with quality elastic while making a home-made bracelet. Most of the users experience a sudden break of bracelets due to the low quality of the strings.

You can experience such an unexpected break even if you don’t consider the quality strings.

So, choose the best elastic strings for the bracelet. Then get some quality beads. There are a lot of beads in the market in terms of color, form, and design.

So, keep in mind your comfort level while choosing the beads.


While buying the strings, choose a .8mm size electric string. This size is standard and easily fit with most beads. However, you can customize your string size according to your beads.

Next is the beads measurement. For home crafting, you can choose 8mm beads. For a standard bracelet, pick 22 pieces of beads. However, the number of beads can be more or less in terms of the length of the strings.

Assembling Materials

Before starting the job, make sure all the necessary stuff is in the right place. You need some materials to make the elastic bracelet that are the following:

  • Elastic Strings
  • Colorful Beads
  • Shears (Cutter)
  • Crimp Cover
  • Charm

Step 1

First, you have to cut the strings according to your hand’s measurement. For children bracelet, 8” is okay, and for an adult, it should be 11’’.

Though it is a bit bigger, it will give enough room for placing beads. After knot down, cut the extra strings.

Remember! Take always one inch extra from the actual measurement of hand.

Step 2

Before start putting the beads into the string, set a bead stopper at one end of the strings. It will help you to keep them in place.

If you have two persons, you can avoid using the bead stopper; just hold one side of the string.

Step 3

Put the beads on the strings. If the beads are uniform color then randomly put them together. If you use various beads, then make a pattern and inset them according to your theme.

Step 4

After completing the beads input, knot down the strings and apply some quick fixing super glue on the knot. Now, you use the crimp cover and close it with pliers. Either you can use the charm.

Don’t use Thin Elastic

While buying the elastic for the bracelet, consider buying the elastic size in between .7mm to 1mm. Sometimes you can use the strings of .5mm.

However, the size of the strings mostly depends on the size and weight of the beads.

But, never buy a thing elastic for your projects. It may break suddenly. It is better to choose a standard size elastic.

Final Words

It is really adventurous while we are doing some crafting at home. But, while making an elastic bracelet, you must keep in mind some crucial things before heading toward it.

If you are able to choose quality elastic stings and beads, that means you are about to make the best bracelet.

I hope you can easily come up with a beautifully elastic bracelet as you have known all the necessary steps of how to make an elastic bracelet at home. You can help your children to make such exquisite crafting.

Have a Durable Elastic Bracelet.