how to paint a car with spray cans

How To Paint A Car With Spray Cans – Step by Step Guide

Though painting a car is far more different than painting on a wall. These days it becomes an easy job if you paint your car with a spray can.

However, to do the paint effortlessly, you must make some arrangement and follow the basic procedures of car’s spray painting.

As a DIYer, spray can is a convenient and most cost-effective way to paint your car. If you make sure proper procedures of painting, you can playfully paint your car with the spray cans.

Therefore, to make the job easy, we have designed the article to let you know how to paint a car with spray cans. Let’s get the step by step guide of car’s spray painting.

How To Paint A Car With Spray Cans

10 Steps of How To Spray Paint A Car With Spray Cans

1. Assemble the Materials

Before going to start your DIY project, the first thing you have to do is put together all the essential painting materials.

Whether you are a professional or DIY, this is the first steps of spraying paint on the car. The things you must assemble are the following:

  • Primer and Spray Paints
  • Newspaper for masking
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Disposable gloves, mask and glass

2. Prepare the Area

Now you have to make the area where you intend to paint. Most of the people choose the garage for painting their cars.

The garage would be a better place as there you will find all the necessary stuff associate to painting.

Don’t forget to make sure the garage area well ventilated. Otherwise, the spray paint can damage your health or leads to any accidents. Keep your children out of the painting areas.

3. Repair the Small Damage

While painting the car, you must repair the small damage or dent on car’s surfaces. To fill up the dent, you can use automotive putty by a scrubber.

Sometimes car got little damage due to the rust. So, don’t forget to repair such damage also.

4. Sanding

After repairing minor damage, leave the surface for a while. Then take a sandpaper to sand the car properly.

To get the best painting finish, sand the bare metal of the car completely. You can use either the 1200-grits sandpaper or stripping machine.

5. Clean the Surfaces

Before spray primer, you must clean the surface of the car or sanded areas. Use a clean micro-fiber cloth to clean them.

To remove the stubborn dust and grime, you can use the thinner mix with the cloth and wipe it thoroughly.

6. Masking

If you are painting a particular portion of your car, then you have to use the newspaper and painting tape to cover up the non-painting areas. Plus,

when you paint for the entire car, then use the masking on the mirror and windshield.

7. Wear on Protective Gear

Before stating spraying, you must wear disposable gloves, mask and safety glass. All the people around you should be wearing their protective gear. Otherwise, the spray can cause respiratory diseases.

8. Spray Primer

Use a quality primer for your cars. There are a lot of automotive primers available for vehicles. So, select a suitable one and spray thoroughly.

After getting the first coat check whether you need another coat. If you need another coat, then apply the second coat.

9. Spray Paints

After drying the primer, now you are ready to spray the paints. If the spray paint comes with both primer and paint together, then you can directly go for painting without applying extra primer beforehand.

After spraying evenly, check whether you need another topcoat. In fact, if you spray the primer thoroughly, you can get the better finishing with the first coat.

10. Drying Time – Last Step Of How To Paint A Car Hood With Spray Cans

Spray paints dry quickly than other solid paints. After spraying the paint, you have to wait a maximum of 1 hour to get the dry surface. However, leave the painted surface more than one hour or wait until dry completely.

Now enjoy a better finishing.

Final Words

A guided procedure makes a DIYer a professional painter. After knowing the steps of how to paint a car with spray cans, you can see how easily anyone can paint a car by spray cans.

These days, people prefer spray paints over other conventional paints due to its easy application and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, you can consider the spray paints if you want to complete a project effortlessly.