How To Paint A Plywood Floor

How To Paint A Plywood Floor – Painting Plywood Floors

If you choose plywood as a floor-top of your home, you must think about the plywood floor painting. Like other wooden floors, the plywood floor demands painting and sealing to protect the floor.

Painting on a plywood floor enhances the aesthetics value of the floor and ensures longevity. It is not mean that you will get the same performance with ordinary paints and sealers.

To get the ultimate performance on the plywood floor, you must use the best plywood paint, primer, and sealer.

The quality of the product and the right application procedures will determine the outcome of the project.

That’s why we have put all instructions throughout the article to let you know how to paint a plywood floor. Let’s dive into it.

How To Paint A Plywood Floor – Plywood Flooring Ideas Painting

Painting on a plywood floor would be easy if you follow the right application process. If you are a DIYer, the painting job would be a bit challenging for you. But Don’t worry! Just follow these step by step guide.

Pick the Quality Products

Before you get into the painting process, you must make sure of the quality products. Not only the paints but also the primer and sealer should be premium quality.

Otherwise, scratching and peeling off the paint is inevitable over time. Expert painters recommend oil-based paint for the plywood floor.

Assemble the Materials

As a DIYer, the first thing you should do is assembling all the necessary materials together. These painting materials should be including the following:

  • Paints, Primer, and Sealer
  • Brush / Roller
  • Pole Sander
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mask and Disposable Gloves

Safety First

Before start painting, make sure the room is properly ventilated. Now, wear your gloves and mask if the paint has high-VOC. One thing keeps in mind that we don’t use a space heater to dry the floor.

Repair the Floor

You must repair the minor damage to the plywood before painting. So, check whether the floor has any potholes. If it has, then uses some wood putty to cover the damage.


If you go for sanding with a hand use sandpaper, it will take huge time to cover up the entire area. So, if the floor area is huge, then it’s better to use a pole sander.

Vacuum Cleaning

For cleaning the plywood floor, use a vacuum cleaner. It can easily suck all the dirt, grits, and small wooden particles. Especially focus on the corner while cleaning the floor and make sure a cleaned surface.

Apply Primer

After cleaning the plywood floor, apply the primer on the dry floor. You can use painting the brush or roller to apply the primer. If you use a paint that has already included a primer, then go for direct painting.


After drying the primer floor, now you can paint the entire floor by painting roller. To paint on the perimeter of the floor, you can use a brush.

After having the first coat, let it dries and go for the subsequent coats if needed. In this instance, you should follow the manufacture’s instructions.

Dry Time

If you use the enamel latex paint, most of the time, it will take 24-48 hours for drying. For oil-based paint, it will take a couple of days to dry.

So, to know the exact drying time, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Use a water-based polyurethane sealer for your plywood floor. It prevents the yellowish color of the paints over time and protects the floor from scratching.

First, use a paint stirrer to stir up the sealer slowly. Don’t create any bubbles while stirring up the paints. Otherwise, these will transfer through the brush to the floor.

Apply a thin coat of the polyurethane by a roller and leave it for drying the first coat. It may take 24hrs to dry the first coat. But follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

After drying the first coat, you can have the two more subsequent coats. Before applying the next coat, let the previous coat be dried completely.

Final Words

Though painting on a plywood floor takes a couple of days, that does not mean the painting process is complex.

It doesn’t matter whether you are DIYer; you need to follow these right application procedures of how to paint a plywood floor and enjoy the painted floor.