how to rig a crawfish lure

How To Rig A Crawfish Bait, Lure – Ultimate Guide

If you have a fascination with fishing like most Americans, then your first attempt should be prepared yourself.

That means getting the right gears for fishing and knowing the necessary steps of how to rig a crawfish bait, lure.

To have a successful fishing session, you must choose the best crawfish bait that comes with flavor and natural scent. Otherwise,

it would be difficult to catch a fish because fish are more likely to grab the natural baits.

fishing. If you use to finishing in a variety of water land, then use a common rig.

Keep reading to know the most common ways to rig crawfish bait.

How To Rig A Crawfish Bait, Lure

Basic Rig

Those who are new to fishing, they should start with the basic rigs. Basic rigs are perfect for fishing on still water.

Amateur anglers can easily identify the bobber rigs when fish will be biting the bait. This rig is ideal for perch, panfish, crappie, and other small fishes.

how to rig a crawfish lure

Look at the following steps to make a basic rig:

  1. Take a finishing line and insert a bobber.
  2. Put one or two split shot sinkers on the mainline. It should be at least 6-10 inches above the hook. You can use more sinkers to weight the line base on the rate of the current.
  3. Place the bobber 2-3 feet above the hook. You should use a slide above the bobber so that it can be moved anywhere. Maintain a moderate distance between the bobber and the hook according to the water height.
  4. Now choose a crawfish bait in terms of the water land. Put the bait on the hook and enjoy your fishing.

Carolina Rigs

While attempting to deep fishing, anglers should use the Carolina rig. It is very effective and easy to go.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, the Carolina rig would be the best rig. You can fish from both shore or boat by this rig.

How To Rig A Crawfish Bait

Carolina rig is ideal for catching trout, flounder, catfish, striped bass, and redfish. The rig has designed to keep the fish from getting weight the line as the line passes through the sinker,

which also prevents the line from hanging on rock and weeds.

Take a look at the following steps to make the Carolina rig:

  1. First, threading the mainline into an egg sinker.
  2. Put a bead into the mainline immediately after the sinker.
  3. Take a two ways swivel and tie one head on the mainline that should be after the bead.
  4. Knot the leader to the second head of the swivel. The leader should be a maximum of 1- 2 feet long. It depends on the height of the water. At the end of the leader tie a hook or artificial crawfish bait.

3-WAY Swivel Rig

This fishing rig also another ideal form of bottom fishing. 3 ways fishing rig especially use for shore fishing at flowing water. Sometimes this rig considers as the catfish rig and often use in surf fishing.

how to rig a crawfish lure

3-way Swivel rig has designed to keep the bait off the bottom. That means, when you throw the rig into the water, it hangs the bait just right over the bottom.  Look at the following steps to make the 3way Swivel Rig:

  1. Take a 3 headed swivel and tie it to the main fishing line.
  2. Now, take a smaller leader and tie it to the second head of the swivel. Plus, add a pyramid sinker at the end of this leader.
  3. Take a longer leader to tie the hook—knot down the leader to the last head of the swivel. Add the hook or artificial lures at the end of the leader.

Final Words

It does not matter whether you are a beginner at fishing; following the right rigging procedures can ensure maximum catching during fishing.

Therefore, use the appropriate gear and necessary steps to enjoy the ultimate fishing

Now you are able to make a rig effortlessly as you have already known how to rig a crawfish bait, lure.