how to spray paint a car with rattle cans

How To Spray Paint A Car With Rattle Cans – Rattle Can Paint Job Like a Pro

Painting a car is quite different than any other painting. However, if you choose the right paint and know the proper application procedures, then it is a child playing for you.

Spray paint is the easiest and cost-effective way to paint a car than other paints. If you are a DIYer and want to paint your car, then get the best rattle cans and follow the specific instructions.

Though using spray paint is an easy job, you must follow the safety rules and right procedures to avoid maximum danger.

Don’t be worried! We have designed the article to let you know how to spray paint a car with rattle cans. It will help you to complete a successful DIY project.

Application Process of How To Spray Paint A Car With Rattle Cans

Before diving into the application, just get step by step application process. It will help to be cautious during spraying. So, to get the best painting solution, follow these step by step guide for spraying rattle cans.

Pick the Premium Rattle Cans

A premium rattle spray ensures the maximum bonding on the car surfaces. Otherwise, the painting will be cracking and peeling off over time.

So, don’t compromise while choosing rattle spray paint. If you wish to paint on the header, then get some header paints from here.

Choose a Painting Area

It is important to choose a suitable area for spraying. Most of the painter choose the garage since they find here every necessary stuff of painting. However, you can choose any other place.

Remember! The painting areas should be well ventilated. Otherwise, it may lead to any dangerous situation.

Organizing Materials

Before starting the spraying, you must organize the painting stuff together. Otherwise, it would be difficult to complete the project on time. The materials that you must put together are the following:

  • Rattle Cans
  • Primer Spray
  • Sandpaper
  • Newspaper for Masking
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Mask, disposable gloves and eye-glass

Prepare Yourself

You have to wear all the protective gears before you start painting. Wear all necessary equipment such as disposable gloves, mask and eye-glass. Never start without taking enough protection.


First, you need to mask the entire surface of the car where you won’t paint. Don’t forget to cover both rear and front glasses. Plus, cover the tires if needed.

Damage Repairing

If you find any damage or dent on the surfaces, you have to repair it right now. Use the automobile putty to fill the damage. You can easily apply the putty by using a scrubber.


After repairing the surfaces, leave it for a while to dry the putty. Now you have to sand all paintable areas.

Using the sandpaper or stripping machine to complete the sanding. A good sanding will determine the finished surface for painting and ensure maximum bonding.

Cleaning the Surface

After that, clean the surfaces with a microfiber towel. If you are finding difficulties to remove stubborn dirt and grime, then use a damp towel and thinner.

Spray Primer

To ensure the maximum painting adhesion on the car, you must use the automotive primers. There are a lot of automotive primer types out there. So, find the suitable one for your car and spray the primer thoroughly on the car.

Spray Rattle Can Painting

After a couple of minutes of priming, you can go for spraying the paint. First, spray evenly and cover the entire areas.

Then wait for a while to dry the first coat. Now start spraying for the second coat. If needed, you can go for a third coat as well.

Dry Time Of Rattle Can Paint Job

Unlike other paint, spray paint dries quickly. After completing the second coat, wait for 1 hour. Now get the final coat. After that, you may need to wait 6 hours to dry the surfaces completely.

Final Words

If you prefer rattle spray cans for painting your car, you no need to hire an expert for painting. Just get the spray can and follow the above painting instructions.

Hope that you will get the best finishing and a durable coating on your car as you have already known how to spray paint a car with rattle cans.

Have a Great Coating!