How To Use A Manual Impact Driver

How To Use A Manual Impact Driver – Impact Screwdriver

Have you ever used a manual impact driver? If yes, then you know how amazing to work with them. Most of the stubborn screws or bolt can be turned on/off through a manual impact driver.

An impact driver comes with several heads that will allow you to open most types of screws just by using hand. Within a little downward pressure, you can get the job done by a manual impact driver.

Only an impact driver works most for you when you choose the best manual impact driver for you. Afterward, you must know how to use a manual impact driver.

Therefore, we will be telling you the right way to use an impact driver throughout the article. Let’s dive into it.

How To Use A Manual Impact Driver – Impact Screwdriver

If you know the exact working ways of a particular driver, you can get the maximum result within a small effort. An impact driver is a driver that can only work the best while you put it in the right ways.

Get Ready

You have to make sure of the necessary arrangement and get ready for the job. Before starting, keep in mind the following things:

  • Wear a safety glass to protect your eyes
  • Wear rubber gloves while doing heavy-duty
  • Take a hammer to force fastening the bolt/screws.

Pick a quality manual impact driver to get the job more easy and secure. Now start using the following instruction:

  1. Install the adapter on the driver.
  2. Pick a particular bit for particular screws and install them.
  3. Hold the driver firmly with your left hand (if you are right-handed)
  4. Set the driver on the screws to turn on/off.
  5. Put downward pressure on the back of the driver.
  6. Use a hammer to accelerate the pressure for stubborn or frozen screws. Keep putting pressure until it starts moving.
  7. To loosen rust or frozen screws, you can use greases on the tip of the bit and set it on the screw.
  8. Finally, remove the bit and adapter after finishing the work. And place them back in the manual impact driver box.

Where Shouldn’t Use a Manual Impact Driver?

Manual impact drivers should not perfect for drilling through hard surfaces such as concrete or bricks.

Moreover, you should stop using an impact driver where the screws’ condition is less severe than the driver’s torque force.

Difference Between a Manual Impact Driver and an Impact Wrench

Sometimes both of the impact driver and impact wrench can be interchangeable while working on a particular bolt.

However, there is a lot of difference between the impact driver and the impact wrench, which are the following:

  1. The impact driver is used for screwing from metal or wood, whereas the impact wrench is used for fastening or loosing the bolts or nuts.
  2. Impact drivers are mostly used by DIY use, while impact wrench is mostly used by the professional.
  3. Impact drivers are small and easy to use, whereas impact wrench heavy and powerful tool.
  4. Impact drivers have less torque power than an impact wrench
  5. Impact drivers have ¼” hex drives, while impact wrench has ½” square drives.

Though there is a lot of difference between the manual impact driver and an impact wrench, they have some commonalities between them.

The most common features of the impact driver and impact wrench are the following:

  1. Impact driver and impact wrench both are hand tools to loosen and fasten the bolts and nuts.
  2. PB blaster can be used on both impact driver and impact wrench to loosen a rusty bolt.
  3. Impact driver and impact wrench use their specific socket for fastening particular screws or bolt.
  4. Both should be putting pressure through a hamper while they need extra torque power.

According to the use and generation of torque, the impact wrench is better than the impact driver.

However, if you compare them in terms of their specific task, then both are a better tool in their respective working area.

Final Words

Though a manual impact driver is a small tool to fasten or loosen the screws or bolt, you must know how to use a manual impact driver, Screwdriver beforehand.

Otherwise, you will not either produce the expected power or just wasting your time and energy by attempting it in the wrong way.