How To Use Primer Spray Paint

How To Use Primer Spray Paint – Pro Spray Paint Techniques

The first step is using the primer before painting to get the ultimate finishing. You can choose either brush or spray canister to paint the primer.

However, most of the painter choose the primer spray paint for easy application.

Whether you are a professional or DIYer painter, you will get a lot of benefits by using the primer spray paint. However, first, you have to know the fundamental steps of using primer spray paint.

Having a primer coat before painting on the surfaces will provide a long-lasting coating because it ensures a durable adhesion with the paints.

Therefore, we have designed the article to let you know how to use primer spray paint before going for painting. Let’s get these steps.

Tips For Painting With Spray Paint

Put The Materials Together

The first thing is to put all necessary painting materials together to complete a painting project.

It is applicable for all DIYer and professional painters before spraying the primer. The stuff you need to put together is the following:

  • Primer and paint canister
  • Painting tape
  • Newspaper and necessary cloths
  • Gloves, musk and safety glass

Now you are ready to go for spraying!

Prepare Painting Area

Now you have to prepare the surface that you are going for painting. Cover the area by using the newspaper which won’t paint. Then use the painting tape to hold the newspaper tightly.

Remember! Always choose an area which is well ventilated. Don’t spray in a closed room. It can cause serious injuries to health.

Clean the Surface Area

Before going to spray, you must clean the surface areas of the materials. It will help to stick to the primer with the surfaces. Uncleaned surfaces cannot bond the paint and primer for a long time.

Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surfaces. If there is any stubborn residue or long-standing grime, then use a damp cloth for wiping.

Most of the metal and wooden surfaces need to sand before painting. So, if needed then do sanding and clean the surface right away.

Put on Protective Gear

Now you are ready to spray prime over the surfaces. So, wear on your protective equipment such as gloves, mask and safety glass.

Shake the Canister

Before spraying the primer, you must shake the canister well. Don’t shake the can so rapidly. So, shake the bottle moderately three to four minutes before getting started. It will help to mix the spray paint or primer evenly.

Have a Spray Test

After mixing the primer evenly, you must have a testing spray to check whether the spray is ready for use. Spray the primer on a newspaper or a clear unnecessary surface to check.

Start Spraying With Spray Paint Techniques

Start spraying the primer on the surfaces. After completion, the primer leaves it for a while. Then you can spray the paint on the surface after drying the primer surfaces.

Some paints come with a primer included in the bottle. In this instance, you no need to spray extra primer before painting. Just start spraying the painting bottle. For more suggestions, you can read about paint spray.

First Coat

After having the first coat, leave the surface until completer dry. For primer spray paint, it takes 1 hour to dry the first coating. However, sometimes it depends on the surface to surface.

After drying the first coat, you can go for the second coat if the surface needs the second short.

Finishing Coat

After drying the second short, you are ready to go. However, if you need another coating after the second one, then sprays immediately after drying the second coat. Afterwards, you will finally have a smooth finished surface.


Congratulation! You are going to have a better finishing after drying the final coat. Now clean the surrounding areas.

And leave the painted surfaces untouched for a while. Dispose of your gloves and clean yourself. Don’t forget to close the cap of the canister.

Final Words

After knowing the specific procedures of how to use primer spray paint, anybody can go for using the primer spray paint.

To ensure the maximum use of paint, grab a painting canister and follow the step of the above procedure by step and eventually you will have a better finishing right there.