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Hunting Hearing Protection – How to Protect Your Hearing When Hunting

Hunting and shooting are the most popular form of recreation in the USA.  Each year around 11.5 million people are involved in firearm hunting. If you are one of the passionate hunters, Remember! You have the chance to damage your hearing. It would be best if you cared about hunting hearing protection

Though you are not a direct shooter, you can be harmed if you stay around 100ft of shooting areas. Study shows, 95% of the hunter and 38% of shooter didn’t wear hearing protection last year.

Whether you are an active shooter or stay around the shooting place, hearing damages are inevitable if you not wear protective gear. That’s why you have addressed the issues right now.

First, you need to know how to protect your hearing when hunting. That’s why we have designed the articles to let you know about the cause and effect of shooting and preventive solutions. Let’s dive into it.

How Hunting and Shooting Lead Hearing Loss?

Those who are active in hunting or shooting without ear protection, they suffer a severe hearing ailment overtime. Even the bystanders will suffer the same consequence if they continuously present at the shooting spot without wearing protection.

As you know, the sound level at 85 decibels or higher than that can lead to severe hearing impairment. For the shooter, the chances are higher since almost all firearms produce a sound greater than 85 (dB). Even the small-caliber guns can reach out 140 (dB), and for the big rifles, it is more than 175 (dB).

Other reasons can cause hearing loss by increasing the sound of the firing. The most common reasons are:

  1. Little modification of the guns like adding muzzle brakes
  2. Discharge the gun where reverberation is higher

Effects of Hearing Loss

Long exposure to gun firing can cause the most common type of hearing loss like Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). It can happen due to a sudden experience of huge sound or constantly exposed to the sound higher than 85(dB).

Sometimes NIHL leads to tinnitus; basically, it’s a symptom of hearing loss. After encountering the tinnitus, you will experience buzzing, ringing, or whooshing sound.

You know what, most of the hunter experience the hearing ailment day after day due to over-exposure to high sound while hunting or practicing shooting without protection.

As a result, they cannot maintain communication even with the family member for the rest of their life. At one stage of life, it becomes severe and leads to another ailment such as:

  • Cognitive Errors
  • Cardio Diseases
  • Being Isolated
  • Suffer great depression
  • Lack of communication leads to the social refusal

Hunting Hearing Protection

Hearing is an essential asset for all and has a great impact on hunting too. That’s why you must protect it; otherwise, you will encounter some worst consequences. If you be cautious since the beginning of hunting or shooting, you can prevent hearing loss. Simultaneously, you can comfortably do your every shooting with great precision.

Here are some tools and tips, which will help to protect you while hunting. Let’s get them.

With Earmuffs (Ear Protection While Hunting)

One of the best ways to protect hearing is to have a good earmuff. It has engineered to fit close against the head. That’s how it can easily reduce the outside sounds through the acoustic foam.

To reduce noise intensely, you can wear an earplug while using earmuffs.

Earplugs Ear Protection For Hunting

A shooting earplug can help in this instance. You must choose a quality one to reduce maximum noise. However, there is a huge variety of earplugs, let’s see which is suitable for you.

Personalized Earplugs, Hunting With Ear Protection

Personalized earplugs have designed for the professional shooter or hunter because they need a secure, high-equipped and comfortable earplugs during shooting. It has engineered by the hearing professional that resembles the actual mold of the ear canal. That’s how it can provide the best protection.

Electronic Earplugs Hearing Protection For Hunters

Electronic Earplugs easily block the noise, which is above the danger level. Besides, it has engineered through hearing technology that can amplify a quieter level. Some earplugs come with noise reduction features that enhance the hearing experience. The plugs are small and convenient to use. That’s how it becomes popular among hunters.

Don’t forget to check the noise reduction rating (NRR) while choosing the protective gear.

Final Words

Whether you are a professional shooter or an occasional hunter, you must wear protective gear before shooting.

Besides taking care of other hunting equipment, you have to choose better hearing protection. Now, it would be easy for you as you have already known about hunting hearing protection.