Pregnancy Friendly Lubricants

Pregnancy Friendly Lubricants

Why are women using personal lubricants? Only for playful sex? No!

The lube has to provides much more, especially for conceiving women.

While you are planning to have a baby, you need to be careful about your health care. Along with that, you have to take into account the personal lubricants that you are using.

Before conceiving, you must replace your regular lubricant with the Pregnancy friendly lubricants. Otherwise, you are about to hamper your conception.

A pregnancy-friendly lube not only boosting your fertility but also gives you a tender skin if you regularly use the lubricant.

In this article, we will break down, why choosing the Pregnancy friendly lubricants is important?

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Why Pregnancy Friendly Lubricants?

From the beginning of the pregnancy, you must consider the pregnancy-friendly lube because of the numerous reasons.

Sometimes women are suffering vaginal dryness due to the pregnancy. In this instance, you can go with the lube to revive your vagina. The other lubes are not perfect instead of fertility-friendly lube.

Fertility friendly lubricants can produce extra slickness on your skin to slide around. Besides, the lubricant enhances the sperm movement when it contacts with the vaginal fluids.

Those who have sensitive skin, the lubricant is working great for them. Because the lubricant heals the tender skin quickly, that’s why the women could use the lubricant regardless of their ages.

The pregnancy lubricant has composed of natural ingredients. Some of them contain additional multivitamin extracts, that’s how the lube is helping the body to lead pregnancy.

Fertility friendly lube is coming with food graded formula. The ingestion of the lube while oral sex is not dangerous at all. That’s why most of the fertility experts make the pregnancy lubricant mandatory for pregnant women.

How Regular Personal Lubricants Impact Pregnancy

Though most of the personal lubricant looks same, that not means they are perfect for pregnancy.

Regular lubricant means all the lubricants except pregnancy lube. The baby oil, canola oil, sesame oil, and mustard oil also use as a personal lubricant. But they are not safe for either sensitive skin or pregnancy.

Generally, the oil-based or silicone-based lubricants irritate tender skin, then how can you use them for pregnancy sex?  That’s why you should avoid oil/silicone-based lube for pregnancy.

Research showed that conventional lubricants could hamper the movement of the sperms. Sometimes the ordinary lubricant can change the pH balance, which leads to severe vaginal infection.

That’s why choosing a lower quality is not only harmful to the skin, but also it can obstruct your pregnancy progress as well.

Which would be the best lube for pregnancy?

For having a pregnancy lube, you should go with a specialized fertility-friendly lubricant. The lubricant has specially designed for pregnancy sex.

The pregnancy lube formulates with pure natural ingredients. Alongside this, the lube includes some vitamin formula to strengthen the growth of the sperm.

Besides specialized pregnancy lube, you can go with a water-based lubricant during pregnancy. Water-based lube has no adverse effect on health as it doesn’t contain chemicals.

Most of the water-based lube enriched with some multivitamins. That’s why you can pick them for having the same experience as the pregnancy lube.

Which lubes shouldn’t pick for pregnancy?

The chemical-based lubricant has strictly prohibited for pregnancy. Apart from skin burning, the lube can impede pregnancy progress due to the chemical reaction.

Most of the time, the oil-based or silicone-based lubricants are not preferable for pregnancy since the composition of the lube is also chemical-based—that why you should not choose the oil/silicon-based lubricant from the very beginning of the conception.

Moreover, the lube contains some dangerous chemicals such as glycerin or parabens. These chemicals cause either vaginal infection or skin irritation if you use on pregnancy sex.

That’s why the women should avoid the ordinary lubes at least at the moment of pregnancy.

Benefits of using Pregnancy Friendly Lubricants

How can you distinguish the pregnancy-lube from the ordinary? First off, you have to consider the overall benefits of the pregnancy lube. That’s why we put together some beneficial factors of pregnancy-friendly lubricant, which will magnify the desire of having a good lubricant.

1. Stop spermicides

Most of the general lubricants are not friendly with the vaginal natural-lube—that’ how the regular lube is killing the sperms always when it contacts with vaginal fluids. If the spermicide continues, the women can be lost their pregnancy.

In this instance, the pregnancy-friendly lube can ensure the maximum safety for fertilizing the sperms.

2. Higher Fertility

Besides enhancing sexual performance, the pregnancy lubricant ensures the higher fertility of the sperm. The fertility gets a boost by the included Calcium and Magnesium of the lube, which also helps to strengthen the surface sperms.

3. Help to Migrate the Sperm

Unlike other lubricants, the fertility lube makes ease the sperm to migrate to the egg. The included vitamins of the lube help to move the sperm effortlessly. That’s why the fertility friendly lube is essential during pregnancy.

4. Improved Vaginal Dryness

After got pregnancy, you may face vaginal dryness while the child is growing up. At the moment, the pregnancy lubricant is working for restoring vaginal vividness. Besides, the lube ensures secure sex in each intercourse.

If you continuously use the lube while sex, you no need to buy an extra cream for moisturizing your vagina. The pregnancy lube will ensure healthy skin all the time.

5. Support sperm quality

If the women face vaginal dryness during pregnancy, then it can cause spermicide because the dry vagina cannot support the fertility of sperms.

That’s why the pregnancy lubricant designs to support the growth of the sperm.

Final words

A study shows that the majority percent of the survey-women said that they are using the personal lubricant for enhancing sexual pleasure. As a result, it would be difficult for women to have sex without lubricants.

That’s why choosing a quality lube is essential even in a normal situation.

If you use a pregnancy-friendly lube instead of a normal one, it will serve you in many ways. First off, the lubricity will ensure playful sexual intercourse. Besides, pregnancy lube is useful for taking care of your tender skin.

In short, you could consider either pregnancy-friendly lubricants or some water-based lube to have secure sex, which is mandatory before/after conception.