tool roll vs tool box

Tool Roll vs Tool Box : Which One Is Right For You

Even the most professional worker jumbles up their tools while working with multiple tools. If you aren’t put them into the right place or not using a tool holder,

then it would be natural consequent for the tools to mess up with themselves.

While in an urgent situation, you may notice how it’s boring to find out the desire tools from the heap of the tools. To solve the tool’s jumble up the mystery, you can simply use a tool roll or a toolbox.

Now the question is which one would be most suitable for you? Indeed, it depends on the type of work.  To get a clear idea about these tool holders, you must know the distinction of tool roll vs tool box.

Keep reading to know more about the difference between the tool roll and the toolbox.

Benefits of using Tool Roll

These days tool roll has become most popular among the professional technicians.

The tool roll has designed in such a way that will keep your tools organized and make easy to transport. Let’s see the most common benefit of using a tool roll.


A tool carrier should be lightweight. Otherwise, it would be so heavy when you load the tools on it.

However, the tool roll comes with a very low weight of itself. As compared to the other conventional toolbox or bag, the tool roll is the most light-weight tool carrier.

Amount of Space

A medium to large size tool roll has enough space to carry the most of the tools of a professional worker. Sometimes the elasticity of the roll allows you to get more space inside the roll.

Easy to Carry

A tool roll is very easy to carry than another form of tools holder such as toolbox or bag. You can easily carry the roll by grabbing the straps.

If you carry a smaller number of tools in a roll, then it is convenient to grab the roll with a bare hand.

Better Organization

In a tool roll, you will find the individual holder for each tool. Some roll has designed for particular tools only.

So, you can use either a specific roll for particular tools or choose a versatile one to easily organized tools.

Don’t conflict with others

After putting the tools in a particular place, it will never move back and forth because it has elastic straps to hold them tightly.

Moreover, the outsider straps allow the roll to fasten tightly.  As a result, there is no chance to conflict with each other.


The more interesting features of the tool roll are its waterproof protection. While you are moving outside, you should use water resist tool roll. Otherwise, the ungalvanized tools will get rust soon.

Benefits of Using Tool Box

Huge Space

The tools box always offer a huge amount of space if you chose a medium to a large box. If you organized the tools properly inside the box, then you will get more space to put extra tools.


Small to medium tools box can easily be transported. It has a holder on the top center of the box. However, if you pick a larger one,

then it is difficult to carry by hands when loaded. To carry a larger toolbox, professionals are using their vehicles.

Waterproof Protection

Most of the toolbox comes with water-resisting features. It has air-tight protection that never allows air or water to penetrate inside the box.

So, if you are mostly working on the outside, choose a water-resist toolbox.


All the toolbox comes with a specific weight of itself. That’s why a toolbox would be more weighed than the tool roll or tool bag. Therefore, while choosing a toolbox, you must consider the weight of the box.

Chances of Confliction

The toolbox which made for only particular tools, there are fewer chances of confliction among tools.

However, if you come with a versatile toolbox that allows a variety of tools in an individual’s section, then the chances are higher to get into conflict.

Final Words

While you are looking for the best tool carrier, first you must know the difference of the tool roll vs tool box.

Both of the tool’s carrier has advantages, and some of them have few downsides too. So, choose the right tool carrier according to the type of work.