Vaginal Dryness Causes and Moisturizing Treatments

Vaginal Dryness Causes and Moisturizing Treatments

The vagina is the most lubricated organs of women. Due to the estrogen hormone, the vagina always stays lubricious. While the estrogen hormones start to fall, the women suffer severe vaginal dryness.

In other words, women are naturally getting exhausted due to menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Not spending enough time in foreplay or direct go for sex is another reason for dryness.

Due to these causes, women are losing estrogen hormone and ended up dry vaginal. Plus, vaginal become thin and less elastic.

Don’t worry!

As it is somewhat natural consequence for women, so there is some vaginal moisturizer for restoring vaginal dryness. Besides, Doctors and medication is another way of treating vaginal dryness and other related discomforts.

That’s why the article designs to let you know the vaginal dryness causes and moisturizing treatments.

Vaginal Dryness Causes

As mentioned earlier, the primary cause of vaginal dryness is the reduction of estrogen hormone. Here we will disuse specific reasons for dropping the estrogen hormones.

1. Frequent Pregnancy

During childbirth, some hormonal transformation takes place on women’s bodies. If the pregnancy rates are higher, the chances are also higher for suffering the vaginal dryness.

Serial pregnancy is the primary cause of the reduction of estrogens. Besides, breastfeeding is another reason for vulva dryness.

2. Cancer Therapy

Cancer treatments have a huge side effect on the human body. Day after day, chemotherapy degenerates the women’s body, and the result is the complete dehydrated vagina.

As a result, the estrogen hormones start to lose their vitality, which is the reason for vaginal dryness.

3. Anti-Hormonal Drugs

For the remedy of breast cancer, women have to take some anti-estrogen medicine, which is so strong to dry up your vaginal fluids.

Sometimes anti-hormonal drugs also apply to women for the medication of feminine disease called endometriosis.

4. Sjogren’s syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is called an autoimmune disorder. After the appearance of the diseased, it attacks the glands and organs, which secretes tears and fluids.

As a result, vaginal and other glands are starting to dry.

5. Medicine impact

The impact of some medications can cause vaginal dryness. For example, allergy medicine or antihistamine is drying up the wet glands. That’s how it also affects the vagina.

6. Lack of Foreplay

Before intercourse, you must have foreplay. At that time, the sex organs get able to secret enough fluids for comfortable sex.

If you directly go for sex, the vagina doesn’t get enough fluids, which is the reason for painful sex and eventually harm the vaginal tissues. That’s how the vagina starts to dry soon.

7. Chemical-based lube

Frequent use of chemical-based lubricants can cause vaginal infection. As a result, the vagina lost its vividness in some cases.

Be careful about the chemical-based lube. And try to use some personal lubricants which is conducive to sensitive skin.

Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness

While you have gone through vaginal dryness, you may notice the following symptoms. Let’s have a look at them.

  • After/before sex, you may feel sore around vulva areas.
  • Itching or chafing on the vagina
  • Having excreting pain during intercourse
  • Feel severe burning or irritating on the vagina
  • Enhance the passing rates of urine than usual

These vaginal discomforts are responsible for the lower libido of women. Whenever you experience these symptoms, feel free to meet your doctors.

Vaginal Diagnose and Moisturizing Treatments

For identifying the exact cause of vaginal dryness, you have to go through several tests.

First, Gynecologist will ask you several questions to know about the history of the disease and the symptoms that you have experienced.

Second, the Doctor will offer you some vaginal tests like the pelvic exam. Besides, the doctors will check the redness and vaginal thinning.

Now come to the treatment.

Initially, doctors will prescribe some medication to increase the estrogen hormone. If the hormone level gets back by using the medicine, you will again feel the vaginal youth ness.

Sometimes doctors suggest some multivitamin pills or nutritional food intensify the medication.

There are some preventive measures for vaginal dryness.

First off, you could use the pregnancy-friendly lubricant before the conception. That’s how you can eliminate the maximum vaginal dryness after delivery.

Constant use of personal lubricants has a positive impact on the vagina. Water-based lubricants are preferable for intimate skincare.

While masturbation, you can use some personal lubricant, which has no side effects on health.

During pregnancy, you have to maintain yourself properly. And follow the pregnancy diet religiously until delivery.

Final words

Knowledge about the vaginal dryness causes and moisturizing treatments can save you from sever feminine diseases.

I hope that now you will find a better solution on how to treat your vaginal dryness or additional discomforts.