Vaginal Lubricants vs Vaginal Moisturizers

Vaginal Lubricants vs Vaginal Moisturizers

Vaginal dryness is a universal problem for women. Since vaginal issues are unavoidable, you have to take preventive measures before happening such natural consequences.

There are some medical ways to get rid of vaginal diseases. But taking medication is not always preferable as it has some side effects.

However, if you are looking for a natural remedy for Vaginal care, then you need a better understanding of the Vaginal Lubricants vs Vaginal Moisturizers.

Due to menopause, breastfeeding, or malnutrition, women are facing severe dryness. Plus, those who are not spending enough time in foreplay or direct go for sex, Vaginal dryness is inevitable for them.

Don’t be fret!

Vaginal moisturizers are still working great for healing these ailments naturally.

Throughout the article, we will make you understand, which will be better for your skin. Let’s move on.

What is a Vaginal Lubricant

In general, women are using vaginal lubricants to make sex more playful. A personal lubricant can prevent you from painful sexual intercourse. Besides, the lubricant is compatible with sex toys.

Some people are using the lubricant for having a comfortable orgasm during masturbation. Besides sexual pleasure, the lubricant can be an excellent remedy for vaginal discomforts.

Take a look at the Pros & Cons of vaginal lubricant before choosing.


1. No side effects

The water-based lubricant has no side effect on the vagina. However, some chemical-based lubricants can irritate the inner and outer lip of the vagina. That’s why to stand with the natural-base lube to avoid such side effects.

2. Sensitive Skin Care

Vaginal areas are so sensitive. Thus, women are often suffering from burning and itching. So, regular use of the lubricant can treat your sensitive skin.

3. Natural Remedy

Constant use of the lubricant makes a secure healthy sex life. Because the natural ingredients nourish vulva areas, moreover, some lubricate enriched with vitamins and minerals, which also help to rejuvenate vaginal tissues.


1. Non organic lubes

Oil-based and silicon-based lubes are non-organic, which not means they are the inferior quality. But those who have sensitive skin may irritate the vagina. Otherwise, you can go with that.

What is a Vaginal Moisturizer

Vaginal moisturizer is mainly considering as the Cure-All for vaginal diseases. Those who are continually using the moisturize they never suffer vaginal dryness. It will also save you from other discomforts such as burning, itching, and chafing.

Vaginal moisturizers can quickly restore dry vagina. That’s how the moisturizer ensures playful and painless sex.


1. Rejuvenates Vaginal

The primary purpose of a vaginal moisturizer is to rejuvenate the vaginal wall. The composition formula is pure natural-based; that’s how the moisturizers can relieve vaginal dryness after a couple of days of applications.

2. Maintain pH Balance

Due to menopause or malnourishment, vaginal lost its natural pH balance. However, the regular application of the moisturizer can maintain the actual pH balance.

3. Sperm Movement

Using the moisturizer before conceiving will help the movement of sperms because it can efficiently nourish the vaginal tissues. As a result, the sperms get ease to reach the egg.

4. Fertility rates

Due to the severe dryness, sometimes women are facing a lack of fertility. In this instance, the moistures can enhance the rate of fertility and make a secure pregnancy. That’s why it considers as the fertility moisturizer.


1. Chemical Based

Chemical-based moisturizer is dangerous for vaginal care. It may burn your sensitive skin. That’s why to be careful about the chemical-based moisturizer while buying.

2. Hormones

Some vaginal moisturizer includes synthetic hormones such as estrogen or steroids. These are so dangerous, which cause chronic vaginal disease, even cancer.  So, avoid the hormone included moisturizers.

Final words

By breaking down the vaginal lubricants vs vaginal moisturizers, you may understand which one would be best for you.

If you are picking the lubricants only for enhancing pleasure during sex, then you should choose the vaginal lubricants. They are also able to restore dry vagina.

Plus, if you are looking for the lubricants for treating vaginal discomforts as well to ensure a secure pregnancy, then you should go with the vaginal moisturizers. Besides vaginal care, the moisturize will ensure you intimate intercourse.

So, you should choose the lubricants or moisturizers according to your need.