water based lubricant vs oil

Water Based Lubricant vs Oil Based Lubricant

Are you shaming to use personal lubricants?


Using sex lube has not a social, religious, or moral issue. However, some people think so. If it is an issue, then how people using saliva as a lubricant during intercourse?

In fact, Sex lubricant is an alternative to saliva for easing penetration.

Unlike saliva, sex lubricant has a lot of health benefits along with the playful sex. The women who are suffering from vaginal dryness, they should use the lube for moisturizing vagina.

But how could you understand which is the best lube for you? Don’t be worry!

In this article, we are going to cover the water-based lubricant vs oil-based lubricant for finding your desire one. Keep reading!

Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based lube becomes famous for its versatile use. From couple sex to masturbation, the water-based lubricant is preferable since it can be compatible with various skins.

What are the ingredients of the lube? Not surprisingly! The pure water is the core ingredient of the water-based lubricant. Due to the water formula, the lube never emits odor or got sticky during sex.

Water-based lube is the perfect solution to get rid of after-sex hassle. For example, the lube never leaves a stain on the fabric or sheet during sex. Interestingly, you can wash off the fabrics easily by water.

Along with the smooth performance, the water-based lubricant heals your sensitive skin by adding natural nourishment. That’s why most of the sexologists suggest water-based lube for sensitive skincare.

Besides sensitive skincare, the lubricant can take you out from vaginal dryness due to menopause or aging.

The lubes easily adjusts with your bodily lubricant during sex. That’s how it provides you extra slick-skin for having a sensual pleasure.

Why Should I Pick the Water Based Lubricant?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing a water-based lubricant. Here we point out some crucial ones.

1. Sensitive Skin Care

Those who are having sensitive skin, you should avoid the silicon/oil-based lubricant. In this instance, the water-based lubricant works excellent for treating sensitive skin. Besides skincare, you will get comfortable sex due to its slickness.

2. Condom and Toy Compatible

Unlike oil-based lubricant, the water-based lubricant cannot degrade the condom at sex. Besides, the lubricant can easily apply to various types of sex toys, since it is compatible with latex and rubber surfaces.

3. Spotless Lubricant

Most of the oil-based lubricant leaves a stain on fabrics after application. Some lube-spots are so stubborn, which cannot easily wash off. However, water-based lube is the best solution in this regard if you want to skip the spot of the lubricant.

Why Shouldn’t Pick the Water Based Lubricant?

1. Playing on Water

Water-based lube is not water-resistant. That’s why it can easily dissolve with water.

Those who love to play in a shower or bathtub, the water-based lube is not preferable for them.

2. Long-Lasting Slickness

If you are looking for a long performing lubricant, then water-based lube is not for you. The lubricants dry quickly; that’s why you need frequent applications during hardcore sex.

Oil Based Lubricant

Oil-based lubricants are somewhat natural lube. Most of the lubes made of aloe, coconut oil, jojoba, and olive oil. Besides, the lube includes vitamin E, which is working best for moisturizing your rough skin or vaginal dryness.

Unlike water-based lubricant, the oil-based lube can stay long on your skin. As a result, you can feel comfortable sliding on your partner during sex. The long-lasting performance ensures intimate sex without re-application.

From industrial to personal use, the oil-based lubricant becomes widespread due to the water resistance. That’s how oil-based lubricant allows you to play on water for a long time.

The anal lover would love the oil-based lube due to its extra slickness. After the application, the lube eases your penetration on the anal or tight vagina. That’s why the gay or anal love prefers the oil-based lube for having painless sex.

Why should I Pick the Oil Based lubricant?

1. Moisturizing Dry Skin

While choosing a personal lubricant, you could prefer oil-based if you have dry skin issues. Besides, the lube also works for healing the vaginal dryness due to its natural oil-based formula.

2. Long-lasting Performance

The main features of the oil-based lubricant are long-lasting performance. After a drop of application, it can work for a long time with keeping the same slickness on the skin.

That’s why most of the porn and massage industries are using oil-based lubricants.

3. Water Play

The couple who are loving sex during the shower, the oil-based, is the perfect choice for them. Due to the water resistance, the lubricant can perform for a long time on the water playing.

Why Shouldn’t I Pick the Oil Based lubricant?

1. Skin Burning

Oil-based lubricant is dangerous for sensitive skin if the lubricant is not entirely based on natural oil. Some oil-based lube includes glycerin or paraben, which can cause burning on your skin.

Before choosing oil-based lube, you have to make sure whether it is chemical-free or not.

2. Condom compatibility

Condom lovers would be careful before choosing the oil-based lubricant. The lube cannot adjust with all types of condoms. If you use, the lubricant chances are higher to break down the condoms.

Alongside this, the oil-based lube also discourages the use of silicon-based sex-toy.

3. Leaves Stain

Unlike water-based, the oil-based lube leaves a stain on the fabrics or bedsheets during sex. Sometimes the stains are so rigid to wash off.

If you have apprehension about removing the stain of lube, then you should avoid the oil-based lubricants.

Final Words

If you look at the comparison of water-based lubricant vs oil-based lubricant, you would understand how easily anyone come to choose their personal-lubricants.

Along with intimate sex, the water-based lubricant is best for caring sensitive skin, plus the perfect choice for masturbation or toy playing.

In contrast, those who want to long-lasting performance on anal sex or sensual massage, the oil-based lubricant is best for them.

Have a Wonderful Sex!