what is a brad point drill bits

What Is A Brad Point Drill Bits and What Are They Used For

You may use a lot of drill bits while working for a wood project. However, you would be surprised that most of the working inefficiency happens due to the types of drill bits and their quality.

Now the question is what the best brad point drill bit for wood is? Working with intense focus, you can say the brad point drill bits are most suitable for woodworking than other drill bits.

Professional woodworker prefers brad points drill bits because of its cutting precision. The sharper tip of the bit also gives a clear and exact cutting.

It has engineered such a way that leaves the hole smooth and reduces splintering after each drilling.

That’s why we have designed the articles to let you know what is a brad point drill bits and how to use it?

What Is A Brad Point Drill Bits

The primary purpose of the brad point drill bits is drilling on wood. It will allow you to use on multipurpose surfaces.

The shaft of the brad-point bits is similar to the regular twisted bit, and the protruding is identical to tip of the spade bit.

As a result, some expert says that brad point drill bits are the product of both regular twist bit and spade bit.

What Are Brad Point Drill Bits Used For Step By Step:

Right application procedures of the drill bit will determine the effectiveness of your woodwork.

Though you are using a quality bit, the way you are encountering it against surfaces, if it goes wrong, it would be a total mess. So, follow these step by step guide below:

Step 1:

First, take a drill bit according to the measurement of the wooden thickness. Choose a bit that length is longer by two flutes. It will allow for avoiding clogging.

Step 2:

Put the selected brad point drill bit into the drill machine. Check twice whether it place correctly and tightly on the driller.

Step 3:

Set the speed of the drill machine. To drill on the softwood, you have to set the speed at 1000 rpm for 25mm bit and 1700 rpm for 3mm bit.

For drilling on hardwood, set the speed at 250rpm for 25mm bit and 1000 rpm for 3mm bit.

Step 4:

Mark a point where exactly you want to drill. Place the tip of the drill bit on that point.

Step 5:

Now start drilling with slow trigger and maintain a consistent downward pressure while drilling.

Difference Between Brad Point Drill Bit And Twisted Bit

While you are working with at a regular twisted drill bit, it creates a lot hassle during drilling on the wood. First, the twisted bits moving back and forth due to its sharp tip.

In fact, it is difficult to drill in the exact point with the twisted bit unless you use a center punch.

That’s how the brad point drill bit has come. It has got popularity due to its cutting precision on wooden surfaces. As a result, it has considered as the best drill bit for drilling on wooded materials.

Unlike the twisted bit, the brad-point bit can sit still on the wood without center punch because it has designed with a pin-like tip.

One interesting thing about the brad-point bit is it never splintering and tear-out on the wood, whereas you will experience some unexpected splintering while drilling with a twisted bit.

While drilling with a brad point bit, it enhances the aesthetic value of the wooded surfaces due to its smooth finishing. On the other hand, the twisted bit sometimes destroys the aesthetic value due to tear out.

As compared to the other drill bit, the brad point drill bit is more expensive. Some inexpensive bits you will find in the market,

but it is not preferable to go with that because the woodworker considers such bit as a wobble due to its inferior quality.

Final Words

If you want a better finishing on your wooded materials, then you should use the brad point drill bits despite an expensive bit than others.

I hope that you will not find any difficulties to have a quality drill bit since you have already known what is a brad point drill bits and how to use it?